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Ep. #68 - Recap

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At the Russell’s, Kay continues to gloat to Simone about how her plan to keep Charity away from Miguel worked like a charm. Elsewhere, T.C. asks Eve about what happened to his favorite leather jacket. After she reluctantly tells him about donating it to the flea market because of how it doesn’t fit anymore, T.C. tells her that he already found out what she did and tells her he’s not mad about her actions.

When Miguel arrives outside Charity’s room at the hospital, he runs into Theresa and learns that she is working for Ivy at the mansion. A little later, Eve arrives to check on Charity when she inquires about her mother.

As Luis is making the rounds on the pier, he has a run in with Chad and a fight is started when Chad wakes up, unaware of his surroundings. After both men admit to starting the fight, Luis lets him go and then offers Chad a warm place to stay at the youth center.

Before going up to the mansion, Ethan is visiting with Sheridan and learns she got basketball lessons from Robert Horry to show up Luis. Meanwhile, as Theresa struggles to plan Ivy’s dinner party, Ethan arrives and offers to help her out, much to her pleasure and relief.

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Warning: Passions season 1 episode 68 guide may contain spoilers
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