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Series 2 - Episode 8 - Recap

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On hearing about the boat explosion Jake organizes a search. Bill forbids Tom from seeing Sarah anymore.

Jilly is fed up with Jake's obsession with Stephanie and pleads with him to allow her to run Tara's. Stephanie is found but there's still no sign of Dan. Olive tells Jilly that Stephanie's illegitimate son is still alive. Stephanie finds Dan alive and they return to Eden.

Jake gives control of Tara's to Cassie and an infuriated Jilly tells Cassie's boyfriend Dennis that she has also been seeing Jake.

Bill arrives at Eden to tell Stephanie that Tom is really her son and as hes about to tell her Tom and Sarah arrive to say they are engaged. Bill suffers a heart attack and as he lies on the floor he blurts out the truth.

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