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Series 2 - Episode 10 - Recap

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Jilly finds Phillip's body and the courier receipt for the tape. She goes to Eden where she manages to retrieve the tape before anyone hears it. Jake's lawyer tells Jake he needs to control Jilly.

Jilly destroys the tape but at Phillip's funeral his niece Jessica shows up and tells Jilly that Phillip sent her a copy. Jessica tells Jilly that unless Jilly sees her right everyone will hear the tape. Jessica had been burnt in a fire years earlier which she blamed Jilly for.

Stephanie lets Sheik Ahmal tell Tom he is his father. Stephanie tells Tom she was forced to give him away seconds after looking into his blue eyes for the first time. Tom states his eyes are brown not blue which makes him think he is not Stephanie's son, he rushes off to tell Sarah. Sarah still refuses to believe they are not related.

Jake offers Stephanie one last chance of a 50 / 50 partnership which she refuses. Jilly and Cassie argue at Tara's both blaming each other for Phillip's death.

Sheik Ahmal tells Stephanie that unless she fights for Harper Mining he will be forced to buy it back for her but her pride wont allow this. During a family dinner she tells the family she will win the battle for the company.

Stephanie visits Bill in hospital and he tells her he knows a way to win back the company but it could cost her everything she owns. Stephanie tells Jake it will be a fight to the end for Harper Mining.

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