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Series 2 - Episode 2 - Recap

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Stephanie is out riding when Jake turns up but Jake is no match on a horse for Stephanie. Jilly hears Dennis bad mouthing her and says she is moving out from Eden.

Jake shows up at Harper Mining and Stephanie tells him she has no intention of losing the company. Phillip arranges for a prison friend of Jilly's called Olive to be released early. Stephanie agrees to give her daughter Sarah a job at Tara's and tells her son Dennis she knows that he is in debt through gambling.

Bill's son Tom stars work at Harper Mining and Jake and Jilly set Dennis up so he is caught in a compromising position. Jilly is furious when Jake tells her he is not only going after Harper Mining but he has sets his sights on Stephanie too. Stephanie is having nightmares about the crocodile attack 7 years earlier.

Jilly meets Olive in a bar and gives her a gun and tells her to kill Stephanie. Olive shoots at Stephanie out riding and Stephanie's body lies motionless on the ground.

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