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Ep. #1919 - Recap

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In the hospital’s waiting room, Miguel tries to comfort Kay when Eve walks over to her to have some more papers signed for Fox’s surgery. When Miguel begs Kay to believe that he didn’t hit Fox with his car, Ivy lashes out at him again for wanting her son dead so he can be with Kay. After walking away from Miguel, Kay confides in Charity that she doesn’t know what to believe and that Sam is hesitant to comfort her for helping Ivy in her plot.

After a little while, Charity tries to tell Miguel something important, but gets interrupted when Eve eventually returns to the waiting area to let Kay and the others know that Fox came out of the first phase of the surgery fine. Before she returns to the operating room, Miguel pulls Eve aside to ask her if she can check to see if Fox actually has a terminal illness. When Ivy and Julian overhear this, they become worried that everybody will find out that Fox lied in order to get Kay to marry him. Once Eve leaves the area, Charity is able to pull Miguel aside to speak her mind. After she tells him that the real reason she came back to Harmony was to be with him upon finding out that Kay married Fox, she and Miguel share a kiss while Julian spies on them.

When Fancy, Luis, Sheridan, and Chris arrive at the hospital for Fancy’s rape test, Sheridan continues in her efforts to undermine Fancy’s word that she was actually attacked. As Chris and Luis go get some coffee, Fancy tells Sheridan that after the test proves she was raped again, the only time she will talk about her again is when she lets Luis know how evil she’s been during her ordeal. After Fancy is taken into the exam room, Sheridan immediately begins comforting Luis by saying what’s happening isn’t his fault.

Once Fancy returns from her exam, Chris pulls Sheridan and confronts her about her feelings for Luis since she is constantly hovering over Fancy and that she can’t take her eyes off of Luis. After anxiously waiting for the test results, the doctor finally walks over to Fancy and the others to deliver the news that Fancy was indeed raped, much to Sheridan’s surprise. The doctor then goes on to say that would be able to identify the rapist with some semen that was collected.

Elsewhere, Theresa tries to tell Ethan about how he can go after Gwen and work things out if they live in another country. However, when he starts to apologize for the night’s events and realizes that his marriage to Gwen is finally over, Theresa begins to have a change in heart, much to Whitney’s displeasure. It is at this point when Whitney decides to go check on Jane so Theresa can break the news to Ethan that she wants to be with Jared and not him. While in the other room, Whitney calls Chad to let him know Theresa is about to let Ethan go so she can be with Jared.

It is at this time when Jared continues to insist to Chad he intends on leaving Harmony after he is done clearing out his desk. When Chad lets Jared know what Theresa is in the process of doing, Jared refuses to believe Theresa will truly be done with Jared and he doesn’t want to hang around to play second fiddle to Ethan anymore. Chad then gets a call from his lover and promptly gets an earful from Jared about being faithful but refuses to listen to his warnings. A little while later Valerie shows up and asks Jared why he’s packing up his things and is surprised to find out he’s leaving Harmony. She then begs Jared to stay in Harmony if he truly loves Theresa.

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Warning: Passions season 8 episode 144 guide may contain spoilers
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