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Series 2 - Episode 7 - Recap

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The day arrives when Jake will be officially a board member and Jilly insists he must oust Stephanie right away. Jilly urges Stephanie to go after Dan.

Bill and Reena agonize over Tom dating Sarah, there is something Tom must know but Bill states Stephanie must know first. Dennis tells Stephanie to try and save her marriage to Dan and she agrees to go after him. Jake tells Jilly he needs Stephanie to be away as long as possible and Jilly says she is sure she can arrange something. Dan and Stephanie enjoy a happy reunion.

In Stephanie's absence Jake calls an emergency board meeting, Stephanie will have to attend via the telephone but Olive cuts the line to the island where Dan and Stephanie are.

Stephanie rush to another phone line on the island but the fuel line to the boat has been cut and the boat explodes, in Stephanie's absence Jake is elected Chairman of Harper Mining.

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