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Ep. #1920 - Recap

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At the hospital, Miguel continues to proclaim his innocence to Kay when Dr. Gasparro shows up, saying Julian asked him to come to the hospital to help with Fox. While Eve welcomes the doctor to scrub in on Fox’s surgery, Miguel insists that he is getting paid off by Julian, only to have Dr. Gasparro deny the claim. As she gets ready to go back to the OR, Eve learns from a nurse that Fancy is in the ER and shares the news with Ivy and Julian. Ivy then goes downstairs to see what’s going on with her daughter. Eventually, Eve returns to the waiting room to let Kay, Julian, and Sam that Fox came through the surgery and that he is not dying from a terminal illness.

Upon Ivy’s arrival to the ER, she demands to know why Fancy is at the hospital. When she finds out that Fancy was violated again, Ivy begins lashing out at Luis for not protecting her daughter. The doctor then assures Fancy and the others that she will be running a DNA test to identify her attacker. At hearing this, Chris pulls Sheridan aside to ask if this now proves to her that Fancy was attacked, but she tells him to wait and hear the results, because they can show that Fancy is still unstable. While in the lab, the doctor is able to identify Fancy’s rapist and is shocked at the results. Upon her return to the ER waiting area, the doctor surprises everybody by saying the tests results show Luis was Fancy’s rapist.

Elsewhere, Theresa and Ethan continue their talk at the B&B. After checking on Jane, Whitney interrupts them to tell Ethan how sorry she is for his situation with Gwen and eventually returns to the mansion. After she leaves, Theresa decides that since she already lost Jared, she will try and keep Ethan in her life by offering to help him raise Jane. After Ethan thanks Theresa for her help, they share a kiss.

Meanwhile, in Tabitha’s kitchen, Endora tries to wake up her mother when she sees the magic bowl bubbling over. When she eventually does wake up, Tabitha is shocked to see the events that will affect the lives of every resident in Harmony. However, when she is unable to see who is behind all the pain, Tabitha tries to use some magical sand to reveal the person’s identity. When that doesn’t work, she and Endora get an unwelcome surprise when she finds a pair of evil eyes looking into the kitchen, making her realize the evil events that are happening in town are worse than she thought.

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Warning: Passions season 8 episode 145 guide may contain spoilers
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