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Series 2 - Episode 1 - Recap

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The series starts with Stephanie enjoying a swim with her husband Dan seven years on from where the mini series finished. Stephanie discovers a box of old documents which could mean big changes in her life.

Jilly is released from prison after serving seven years for Stephanie's attempted murder and the manslaughter of Greg. Jilly is taken to Eden where Stephanie announces the document states Jilly is her half sister. Stephanie tells her now they are half sisters she thinks she can forgive Jilly.

Bill McMaster tells Stephanie that a man called Jake Sanders is trying to take over Harper Mining. Stephanie offers Jilly $5, 000, 000 for her part of Max Harper's estate but Jilly is angered when Bill states she must sign a waver on any future claims. Jilly reluctantly signs.

Jilly goes to meet Jake and tells her she wants an alliance with him, as everything Stephanie owns is rightfully hers. Jake goes to visit a grave and it turns out he is Greg Marsden's brother.

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