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I'll Never Leave You - Ever - Recap

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On a dark and stormy night on the moors of Scotland, Moragh looks up to the sky from the barn of her farm, and then her lover Ianto calls her back. She says that for a moment, a lightning bolt hovered above the croft and the Devil laughed in the distance. When Ianto dismisses her imaginings, Moragh asks him to warm her. He wonders what her husband Owen will think of where she is, and she insists that she doesn’t care and that she’s come to hate her husband’s obsessive love and his refusal to die. Ianto asks what she will do once Owen dies, and Moragh assures him that she’ll give the land and sheep to him. He assures her that he will come next when he sees a lamp burning in the window, and tells her that she has to go for now.

Once Ianto rides off, Moragh goes into the house and the ailing Owen demands to know where she was. She claims to have been tending to the henhouse, but he notes that her hair is tangled and tells her to come to him and let him brush it., since it’s all he can do. Moragh faces away from him, cringing at his touch. Once he finishes, Owen promises that he will recover and vows never to leave her. As Moragh starts to go, Owen asks her to kiss him, grabs her, and pulls her down. Disgusted, Moragh leaves the bedroom, clutching at her mouth and moaning in despair.

Outside, hears a lost lamb crying and goes to find it. She comes to a hut and knocks on the door, and an old crone demands to know what she wants. The crone invites Moragh in, and the wife notices dolls hung up from the ceiling. She knows of the crone’s reputation as a doll maker, and asks for the one of the dolls. The crone agrees in return for two spring lambs, and warns that if she doesn’t receive them, things will not go well. Moragh agrees and the crone has her describe Owen in perfect detail to capture his likeness.

Later, Moragh returns to her farm with the doll. She puts it on the table and listens to Owen’s labored breathing as he sleeps, As Moragh turns away, the doll turns its head to watch her. She realizes that the doll has moved and gasps in horror, picks it up, and thrusts it into a bag of flour. Owen screams from the next room and says that he’s blind, and begs Moragh to hold him. She goes to get him water and sees the doll moving within the bag, and takes it out near the stove. Moragh then brings water to Owen, who has regained his sight.

Once Owen dozes off, Moragh lights the fireplace and tosses the doll into the flames. She listens in horror as Owen screams in agony, but he still won’t die. The doll finally falls out of the fire, burned to a cinder, but Owen continues to scream. Moragh picks up the dolls and runs to the nearby quarry. She places the doll in a bag and throws it into the water.

Back at the house, Moragh steels herself to bury her now-dead husband Owen. Entering his bedroom, she finds a burning, steaming carcass. Backing out, Moragh faints. Ianto comes later and finds her on the floor. When she wakes up, Moragh begs Ianto help her bury Owen. He enters the bedroom and stares in horror, and demands to know what Moragh has done. When she explains, Ianto realizes that she’s used witchcraft and the doll hasn’t burned away. He goes to the quarry to find the doll, warning that they’re not safe until it’s destroyed. As Moragh runs after him, she hears Owen calling to her. Making her way to the quarry, she balances on the edge and the rock beneath her breaks. She plummets into the water, where Owen’s corpse is waiting for her, insisting that he could never leave her.

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