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NewsRadio: Physical Graffiti

After months of office phone calls to Stewart, Dave finally tells Lisa that she is stringing her ex-boyfriend along, and Lisa tells him that he is just jealous. Bill and Catherine's fighting at the station perks the antenna of Joe, who is more than happy to assist in the two one-upping each other.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x17
Production Number: 216
Airdate: Sunday March 24th, 1996

Guest Stars
Wallace LanghamWallace Langham
As Stewart
Wallace LanghamWallace Langham
As Stewart
John ApicellaJohn Apicella
As Washroom Attendant
John ApicellaJohn Apicella
As Washroom Attendant
Episode Goofs
When Catherine notices that Matthew has something on his computer screen that he is laughing at, she comes over to see. She them tells him to, "take [his] hands off the screen." While his left hand cannot be seen in the shot, his right hand can and he puts it up to the computer screen after she tells him to put his hands down.

When Bill storms into Dave's office with a naked picture of his face attached to another body, he grabs Dave, who has his back to him, and tuns him around quickly. Dave then tips his coffee cup towards his own jacket and then attempts to clean up his tie. Upon closer inspection, there is no dark spot on his tie. Nor, in fact, did any coffee come out of his cup.

As Joe walks in to confront Bill and Catherine about playing them off each other, he puts his left hand into his pants pocket and hangs his right thumb on the tip of his other pants pocket. In the next shot, he is shown with both of his hands in front of him, left hand over right. In the very next shot, with no time in between for him to change positions, he has returned his hands to what they were in the first shot.

In the breakroom at the end of the episode, Joe tells Jimmy that he knows his bank PIN number. He then takes a drink from a can, puts the can down, and leaves the scene with the can on the counter top. In the next shot, he is shown holding the can again as he walks out of the room.

Words Changed
Just as Lisa is leaving Dave's office, telling him that she will be working, Dave says to her, "Okay. So if Stewart comes by looking to get some, I'll direct him to your desk." When he says, "looking to get some," his lips move differently, suggesting that the line had been changed at a later date.

Cultural References
"Physical Graffiti": Led Zeppelin
The episode title shares the same name as the sixth album, released in 1975, by Led Zeppelin. It was the longest album by the group as almost half of the album contained songs recorded for, but never included, with previous albums.

Episode References
Stewart's Song: "Zoso"
At the beginning of the episode, Dave mentions to Beth that Stewart wrote a song called "Come Back, Lisa". The song was first mentioned at the end of the episode "Zoso".

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