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Ep. #1902 - Recap

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As Eve continues in her attempt to get Fox to tell Kay the truth about his health, Julian comes in the room and tells his son that he’ll take care of keeping Eve quiet. After Julian takes her up to his room, Eve attempts to talk him into getting Fox to call of his plan, but to no avail. Julian then pulls Eve into a kiss before she rushes off, furious at Julian’s part in Fox’s plan. Later, Ivy storms in yelling at Julian for wanting Fox to marry Kay and not working with her to break them up. She then vows to do anything possible to keep Fox from marrying Kay.

While Kay is getting ready in the mansion’s library, Simone and Jessica help her put her makeup and dress on. After Jessica steps out of the room, Kay and Simone talk about Kay’s feelings for Miguel and how she should forget about her feelings for him since he lied about his feelings for Charity. At this point, Miguel shows up at the mansion to find Kay. When he runs into Luis, he is told to calm down and that it’s too late for him to make Kay change her mind since it’s her wedding day. However, refusing to listen to Luis, Miguel continues in his search when he runs into Simone who tells him to leave Kay alone or else. When he goes back into the kitchen, Fox finds him there and pulls a gun on him. After threatening to kill Miguel, Fox decides to lock him in the pantry so he can’t tell Kay the truth.

As this is going on, Sam gets a call from Grace saying that she doubts that she can make it back to Harmony in time for Kay’s wedding. She then learns that Sam hasn’t forgiven Kay yet, she urges him do so in order to walk Kay down the isle. Meanwhile, the priest says to himself that Grace won’t be return to Harmony because she knows too much and must die.

Later, when Sam and Jessica go to talk with Kay, she apologizes with all her heart once more and Sam eventually forgives her. As they are hugging, Grace calls Sam again and asks to talk to Kay to congratulate her on her upcoming marriage to Fox. It is at this point that Fox goes to find Father Lonigan in order to get the wedding started.

While this is going on, Fancy is continuing to have hard time sleeping. When she gets up to pace around her room, she gets suspicious that someone is hiding in her closet, unaware the peeper is there. After she checks it out and doesn’t see anything, Fancy goes back to bed with a letter opener in her hand. When Luis goes to check on her with flowers in hand, she makes a stabbing motion at him and then apologizes for being so jumpy.

Meanwhile, after Ethan hangs up on Gwen, he admits to Theresa that he and Gwen are having problems with their marriage because of his feelings for her. At the B&B, Gwen realizes that throwing her ring at Ethan was a mistake since Theresa will no doubt use that as a way to worm her way back into Ethan’s life. When she decides to go to the mansion to talk to Ethan, she finds them together on a patio. Theresa then urges Ethan to talk to his wife and continues to ignore Ethan’s assurance that Jared killed J.T.

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