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Season 8

125 :08x01 - Baby Rattlesnakes

A young member of an anti-gang group is arrested for the shooting death of teenage girl, but Quincy believes he is innocent and covering up for the real shooter. He needs to name the killer or be sent to prison.
Guest Stars: Ronald G. Joseph (1) as Prosecutor Simonetti | Donald Van Allen as DPO Kennedy | Allan Hunt as Scott Fetzer | Sheila Scott-Wilkenson as Mrs. Billingsley | Joshua Gallegos as Joe Avilar | Peter Aguilar as Boy | Curtis Worthy jr. as Stevie | Jack Krupnick as Court Clerk | Erin Blunt as Willie | Brian Whitley as Johnny | Guillermo San Juan as Peter Munoz | Gregory Sierra as Rick Durado | John Randolph as Arthur Degauss | Ron Joseph (1) as Mr. Simonetti | Arthur Batanides as Firearms Examiner John Cole | Lynn Hamilton (1) as Mrs. Kellogg | Brendon Boone as District Attorney | J.A. Preston as Unknown | De'voreaux White as Ethan Kellough
Director: Georg Fenady
Writer: Jeri Taylor

126 :08x02 - A Ghost of a Chance

When a young man dies after a routine heart surgery, his brother requests to have Quincy perform his autopsy. Quincy's findings makes him suspicious over who really performed the operation, the surgeon or his intern?
Guest Stars: Joella Deffenbaugh as Mary Ann Fisher | Tom Stewart (1) as Harold Markham | Cheryl Tyre Smith as Head of Records | Patricia Kane as Scrub Nurse | Tom Nibley as Dr. Hurley | Joyce O'Neal as Head Nurse | Bill Lodge as Intern | James Scott (3) as Frank Fisher | Phillip Pine as Dr. Panucci | Keri Russell as Jane Mathers | Ellen Geer as Sarah Markham | José Ferrer as Dr. Stanley Royce | Nicolas Coster as Ted Markham | Frank Marth as Unknown | Conroy Gedeon as Assistant Surgeon | Harry Townes as Dr. Herb Martin | Jonathan Frakes as Young Resident
Director: Ray Danton
Writer: Preston Wood

127 :08x03 - Give Me Your Weak

Quincy helps a young mother receive the medication she needs for a severe nervous condition when the government and drug company fight over making the medication available.
Guest Stars: William Beckley as William Zaskind | Roderick Ewing as David Bowman | Jeffrey Winner as Sam Forber | Alan Toy as Carren | Peg Stewart as Mrs. Andreas | Lynn-Marie Nanna as Receptionist #1 | Elaine Ballace as Receptionist #2 | Catherine Battistone as Desk Nurse | Christopher Templeton as Kitty Marinoff | Joseph Campanella as Dr. Styer | Elsa Raven as Miss Beck - FDA | Simon Oakland as Senator Reeves | Robert Ginty as Brian Marinoff | Michael Constantine as Dr. Clotti | Martin Rudy as Pagorino | Paul Clemens as Tony | Burr deBenning as Unknown | Richard Eastham as Unknown | Frank Aletter as Hugh Casey
Director: Georg Fenady

128 :08x04 - Dying for a Drink

Quincy tries to help out a fellow female medical examiner when she begins to screw up her job and make mistakes due to a drinking problem.
Guest Stars: Lynn Mann as Sandy | Lorrie Marlow as Francine | Michael Venson as Lawrence Harper | David Speilberg as Gary Linderman | Marge Redmond as Gail Morelli | Martine Bartlett as Sobriety Group Member | Maxine Stuart as Margo Hennesy | Ina Balin as Dr. Lorraine Linderman
Director: Georg Fenady

129 :08x05 - Unreasonable Doubt

Quincy believes a new pathologist with a handicap is judging a case with blinders on when a disabled baby is electrocuted. He believes the baby's father is responsible for his child's death, not wanting a handicapped son.
Guest Stars: Audrey Marilyn as Dr. Mead | T.J. Castronovo as Ed MacDonald (as T. J. Castronovo) | Kres Mersky as Lilian Preston | Miriam Byrd-Nethery as Annie | George O'Hanlon, Jr. as Assistant DA | David Tress as Judge K. L. Parker | Jim Antonio as Jerry Preston | David Sheiner as Attorney Ben Wakefield | John Rubinstein as Dr Walter Ross | Chad Cowgill as Michael Prescott
Writer: Lee Sheldon

