Season 2

8 :02x01 - No, This is Not Based Entirely on Julie's Life

Beth feels that her long distance relationship has lost its spice and decides to send her boyfriend some naked pictures of herself. Jimmy takes a vacation, but decides to stay in town. More specifically, he decides to relax at WNYX.
Guest Stars: Kyle T. Heffner as Counterman | Neal Lerner as Employee #2 | Chris Kattan as Employee #3
Director: Alan Myerson
Writer: Paul Simms

9 :02x02 - Goofy Ball

Joe discovers that a photo-shoot for models is taking place on the floor above the radio station and finds that the elevator always seems to be occupied by beautiful women. Meanwhile, Bill becomes paranoid about a person who he thinks is stalking him.
Guest Stars: Alison Brahe as Sheila | Dennis Miller as Stalker | Wendy Hamilton as Emily | Elisabeth Sjoli as Carol
Director: Alan Myerson
Writer: Paul Simms

10 :02x03 - Rat Funeral

Dave faces a dilemma about the placement of rat traps at WNYX when the staff tell him that they feel that the rat, the only one on the floor, is their office pet.
Guest Stars: Mike Starr as Exterminator | Marcelo Tubert as Delivery Guy
Director: Alan Myerson

11 :02x04 - The Breakup

A fight between Lisa and Dave begins to hurt their office relationship. Beth, who no longer wishes to act as a go-between for the couple's secret romance, tries to make the two confess their affair to the staff.
Director: Peter Bonerz
Writer: Paul Simms

12 :02x05 - The Shrink

Even a weekend away from work can't bring the staff of WNYX out of the doldrums, which has gone on for a number of weeks now and created problems for the office climate. Although Dave tries to help by having his staff talk about their problems, he is relegated to the role of observer when Lisa's former college psychology professor is summoned once again to ease the office tension.
Guest Stars: John Ritter as Dr. Frank Westford
Director: Michael Lembeck

13 :02x06 - Friends

Due to two very by-the-book security guards, Bill, who left his station ID card on his desk, is unable to pass through the building's security checkpoint. Dave, updating the filing system, hires a temp to help Beth, who learns that the temp is a former high school rival.
Guest Stars: Bebe Neuwirth as Sandi Angelini | Tone Loc as Security Guard | Toby Huss as Guard #2
Director: Michael Lembeck

14 :02x07 - Bill's Autobiography

Bill approaches Dave about his autobiography, then belatedly tells him to keep his book deal between them. Unfortunately, Dave had already told Lisa, who then announces it before the whole staff. To make matters worse, it seems that Bill is having trouble beginning his life story.
Director: Michael Lembeck
Writer: Joe Furey

15 :02x08 - Negotiation

Matthew's recent promotion at WNYX, coupled with family issues during the Christmas season, puts Lisa in a bad mood. In order to look more successful to the rest of her family and herself, she has her agent line up a few interviews for her. Meanwhile, Jimmy announces his engagement to one of thirty-five eligible women who are on a list that he must narrow down.
Guest Stars: Natalija Nogulich as Melanie Sanders | Anthrax as Themselves
Director: James Burrows
Writer: Paul Simms

16 :02x09 - The Cane

In order to liven up his life a bit, Bill purchases a cane and begins to act a bit more pompous than he usually does. Dave learns about the station's annual retreat held in Jimmy's office to be creative and come up with new ideas for WNYX.
Guest Stars: Jane Lynch as Carol | Daniel Passer as Lost Guy
Director: Alan Myerson
Writer: Brad Isaacs

17 :02x10 - Xmas Story

The Criterion Building's Santa Claus hire threatens Bill's life, but no one believes the radio personality that Kris Kringle wants to kill him. Later, XMas gifts are exchanged between Mr. James and his staff, but the staff feels that their gift to the boss far exceeds the generosity of his gift to all of them.
Guest Stars: David Anthony Higgins as Santa | Tone Loc as Lorenzo | Toby Huss as Junior
Director: James Burrows
Writer: Lewis Morton

18 :02x11 - Station Sale

With little fanfare, Mr. James decides to sell the station to an AM radio conglomerate. Most of the staff are not happy about it and rumors begin to fly about what the future will hold for them.
Guest Stars: Maureen Mueller as Jane
Director: Tom Cherones

19 :02x12 - Bitch Session

While Joe puts his signature talents to good use fixing things around the station, Dave informs the staff that cab rides home will not longer be reimbursed by the station. Later, he accidently overhears the staff making fun of him.
Director: James Burrows
Writer: Brian Kelley

20 :02x13 - In Through the Out Door

Hearing his coworkers talk about the spread in ball games, Matthew enlists Joe to teach him how to gamble. Jimmy informs Dave that the news director will be introducing Bill McNeil at the Broadcasters' Society that evening. He then informs Dave that he will also have to make a speech in front of 1500 people, something that Dave has little experience in and is very nervous about.
Guest Stars: Steve Susskind as Milos

21 :02x14 - The Song Remains the Same

A Wall Street Journal reporter comes to interview Bill for an article just as Mr. James begins to celebrate April Fool's Day a bit early. Dave, in order to not show any favoritism towards Lisa, selects Matthew to cover the New Hampshire Presidential Primary. Finally, the news director has Beth clean out the desk of a former employee, and she finds out that the person had a crush on her.
Guest Stars: John Posey as Scott Barker | Tom W. Chick as Employee | Gerry Gibson as Brian
Director: Tom Cherones

22 :02x15 - Zoso

Beth creates a unique hat and needs some pointers from Mr. James about a business negotiation with a company that she wants to make her hats. Lisa pesters Dave for a raise, who tells her that the budget's too tight.
Guest Stars: George Hamilton as Don Green | Lynnda Ferguson as Linda | Herschel Sparber as Bodyguard
Director: James Burrows

23 :02x16 - Houses of the Holy

Mr. James' brings his unsuccessful nephew Theo to the radio station for Dave to give him some pointers about the industry. Unfortunately, Dave is rather busy trying to find a replacement for Catherine, who has called in sick.
Guest Stars: David Cross as Theo
Director: Gregg Heschong

24 :02x17 - Physical Graffiti

After months of office phone calls to Stewart, Dave finally tells Lisa that she is stringing her ex-boyfriend along, and Lisa tells him that he is just jealous. Bill and Catherine's fighting at the station perks the antenna of Joe, who is more than happy to assist in the two one-upping each other.
Guest Stars: Wallace Langham as Stewart | John Apicella as Washroom Attendant
Story: Paul Simms, Josh Lieb | Teleplay: Josh Lieb

25 :02x18 - Led Zeppelin

The wife search continues for Jimmy James, who sets up shop in the office in order to find a mate before the end of the fiscal quarter. Meanwhile, Lisa takes her separation from Dave to a new level by writing him memos so she won't have to talk to him.

26 :02x19 - Presence

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Guest Stars: John F. O'Donohue as Stan | Tina Arning as Cassandra | Kathleen McClellan as Valerie |
Co-Guest Stars: Nick Mize as Delivery Man #1 | Blake Boyd as Buff Guy | Joe Furey as Guy in Office

27 :02x20 - Coda

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Guest Stars: Jeremiah Morris as Editor |
Co-Guest Stars: Steve Susskind as Milos | Philip McNiven as Eddie

28 :02x21 - Led Zeppelin II

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Guest Stars: Jordan Baker as Ruth | Victor Wilson as Fireman (As Vic Wilson)
Director: James Burrows
Writer: Drake Sather
Network: NBC ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Tuesdays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 21, 1995
Ended: May 04, 1999
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