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Ep. #1918 - Recap

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Before Sheridan takes Fancy up to her room, she continues to insist that the night’s events where in Fancy’s head. Upon their arrival upstairs, Fancy is confronted by Sheridan that she is just making up the attacker raping her again to gain attention. Fancy then slaps Sheridan and insists she has changed but Sheridan just wants to make her look bad in Luis’ eyes.

Back downstairs however, Luis and Chris are talking about Fancy’s case when Luis realizes he can’t account for his actions in the past hour. After having a little flashback about the last thing he remembers, Luis leaves the kitchen to go check on Fancy. Upstairs, when Fancy mentions her intention of taking a shower, Sheridan tells her she should go to the hospital to be checked out. At first Fancy is hesitant to get checked out, but when Luis eventually arrives upstairs, she finally agrees, determined to show Sheridan that she really was attacked.

At the hospital, Julian demands that Sam arrest Miguel for almost killing Fox, but he won’t yet because there’s no evidence. As Miguel continues to proclaim his innocence, despite how the front end of his car is demolished. Eve then arrives to tell them all that while she has stabilized Fox for the time being, she needs to operate as soon as possible or Fox will die. Upon hearing this, Julian insists that Eve call a specialist and the surgery could be done the next day, but is told that there is no time to wait. He then becomes furious when Kay is given the power to okay Fox’s surgery.

While at the B&B, Gwen refuses to listen to Rebecca and Ethan pleas to stay in Harmony. After saying her goodbyes to Jane, Gwen asks her mother to drive her to the airport. Elsewhere, Whitney is able to convince Theresa to let go of Ethan and Gwen by allowing them to move to India. They then decide to go to the B&B to tell Gwen and Ethan the news, only to be surprised at seeing Gwen leaving Harmony. After Gwen gives Theresa her blessing to be with her husband, she goes upstairs to talk to Ethan.

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