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Ep. #2096 - Recap

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Back at the mansion, Esme and her date are still getting hot and heavy. As Jake tells her that she’s amazing, Esme makes some drinks they can enjoy since she has a full service bar in her room. When Jake mentions that the Cranes treat their guests so well, Esme breaks down and tells him that they can’t see each other anymore. Not understanding what she means by her comment, Esme admits while she likes him a lot, she doesn’t want to get close to another guy because they always wind up dead.

It is at this point when Jake says that was the reason why he was assigned to follow her while Esme mentions that Fox and Pete aren’t the only guys who died on her; there was a Russian guy that she met a while back. After he asks her about what happened with him, Esme says that nobody ever told her that alcohol and bungee jumping shouldn’t be done at the same time, and that even if she did know about that she wouldn’t have dared him. After this story, Esme goes on to tell him about how a guy she met in Hawaii met the same fate as the other guys in her life and that she’s a jinx. However, Jake tells her that she’s not a jinx; all of the things that happened to her have been bad luck.

Jake then surprises Esme by saying he feels perfectly safe being with her and they then share a kiss, unaware they’re being watched. After having a few drinks, Esme decides they should play a sex game. When they go look at what she has in her closet, someone sneaks inside to put poison in Jake’s drink. He then returns while Esme puts on a cowgirl costume and decides not to take a drink of his beer when she comes back and they get into bed.

Downstairs, Gwen and Ethan argue about Jonathan’s health. After Ethan says that he wants to call a doctor, Gwen angrily says that she is his mother and knows that Jonathan doesn’t need a doctor. When Ethan says that he has a fever and should be checked out by a doctor, Gwen insists that his medicine and a nice back will do the trick so don’t bother calling Eve. He then apologizes for overreacting and lets Gwen take care of Jonathan. She then apologizes for how she reacted as well, she just feels like everyone is judging her since she is a first time mother. Gwen then gives Ethan a hard time for how he’s going to marry Theresa and as a result he won’t be there for she and Jonathan.

Later, as Gwen decides to try to find out more about Pilar’s past, she asks Ethan about what he knows about her and her past. When he says that Pilar is the American success story, Gwen retorts by saying Pilar didn’t make it big, she’s just a maid for a rich family. She then asks if he know whether if Pilar still has family in Mexico and learns that Ethan only knows about a sister and that’s about it and that she doesn’t go to visit her family. When Gwen says whatever made Pilar never want to go see her family in Mexico must have been bad and that she isn’t the saint every thinks she is, Ethan says she’s crazy. However, she secretly gloats that whatever Pilar’s secret is will guarantee Ethan will be hers once again.

In the kitchen, Theresa doesn’t understand why all of sudden Pilar is telling her to stay away from Ethan and that she can never be with him again. When she asks why Pilar would tell her that and if she still loves her children, Pilar says she does, but can’t explain her change of heart at the moment. Theresa then says that she’ll tell Ethan the truth and he will be able to protect them from whatever Alistair and anyone else has in store for them. When Pilar tells her that she wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t important, Theresa is reluctant to concede defeat to Gwen and Rebecca when she discovers her mother is being blackmailed by them.

Meanwhile, Sheridan and Luis discover that Marty was just at the hotel and they just missed him. She then angrily tells him that they could have been reunited if they where obeying instructions instead of wasting time arguing with Fancy. When Luis says that it could have been a set up, Sheridan lashes out at him and says the situation they’re in is his fault, he lost her son again. After being slapped by Sheridan, he asks why she did that and why she was so sure Marty was at the hotel. When she points to the shirt with Marty’s name on it, Luis insists that it could have been a planted and Spike set them up. She then yells at him for being more concerned with Fancy’s problems instead of finding their son. Before storming off, Sheridan tells him to go be with his whiney girlfriend since he isn’t interested in finding Marty; she’ll get some help in finding their son from Alistair.

It is at this point when Luis follows Sheridan, insisting he won’t give up in their search for Marty. She then apologizes to Luis and he insists that he’ll keep his promise to find Marty, but is having a hard time keeping the truth from Fancy. Upon there arrival back at the hotel room. Luis fears something is wrong when they see that Fancy is gone. When Sheridan says that maybe she saw Marty or who ever took him, she decide to follow them without telling someone. Sheridan and Luis then split up to look for Fancy but are unsuccessful in their search. Later, when Luis finds Fancy’s purse, he is sure that Fancy is know in trouble and becomes extremely worried about her.

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