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Series 2 - Episode 14 - Recap

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Olive conveniently shows up and saves Jilly's life. When the police arrive they can find no trace of the snake. Tom is in a coma and Sarah sits by his bed side hoping he will recover still not knowing they are not related.

Stephanie and Johhno go to stay at Dave Welles' place who helped nurse Stephanie back to health seven years ago and ponder their next move. Jilly manages to blackmail Jake into making her General Manager of the company.

Another snake turns up this time in Jilly's bed. Jessica recognizes it as non-poisonous and takes care of it. The police turn up again, but Jessica denies there was ever a snake, making Jilly look delusional. Jilly throws Jessica out of Eden and she goes to stay with the Harper's.

A memorial service is held for Stephanie and Jake tells Anton he is going to marry Jilly as it's the only way to control her. Dave tells Stephanie she can't hide way for ever. Sarah quits Tara's now Jilly is in charge but Jilly persuades Cassie to stay on. Sarah is distraught when she finds out she is carrying Tom's baby as she thinks they are still related. Tom remains in a coma.

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