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Ep. #1891 - Recap

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As Miguel talks to Charity on the phone, she tells him that she doesn’t want to return to Harmony. She however offers to call Kay to tell her that she is over Miguel and not back in town. While this is going on, Kay is listening in on the impostors’ phone call, heartbroken over what they’re saying. Fox soon thinks that his plan will succeed, but when Miguel comes home to tell her about finding Charity, he thinks his plan will fail if Kay talks to her cousin.

Elsewhere, J.T. refuses to help Ethan more until his problems with the IRS are fixed. Desperate to get the dirt on Jared, Ethan then goes to the local IRS office to pay the taxes J.T. owes the government. Upon learning his problems with the government are over, J.T. agrees to give Ethan the file on Jared and the guys agree to meet up at the Seascape.

Meanwhile, as Jared is getting ready to propose to Theresa, Whitney calls to let her know that she is planning on marrying Chad and invites her and Jared to the Seascape to celebrate. When Ethan sees Theresa arrive with Jared while he’s waiting for J.T., he confronts the couple and lets Jared know that he finally has the proof he needs to show Theresa that he’s no good.

Back at the station, Luis learns that Fancy took Kelly’s spot in the stakeout and becomes extremely worried when Fancy and Burt don’t answer his calls, so he rushes to where they’re at. Meanwhile, Fancy is trying to keep the peeper from attacking her, but he soon knocks her out and rapes her. Unfortunately, Luis shows up late and unties Burt. When he realizes the peeper is inside the house with Fancy, he breaks down the door to apprehend him and save Fancy.

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Warning: Passions season 8 episode 116 guide may contain spoilers
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