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Ep. #2082 - Recap

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Realizing that the Dark Side wants them to use their magic for evil, Tabitha decides to conjure NASCAR driver Jamie McMurray into her house in order to kill him, but Kay spares Jamie, since he’s Endora’s favorite driver. It is at this point when Sam arrives to tell Kay about Fox’s death. After breaking down, Kay is shocked at finding out that Sam suspects she and Miguel might have killed him. However, when Tabitha provides an alibi for Kay, Sam informs them that Miguel is now his prime suspect.

It is at this point when Tabitha chimes in to say that they haven’t seen Miguel for awhile and that he left the house muttering something about Fox. At hearing this, Kay is mortified that Tabitha is taking the demon’s words to heart and trying to cause problems for Miguel.

At the hospital, Gwen and Ethan are spending time with their son. She again insists that the baby is fine, he is getting over being sick and got great care from his nurse. Ethan then tells Gwen that she has made him so happy giving him a son. They then start talking about Theresa and Ethan realizes that Alistair is alive and well, meaning his marriage to Theresa is null and void and fears that Theresa could be in danger with Alistair back since he’ll treat her as a possession.

Later, when Ethan says that he’ll fight Alistair to save Theresa from him, Gwen becomes worried that he might find a way to get Theresa, and as a result, Theresa might end up happy with Ethan. Elsewhere, as Theresa and Pilar look for Little Ethan in the hospital, Theresa gets a chilling surprise from Alistair when they discover him back in the hospital’s playroom.

At the mansion, Pretty finds Fancy and tries to warn her about Sheridan potentially coming between her and Luis and that she could be with him at the moment. At hearing this, Fancy decides to go and find him. In the kitchen, Luis vows to Sheridan that he will do anything to find Marty for her and Sheridan tells him that he has to promise not to tell anybody about their search for Marty. Not liking what Sheridan is making him promise, Luis reluctantly agrees and when Fancy walks into the room; Sheridan quickly covers by mentioning that Luis is telling her about Fox’s death. Luis and Fancy then leave the room and go upstairs to make love.

However after a little while, Sheridan calls Luis on his cell phone, begging him to come back to the kitchen so they can plan their search. Before leaving the room, Luis lies and tells Fancy that he’s got to go to work but accidentally leaves his phone in her room. When Fancy discovers his phone, she is surprised to see that Luis’ call came from Sheridan. Back down in the kitchen, Sheridan announces to Luis that she thinks she knows where Marty is at.

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Warning: Passions season 9 episode 51 guide may contain spoilers
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