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Ep. #1917 - Recap

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When Sam tells Miguel that he is the prime suspect in Fox’s hit and run, he asks to see if there is any damage to his car. Confident that Sam will find nothing wrong with his car, Miguel willing lets Sam and the others check it out. When the group goes down the street where Miguel’s car is, everybody is shocked at the damage done to the front end of his car. After swearing that he had nothing to do with Fox getting hit, Kay begins having a hard time figuring out if she wants to believe Miguel and his story about Fox.

Meanwhile, when Simone and Charity take Kay to this hospital to check on Fox, Ivy and Julian arrive to check on their son, only to get in Eve’s way. After they are ordered back into the waiting room, Julian overhears Sam, who recently arrived, on the phone and how Miguel is his prime suspect. After Eve shares with Ivy and Julian that she was able to stabilize Fox for the time being, Julian attacks Miguel when he arrives with Kay, Simone, and Charity.

At the mansion, everybody is surprised at seeing the person in the ski mask is Luis. While Luis swears that he has no idea how he could have ended up in the pantry with the black clothes and ski mask on, Fancy has a hard time believing what he is saying, especially after Sheridan starts in again that everything that’s happening in Fancy’s head.

It is during their discussion that Jared walks into the kitchen to let Chad and Whitney know he will be leaving town. Chad and Whitney then leave the room so he can talk to Jared privately and Whitney can check on Theresa. While Chad and Jared are talking in Theresa’s study, he tells Chad how he’s had enough of Theresa continually standing up for Ethan, and how there is no room for him in Theresa’s heart. Jared then goes on to warn Chad again about how his affair will destroy his marriage and that he should come clean with Whitney.

In Theresa’s room, she tells Whitney of the ultimatum Jared gave her and how she refuses to press charges on Ethan. At hearing this, Whitney tells her that since she is hesitant to let Ethan go, she lost her opportunity to be happy with Jared and eventually no man will want to be with her because of the way Ethan won’t let her go. Realizing that Whitney is right, Theresa finally realizes that even though she loves Jared so much, she can’t be with him because of her hesitance to let go of Ethan.

Meanwhile at the B&B, Gwen calls her mother to let her know about what happened at the mansion and how she intends to leave town and divorce Ethan. As Rebecca is trying to talk Gwen into staying, Ethan arrives home and begs her to stay home, but Gwen insists that she plans on leaving. Gwen then goes on to say that she is taking Jane with her, but is told she can’t, since it will violate the custody agreement between them and Theresa. When Ethan tells her that they can go away together, Gwen shoots down his idea, saying that she needs a man that loves only her, and he isn’t that man. She then grabs hammer to smash her wedding ring, proving she is serious in ending their marriage.

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