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A Pretty Boring Episode.
!!!!!! This review contains spoilers !!!!!!

Oh, what can I say about today's episode of Passions? I can't stand the way Kay, Miguel, and Fox's storyline is heading, having Fox do a complete 180 in his character is making their triangle horrible. With his lie to Kay and Miguel makes me absolutely despise a character that I really liked this time last year. I really hope his plan eventually backfires badly in the end and he gets lots of egg on his face.

Now, onto Fancy’s rescue party. The whole plot of Luis jumping in after Fancy fell further down the mine shaft to be rather unbelievable. To me, it appeared that they were standing in front of a green screen with the background going past them at that fast paced speed. I also found it to be rather unbelievable that Luis (so far) was able to survive that far of a fall. Granted, this is a soap opera, it still seems far-fetched this could happen.

And lastly, the only part of today’s episode that I found to be rather enjoyable: Theresa’s scenes with J.T., Gwen, and Rebecca. It is about time Gwen and her mother’s lies are coming out, eight years is way too long for the writers to have kept this secret for the purposes of keeping Theresa, Ethan, and Gwen in a triangle. I absolutely loved the way Theresa was gloating to Gwen with J.T. looking on and then the way she was trying to fix J.T.’s car with him going “Is it fixed yet” every five seconds, that part was hysterical. The same can be said for her fighting scene with Rebecca, it’s about time she said something like that to Theresa; it was just music to her ears and an open invite to beat her silly. I ultimately hope J.T. actually does tell Ethan the truth about how evil Gwen is and that he believes him.

With that said, today’s episode was an overall disappointment. I really hope Monday’s episode is much better and that Fox and Gwen’s lies come out soon.
Review posted on Friday, November 10th 2006 9:13 pm
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