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Ep. #1916 - Recap

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Upon seeing Charity at Tabitha’s, Miguel is thrilled when she confirms his story that they were never together at Thanksgiving. As Simone and Kay start asking them some more questions about why Fox would make Kay think that, Sam shows up and is surprised to find Charity back in town. He then starts asking Kay if she has seen Fox recently and promptly tells her that Fox was a victim of a hit and run. At hearing this, Kay begins to worry that Miguel ran him down to get Fox out of her life, only to have Miguel deny any wrong doing, claiming all he did was fight him at the mansion.

Meanwhile, some paramedics arrive at the scene and suspect that Fox has some internal bleeding while one wonders if he will make it to the hospital alive. The paramedics then rush him to the hospital where Eve begins her work on saving him. However, while she is looking him over, Fox goes into cardiac arrest, leaving Eve to beg Fox to not die.

At the mansion, Chris and Sheridan arrive in Fancy’s princess room to see what’s going on. When they learn Fancy was attacked by the rapist again, Sheridan tries to make it sound like she is delusional to Chris, Fancy snaps at her as a result. When Fancy realizes Luis is gone, she thinks he started chasing her attacker, so she leaves her room with Sheridan and Chris, and Whitney and Chad in tow. When the group makes their way to the kitchen, they eventually hear some noise in the pantry, even though Sheridan tries to ignore it. When Chris and Chad open the door, they get a surprise when the rapist falls to the floor. It is at this point when Fancy insists they take the person’s mask off and gets a shock at the person’s identity.

Elsewhere, Gwen tells Ethan that she’s had it with his actions regarding Theresa. When she insists their marriage is over, he starts begging her to stay, but Gwen refuses. She then informs Ethan of her intention of leaving town for a while so he can think about who he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Upstairs in Theresa’s room, Jared continues to insist that she turn Ethan in as a sexual predator, but she is hesitant to do so. When she tells Jared that deep down she still has feelings for Ethan, he quickly tells her that they are over, since she loves Ethan more than him.

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