130 :08x06 - Sleeping Dogs

Quincy is determined to find the killer of a murderer who was set free after a trial found him innocent. With the witnesses forced into lying, a group of men all claim that they killed the man in self defense, an excuse that Quincy doesn't agree with.
Guest Stars: Brion James as Henry Muller | Rodney Kageyama as Larry Onoko | Sheila Larken as Jane Lemner | Harry Pugh as Roy Daigle | Beulah Quo as Mrs.Onoko | Mark Russell (1) as Bailiff | Jenny Sherman as Judy Fields | Albert Henderson as Judge | Anne Haney as Alice | Philip Baker Hall as Dep. DA Marty Shell | Charles Aidman as Howard Lemner | John Anderson (1) as Police Chief Frank Ollano | William Bryant as Joe Faraday | J.P. Bumstead as George Darcey | Conlan Carter as Marty Bonham | Raymond Duke as Mike Horvath | Ted Gehring as Motel Manager
Director: Georg Fenady
Writer: Preston Wood

131 :08x07 - Science for Sale

After returning home to die, those who had contact with the terminally ill woman also become sick and die. Quincy discovers that the deaths were not from her cancer, but from a new virus which is spreading fast.
Guest Stars: Kate Lardner as Cindy Oliver | Dennis Patrick as Garfield Calhoun | Christine Avila as Woman Reporter | Rita Zohar as Mrs. Nash | Thomas Murphy as Morton Chase | Lane Smith as Dr. Paul Flynn | John Chappell as Unknown | Reb Brown as Unknown | Julie Adams as Dr. Chris Winston | Stack Pierce as Mr. Lifton | Paula Victor as Sylvie Goldberg | Jason Wingreen as Dr. Freeman | Frank Campanella as Max Wilbur | June Dayton as Judge | Suzanne Rogers as Elaine Farrell | Aimée Eccles as Alice Ting | Lynn Tufeld as Nurse | Jackie Russell as Billings | Harold Ayer as Gate Guard | James Ingersoll as Assistant DA
Director: Ray Danton

132 :08x08 - Next Stop, Nowhere

Quincy believes and autopsy he just complete on a young man who died after a night of slam dancing at a punk rock club was directly attributed to the music the kids were listening to at the time. Lyrics about no hope, violence and death led to the man being stabbed in the back with an ice pick.
Guest Stars: Alex Henteloff as Unknown | James T. Callahan as Adrian Mercer - Talk Show Host | Barbara Cason as Mrs. Susan Garvin | Kelly Ward as Skip | Karlene Crockett as Molly Howard | Melora Hardin as Abigail Garvin
Director: Ray Danton
Writer: Sam Egan

133 :08x09 - Across the Line

A hostage is shot dead by a policeman during a botched bank robbery and the cop enlists Quincy's help when he is suspended and possibly will face charges if it is proved that the shooting was his fault.
Guest Stars: Bill Meadows as Clive | Michael Masters as Detective | Joe Carafello as Policeman | Jim Malinda as Sergeant | Ron Pinkard as Detective Jackson | Maria O'Brien as Jean Taggart | Spencer Milligan as Police Captain R. Biddles - Internal Affairs | Jack Kehoe as Brian Taggart | Frank Campanella as Police Hearing Board Chairman | Lonny Chapman as Mr. Tourneau
Director: Georg Fenady

134 :08x10 - Sword of Honor, Blade of Death

Sam is sucked into danger when his friend is killed while working undercover, infiltrating the Japanese Yakuza. Sam warns Quincy that his friend's father will likely follow the ancient code and exact revenge for his son's death.
Guest Stars: Nelson Mashita as Young Man | Lloyd Kino as Restaurant Owner | Dale Ishimoto as Pool Hall Owner | Carla Formica as Lab assistant | George Cheung as Osada | Mieko Kobayashi as Young Woman | Richard Lee Sung as Funaki | Donna Kei Benz as Sadako | George Loros as Mafia scientist | John Fujioka as Captain Bob Nishimura | Soon-Tek Oh as Mr. Nakatoma | Mako as John Moroshima | Ed Grover as Mafia Boss
Director: Ray Danton

135 :08x11 - The Law Is a Fool

A young girl disappears after entering a cab on her way home from school. A search for the missing teen reveals no clues, until a man appears, claiming that he is the cab driver and that he was attacked and removed from his cab.
Guest Stars: Denny Furey as Police ID Kit Operator | Marland Proctor as Clerk | Phyllis Applegate as Reporter | Patricia Gaul as Reporter | Sam Weisman as Attorney Jack Wray | George Petrie as DA | Mary Carver as Mrs. Kendall | Joshua Shelley as Cab driver | John O'Connell (2) as ADA Larry Borgassi | Lew Ayres as Prof. Henry Lester Hillman | Vince Howard as Judge | Jeff Pomerantz as Paralegal Carl Norman
Director: Georg Fenady
Writer: David Karp

