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Satisfaction Guaranteed - Recap

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An employer visits a hiring company with the motto "Satisfaction Guaranteed." The supervisor, Mrs. Mount, assures the gentleman that she has selected several impeccable candidates to meet his requirements. She confirms that price is no object to him.

The first woman comes in and Mrs. Mount speaks highly of her secretarial skills. However, after a brief consideration the employer says the woman won't do. Mrs. Mount assures him that the second candidate is even better but the employer glances at the candidate and dismisses her after only a few seconds.

An increasingly upset Mrs. Mount brings in the third candidate, an older woman. However, the employer almost instantly says she won't do.

Mrs. Mount admits that she was so sure of the three candidates that she has no one else available. However, her own assistant, Miss Blodgett, an overweight woman, comes in and the employer immediately says she will do. Mrs. Mount says that Blodgett makes lousy coffee and doesn't know shorthand. The employer says it's no concern and writes out a check. He then informs Mrs. Mount that he will eat Blodgett right there.

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