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Series 2 - Episode 11 - Recap

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Dan is angry when he reads a newspaper report stating Stephanie is prepared to risk everything to get Harper Mining back. Dennis, Sarah and Bill pledge their support to Stephanie and ofter her their shares in the company.

Stephanie and Jake prepare for a live TV debate and Jake proposes just before they go on air. Stephanie reminds Jake she is already married to Dan. During the debate Stephanie brings up the proposal and tells Jake she would never marry him and throws a jug of water over him.

Tom still refuses to believe he is Stephanie's son and decides to go to old Eden to see the house keeper of the time of his birth. Cassie offers her help to Stephanie in the battle with Jake. Dan is disappointed Stephanie is spending so much time trying to get back the company.

Jake is angry at being humiliated on TV and Jilly tells him Ahmal is Tom's father. As she leaves she hears Anton, Jake's lawyer, mention Jake's visits to the cemetery.

Stephanie tells Ahmal over lunch she wants to tell Dan about their relationship from years ago but before she can Jilly spills the beans to Dan. An angry Dan refuses to listen to Stephanie when she tries to explain. Jessica shows her scars from the fire to Dan who tells her he can treat them.

Olive finds out for Jilly that Jake is Greg Marsden's brother.

Stephanie manages to acquire 51% of Harper Mining and whilst Jilly joins the celebrations Dan refuses.

Stephanie goes to Harper Mining to regain her office from Jake. Jake tries one last time to convince Stephanie to join him in business, then announces when Stephanie refuses that he has transferred all active capital to his own company Sanders Investments an hour ago. Stephanie will be able to fight the illegal move, but only after years of costly battles in the courts. Stephanie is devistated. She has lost everything and punches Jake before she runs out of the office.

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