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Series 2 - Episode 13 - Recap

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A mystery man swims out and rescues Stephanie. Her clothes are found on the beach and everyone presumes she has drowned. Jilly pays Olive off now she has no future use for her. Jake is furious when Jilly tells him Stephanie killed herself because she though Dan had slept with her and he starts to strangle her. Jilly manages to break free.

Stephanie appears walking on the beach, along with her rescuer Johnno. She had apparently rescued him, after he got in trouble trying to rescue her. She had only been trying to wash away all her troubles and not kill herself. Johnno suggests she should let people continue to think she is dead for a while longer and use the time to get back at Jilly and Jake.

Tom rushes back to tell Sarah the news he's not her brother and is involved in a car accident. A mystery person substitutes Jilly's breakfast with a snake and it wriggles towards her.

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