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Ep. #2084 - Recap

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In Ethan’s room at the hospital, Theresa’s plan to tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan doesn’t go as planned, since she finds Alistair there. Not pleased about the fact that Theresa was going to tell Ethan about her son, Alistair tells her that if she tells anybody the truth about Little Ethan, he’ll kill Ethan and kidnap Little Ethan. At hearing this, Theresa reluctantly agrees to Alistair’s plan.

It is at this point when Rebecca arrives, thinking that Theresa got her chance to tell Ethan the truth, but when Gwen tells her that it is Alistair, not Ethan in the room with Theresa, she is relieved. Rebecca then tells Gwen that she is worried about how pale the baby is, but is promptly told by Gwen that he is fine. Ethan eventually returns to where Gwen and Rebecca are, resulting in Gwen trying to keep him from finding Theresa with Alistair.

Meanwhile, Julian tries to convince Eve that Vincent couldn’t be in her house since he is dead. When he attempts to tell Eve that she imagined him being alive, she gets furious at Julian and kicks him out of the house. It doesn’t take long after Julian’s departure that Eve realizes that drowning her sorrows in booze is behind her visions and that he was right. She then decides to go find Julian to apologize. Elsewhere, Julian is walking on the pier, thinking he should apologize to Eve for confronting her about her fantasies regarding Vincent. Valerie soon shows up, intent on seducing Julian in order to make Vincent’s parents suffer. As they begin to kiss, Eve happens to stumble across them and furiously storms off after seeing them together.

Upon Eve’s arrival home, Julian shows up, telling her that he’s sorry for speaking to her the way he did earlier. Julian then goes on to say that in his upset state of mind, Valerie was only comforting him and they happened to kiss. Eve then apologizes for her actions as well, telling Julian that he was right; she could have imagined Vincent being alive because of the alcohol and pills she was consuming. It is at this point when Eve gets a call from Vincent and gets extremely rattled. However, when Julian picks up the phone, he discovers Valerie on the other end, telling Julian that Eve was insisting that she was Vincent. When Julian tells Eve that Valerie is on the phone, Eve swears that Vincent was talking to her and that she is sane.

In another part of town, Luis and Sheridan arrive at safe house where they saw Marty on the security camera. While searching the house, they find several drawings that Marty made, one of which has Beth portrayed as his mommy, ultimately upsetting Sheridan. When they find other drawings where Alistair is portrayed as the devil that stabs Marty, Luis and Sheridan become worried about what Alistair is doing to him. It is at this point when Luis becomes determined to find Alistair and force him to tell them where Marty is.

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Warning: Passions season 9 episode 53 guide may contain spoilers
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