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Ep. #2005 - Recap

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While Tabitha is trying to convince the witch’s she still is evil, they find out that Miguel is spying on them and zap him inside. When tries to leave to warn Kay and the rest of Harmony, the witches freeze him and order Tabitha to get rid of Miguel to prove what kind of witch she is. She then uses her magic to erase Miguel’s memory of what happened, making the witches think Tabitha is a good witch, causing her to try a explain her actions. The witches then conjure up their car and tell Tabitha they’ll take into consideration the events of that night and get back to her before leaving.

Outside the gay bar, Chad is still trying to explain his actions, but Whitney refuses to believe him. Before leaving, Whitney lashes out at him for exposing her and their unborn child to who knows how many diseases and tells that she intends on getting a divorce.

In Theresa’s office, she starts telling Ethan about what happened between Chad and Whitney when they eventually get interrupted by Julian, who coyly starts prodding Theresa about their custody suit. He then apologizes to Ethan for giving him the cold shoulder after finding out Sam is his biological father and asks Theresa why Ivy would want to lie about Ethan’s paternity for so many years. Ethan then gets paged from a client and has to leave. As soon as he left the office, Julian levels with Theresa that he found out that he isn’t Little Ethan’s father and that Ethan is.

After putting all the bribes he received for the day in his car, Judge Reilly gets a surprise visit from the blackmailer when he gets into his car. At hearing that the blackmailer wants him to move up Luis’ execution, Judge Reilly tries telling the he/she that he’s already getting investigated for how he handled Luis and Miguel’s trial, doing this would get him into more trouble. However, when the blackmailer threatens to send some incriminating photos of the judge to the newspaper, Judge Reilly reluctantly puts in a call to the prison warden about executing Luis immediately.

Meanwhile, as Pilar visits with Luis in the prison infirmary, she lets him know that Spike came forward with new evidence in Miguel’s case that sent him free. At this point a prison guard walks in to take Luis to death row. When Pilar tries to explain that her son is still recovering from his last attack, he tells her that he doesn’t care, he got orders from the warden to take Luis to death row and that Luis’ execution is going to happen as soon as possible. Worried that Luis will die before his case can be appealed, Pilar calls Ethan for help.

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Warning: Passions season 8 episode 230 guide may contain spoilers
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