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Ep. #1800 - Recap

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At Tabitha’s, she and Kay are thinking of a way to get rid of Siren as she talks to Miguel. They soon begin looking in the attic for a book that can help them get rid of her; Tabitha begins to think Siren got rid of it and then go downstairs, unsure of what to do at the moment. When they are in the kitchen, Kay asks Endora to get rid of Siren, who tells her that after hearing Kay’s plea, she’ll consider getting rid of the mermaid. Meanwhile, wanting to help Miguel get his work faster on the boat so she can seduce him at home, Siren casts a spell on the pier to summon the fish to Miguel’s nets so his quota can get filled fast.

At work, Whitney shows up and tells Theresa that she should tell Jared the truth about being Mrs. Alistair Crane as he shows up to interview for an interview at her office. As Valerie screens him, and tells Jared he would be perfect for the position Mrs. Crane is looking to fill. At this point, he asks Valerie what type a boss Mrs. Crane is, and she soon tells him that Mrs. Crane is a great boss to work for, from the highest ranking executive, down to the janitorial staff; despite what he read in the tabloids. At this point, Valerie goes to Theresa’s office to see if she has time to meet the interviewee, not knowing she and Jared already know each other. When Valerie sends him into Theresa’s office, Jared is happy to see her, not realizing Theresa will potentially be working with her or that her last name is Crane.

While thinking of her conversation with Fancy regarding Luis, Chris finds Sheridan in the living room, who tells him he should be resting. Sheridan then tells Chris that she is going on some errands. After she leaves, Chris is able to find the evidence of his working for Alistair that Spike dropped the night before.

At the station, Luis is furious that Paloma and Fancy want to become cops and tries to make them go home before arresting them for loitering in the station. While Fancy and Luis are shouting at each other, Sam looks on, remember how Luis and Sheridan acted like that when they first went out. At this point, Sheridan and James show up and sees them fighting, remembering the same thing. Sam soon comes to break up Fancy and Luis’ fight, telling him to walk away for a few minutes. When Luis sees Sheridan, Paloma and Fancy look at them, wondering to if Sheridan and Luis are truly over each other.

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