136 :08x12 - Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Quincy tries to help out a friend when he is framed for mail fraud since a Federal Prosecutor feels a case of arson and murder would not hold up in court.
Guest Stars: Richard Camphuis as Benjamin | Christopher Prince as Jeff Locke | Art Lewis as Mr. Pearson | Dru Solari as Tony Locke | Sylvia Walden as Mrs. Mckenna | Shelly Lipkin as Agent Reiblich | Roy Jenson as Dade | Eugene Roche as Philip St.John | Rudy Solari as Ted Locke | Allan Miller (1) as Anawalt | Susan Plantt-Winston as Hannah Locke
Director: Ray Danton
Writer: Allison Hock

137 :08x13 - Cry for Help

Quincy believes that a young man is telling the truth when he says that his girlfriend had killed herself and that he was not involved in the crime. Since she can not answer any questions, Quincy asks for a psychological autopsy be performed by finding out her past history.
Guest Stars: Megan Wyss as Julie | Ina Danley as Claudia | Cynthia Simpson as Jackie | Fiona Guinness as Secretary | Blake Marion as Potter | Sarah Jane Miller as Teacher | Alice Hirson as Mrs. Kenyon | Thom Bray as Toby Kenyon | Walter Brooke as Mr. Judd Kenyon | Dick Gautier as Mr. Bonner
Director: Ray Austin
Writer: Jeri Taylor

138 :08x14 - A Loss for Words

When a young man dies in an explosion while doing some welding work, an investigator determines that the boy can not read. Quincy wants to know why a boy would be hired if he can't read simple words that he needs to protect him on the job.
Guest Stars: Hank Brandt as Foreman | Annie Gagen as Alice | John Mitchum as Warehouseman | Sean Kelly (1) as Timothy Hurley | Ramon Bieri as Mr. Droyden | Corinne Conley as Miss Norton | Charles Knox Robinson as Peter Lassiter | Janet MacLachlan as Jill Geary | Gerald S. O'Loughlin as Arnold Chatham | Rosemary Murphy as Unknown
Director: Georg Fenady
Writer: Sam Egan

139 :08x15 - Beyond the Open Door

The police call in the help from a woman who claims to be a psychic, when their investigation for a man known as the "Hit and Run Killer" leads them nowhere. Although skeptical at first, Quincy is amazed when her predictions and findings materialize.
Guest Stars: Noelle Harling as Susan | Arnold Warda as Dugan | Stacey Shaffer as Ad-Lib Girl | Karin Argoud as Jennifer Jordan | Alex Enbert as Andy Jordan | Renée Jones as Candy | Kelly Parsons as Nancy Wallace | John Furlong as Leon Stimmel | Christopher Woods as Raymond Pike | Kim Stanley as Mrs Edith Jordan
Director: Georg Fenady

140 :08x16 - On Dying High

When a country singing star is badly burned in an accident inside a club, an investigator is convinced that the fire was caused by freebasing cocaine. The problem is there are no witnesses or friends who will testify that this is what happened.
Guest Stars: Guerin Barry as Gene | Teresa Hoyos as Nurse #1 | Steven Pringle as Intern | Josie Pepito as Nurse #2 | Than Wyenn as Dr. Rubenstein | Edd Byrnes as Bud Auerbach | Kelly Preston as Ginger Reeves | Roger Miller as JJ Chandler | James Rosin as Dr. Rothman | Henry Beckman as Unknown | James Karen as Unknown
Director: Ray Danton

141 :08x17 - Quincy's Wedding (1)

While Quincy and Emily prepare for their upcoming nuptials, a body of a deceased old man comes into the morgue from a nursing home. The wife of the dead man informs Quincy that she is responsible for his passing.
Guest Stars: William Campbell as Sutter | Richard Paul as Boxwell | Jason Batanides as Delivery Boy | Ed McNamara (1) as Very Old Man | Carol Donnelly as Head Infirmary Nurse | Marcelo Tubert as Technician | Lynn Longos as Paulette | Boyd Bodwell as Richard | John McIntire as Ray Brackett | Ivor Francis as Dr. Reed | Jeanette Nolan as Edna Brackett | Priscilla Porter as Nurse Kathy Benson | Katherine De Hetre as Jane Brackett | Carole Cook as Winslow
Writer: Jeri Taylor

142 :08x18 - Quincy's Wedding (2)

Quincy misses the wedding rehearsal while listening to the story from an old lady who claims she killed her husband. Emily cancels the wedding plans while Quincy tries to figure whether the old woman is telling the truth or just rambling on.
Guest Stars: Ed Wagner as Janitor | Ed McNamara (1) as Very Old Man | Richard Paul as Boxwell | William Campbell as Sutter | Boyd Bodwell as Richard | Lynn Longos as Paulette | Carole Cook as Winslow | Katherine De Hetre as Jane Brackett | Priscilla Pointer as Nurse Kathy Benson | June Lockhart as Mrs. Hanover | Jeanette Nolan as Edna Brackett | Ivor Francis as Dr. Reed
Director: Jeri Taylor
Writer: Jeri Taylor

