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The Music's in Me - Recap

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Robert Denbark and his pretty assistant, Jenny, advertise they are music,promoters interested in new talent, when in fact they are operating a scam. Leo and Zac just so happen to play music together occasionally and Zac is talked into going to Denbark's office by Leo, who really believes they sound great, for an audition.
When Merlin hears the boys play, he is subsequently surprised to also hear that they have a record contract with Denbark and announce they are going to be "showcased" by Denbark himself. Zac and Leo enthusiastically explain their big plans. Through a little mischievous magic aimed at ridiculing the boys, Zac and Leo, unplanned by Merlin, decide to wear bright pink outfits and call themselves the Hot Pink Heads.
Merlin senses something fishy about Denbark, who promises the boys who have no experience or talent that they will be big stars. He and Alex go to visit Denbark on an audition and they play horribly for him, and they also are promised a contract and showcase as well. Merlin uses a little magic on Denbark and he starts confessing to the scam, which has already included eight other high schools. While Jenny goes to leave the office, two detectives who had been waiting outside, enter and arrest her and Denbark for fraud.
That night, Zac and Leo are ready to go on stage when Merlin and Alex drop by. The two detectives join Zac and Leo and ask them for a written complaint against Denbark. Puzzled, they are told about the fraud, but decide to go on with the show anyway as not to disappoint the clamoring crowd.
Ten minutes later, Merlin has to help the poor kids out when they are booed and laughed at by the crowd. He puts on a fantastic light show for the boys in order to save their pride and the boys realize it will take a lot more practice in Max's garage before they will really be good, unfortunately for Max.

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