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Ep. #1935 - Recap

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Inside her office at Crane Industries, Theresa confides in Jared that she is being blackmailed, and he offers to help “get out from under the blackmailer’s thumb.” As the peeper looks on from their secret room, Theresa has a fantasy of Ethan barging in demanding answers about the text message she sent about their son. Theresa then snaps out of the fantasy, only to discover Ethan and Whitney have walked in, surprised at seeing her with Jared. It is at this point when Theresa gets a text message from the peeper, demanding that she be with Jared or her secret will be revealed. Theresa then surprises everyone by telling them that she will be marrying Jared.

At the hospital, Miguel continues to try and make Kay see that he was set up in Fox’s hit and run. However, after telling him that she believes Fox’s story, Kay walks away, leaving Miguel in the hallway. Elsewhere, Paloma gets Fox’s statement about what happened. After leaving Fox’s room, she goes to see how Miguel is holding up. A little later, Kay returns to Fox’s room and tells him how much she loves him while Miguel looks on.

While watching the news in their bedroom, Sheridan is shocked at hearing Luis is back to being the only suspect in Fancy’s rape case. When Sheridan rushes to get dressed to be with Luis, Chris gets furious with her about her constant need to be around Luis. He then lets Sheridan have it for putting her ex over their marriage. It is at this point when Sheridan realizes Chris is getting close to the truth behind her feelings and agrees to work on their marriage and they eventually make love. Later, as Chris is sleeping, Sheridan hears on the news about Rae’s murder and decides to go be with Luis while Chris is sleeping.

While Luis and Fancy are at the police station, Sam is furious at them for having a hypnosis session done with Eve. Despite their assurance that it can help their case, Sam tries to make Luis and Fancy see that the DA could use all of their recent negative press against Luis to send him to prison. Feeling she is to blame for all of Luis’ problems, Fancy goes home discouraged that she could possibly be sending Luis away for a long time. Upon her arrival, Fancy has a run in with Sheridan, who immediately lashes out at her niece for ruining Luis’ life.

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