143 :08x19 - Murder on Ice

A quiet honeymoon at a mountain resort proves anything but peaceful when a group of law enforcement officers arrive for their own vacation. The fun is short lived when a judge fails to show up and is found dead inside his car on a roadside.
Guest Stars: Raymond Mayo as Litner | Henry Gibson as Max - the Caretaker | Dane Clark as Police Sgt. Herb Gleason | Foster Brooks as The Carriage Driver | Ann Blyth as Dorothy Blake | Robert Alda as Police Lt. Ken Spool | Lola Albright as Prosecutor Liz McKenna
Director: Mel Ferber
Writer: Lee Sheldon

144 :08x20 - Women of Valor

A midwife is arrested for murder after being asked off the streets to help a woman in labor and the newborn baby dies. When the hospital lays the blame on her, a doctor asks Quincy to do his own autopsy on the child to see if there is another reason it passed away.
Guest Stars: Cindi Eyman as Margaret | Chris Rennolds (1) as Marsha | Gloria Gifford as Sharon | Stephanie Riseley as Mandy | Luisa Leschin as Elva | Steven Marlo as Dr. Cole | Anne Sebastian as Admissions Clerk | Antony Alda as Paramedic #1 | Allan Hunt as Dr. Innis | Paulette Breen as Anne | June Dayton as Mrs. Tracey | Elizabeth Huddle as Dr. Catherine Reed | Lynn Hamilton (1) as Olivia Hamilton | Philip Abbott as Dr. Wallace | Ivan Bonar as Dr. Block | Frank Birney as Dr. Vale
Director: Georg Fenady

145 :08x21 - Suffer the Little Children

When a young boy died who was living in a foster home, Quincy is asked to do an autopsy in hopes of finding enough proof to get the home closed down. In the meantime, a qualified therapist is asked to stay at the home and help fix any problems that may arise between the kids and the foster parents.
Guest Stars: Sandra Myles Bettien as Mrs. Neame | Shirley Rickards as Linda McNeil | Jimmy Baron (1) as Hurleigh | Eric Eugene Williams as Vernon | Courtenay McWhinney as Woman | Carl Stein as Chris Rayans | Fred D. Scott as Dandridge | Murray Moston as Harry McNeil | Paul Valentine as George Carlton Ward | Nicky Katt as Unknown | Paul Lambert as Unknown | Henry Slate as Sachen | Pepper Martin as Ed Reano | Michele Marsh as Unknown | Tony Dow (1) as Doctor Curtis | Leonard Stone as Mr. Myers

146 :08x22 - An Act of Violence

Quincy is determined to find the attacker of an old woman who was brutalized inside her own apartment. But things change when he is mugged on the way out one day, causing Quincy to suddenly fear being attacked again.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Joyce (2) as Man | Jimmy Joyce as Man | James Card as Attendant | Leoda Richards as Vivian | Guy Sartee as Garfield | Brad Gorman as Fox | Danna Hansen as Nurse | Alan Stock as Hector

147 :08x23 - Whatever Happened to Morris Perlmutter?

The death of half of a famous entertainment team that Quincy used to admire as a youth, has him on a search to find the other half of the team.
Guest Stars: John Papais as Lyle | Anne Wyndham as Carol | Vernon Scott as Cliff | Perry Cook as Minister | Sunni Welles as Production assistant | Lorelle Carlley as Tina | Barbara Neugass as Technical Director | Borah Silver as Dreiser | Louise Lewis as Violet | Steven Keats as Roland Davies | Keenan Wynn as Morris Perlmutter | Rosemary DeCamp as Eugenia Winston | Woodrow Parfrey as Jimmy | William Sylvester (1) as Attorney David Stillwell | David Sheiner as TV Producer | Patti Kerr as Miriam
Director: Sam Egan
Writer: Sam Egan

148 :08x24 - The Cutting Edge

An industrial accident causes a young father to lose an arm. When the arm is found, the man is brought to Experiment Hope, a top technological facility which has the ability to reattach a missing limb.
Guest Stars: Ron Joseph (1) as Paramedic #1 | Andy Enberg as Jay | Jenny Andrews as Anne | Terrence O'Connor as Hilary | Chevi Colton as Nurse | Allen Fawcett as Dr. Ted Wickett | Barry Newman as Dr. Gabriel McCracken | Mary Louise Weller as Dr. Wendy Peterson | Paul Rudd (2) as Kenny Kelso | John Randolph as Peter Muscanni | Ronald G. Joseph (1) as Paramedic #1 | Julie Philips as Unknown | Bob Delegall as Senior Paramedic
Director: Georg Fenady
Writer: Jeri Taylor
Warning: Quincy, M.E. guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Medical | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 03, 1976
Ended: September 04, 1983
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