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Testimony of Evil (Dead Men Don't Laugh) - Recap

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At Mr. V's nightclub, comedian Joey Culdiss is finishing up his act when Vic calls him into the office to see the boss, Veronica Rivers. She informs him that the Frenchman reported that some of the money Joey was supposed to deliver for her wasn't there. Joey claims he didn't steal a thing and Veronica tells Vic to tell the Frenchman she'll take care of everything. Veronica secretly drugs Joey's drink and reassures him she's not worried, and they share a toast. Later, Joey is driving home and starts to hallucinate and finally goes off the road to his death.

Frank is driving home the boss' wife Mary when he gets a call to report to the morgue. They talk to the coroner who informs them that Joey died of a drug overdose and it must be either suicide or murder. Ed reveals that Joey was a courier for a drug operation and an informant on the side. They wonder if he might have got stupid and tried to rip off his employer. Ed briefs Frank on the fact that Veronica is a major dealer and they don't have a line in at the club any more. They figure that Frank can take on Joey's job.

At Mr. V's, Frank applies for the job of comedian using the name Tony Da Wunderful.. When Joey's replacement arrives, Ed arrests him on an illegal copyright duplication charge and Vic has no choice but to put Frank on. He's a huge hit and even Veronica is impressed. She calls Frank over after the show and offers him a regular job. Frank mentions that he heard about the job from Joey and Veronica offers him a drink. Frank starts to choke but it just went down the wrong pipe.

Veronica invites Frank to her office to sign his new contract. A failed ventriloquist, Jerry Lane, is waiting for her with his dummy Lester. He forces them to listen to his audition at gunpoint. Frank manages to flatter Jerry and gets close enough to take out the dummy and the ventriloquist. Veronica is even more impressed and offers him the chance to make some extra cash by picking up her car from the docks.

The next day, Frank picks up the car from the doctor and takes it to the lab. They take apart the Continental piece by piece by piece. Eventually Ted Olson finds the drugs in the glove compartment. Norberg volunteers to test the drugs to make sure they're authentic. With time running out, they quickly put the car together and Frank and Ed go to see the doctor who had the car. They arrest the doctor in the middle of surgery and after interrogation, he reveals that the next drop-off is that night. Frank goes to see Johnny the Snitch, who tells him there'll be a drop at Mr. V's that night.

That night, Ed is in the club and has his men cover the exits. Frank performs again and works his way through the crowd. He spots a waitress bringing Veronica drug packets. He moves in and rips off the waitress' wig to reveal that "she" is the Frenchman. The Frenchman and Veronica make a run for it. Frank tackles the Frenchman while Ed trips Vic and Veronica as they try to escape. Everyone applauds, figuring it's part of the act.

Later, Frank and Ed wrap up the case at Police Squad! headquarters and send Vic, Veronica, and the Frenchman to Statesville Prison.

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Warning: Police Squad! season 1 episode 6 guide may contain spoilers
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