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Series 2 - Episode 15 - Recap

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Dan operates on Jessica to remove her scars. Stephanie is shocked when Johnno tells her he is Tom's father making him not her son. Jake wants Jilly to get rid of Olive for good. Olive angers Jilly by surprising her whilst she is in the bath. She notes how convenient it is that no more snakes have turned up since she agreed to let Olive stay.

Angelo proposes to Sarah. Jilly realizes how lonely she is and tries to get the Harper's's back in her life. Jessica wants nothing more to do with her but Sarah agrees to have her marriage to Angelo at Eden.

After she makes it Dave reveals to her there are no crocodiles in that part of the river but Stephanie has faced her fears. A flying doctor is called in, and Dave insists he needs to go to hospital which is just a plan to get Stephanie to leave and get back to living her life. He gives her a small fortune of opals, which she promises she'll pay back in time.

Sarah marries Angelo and Stephanie manages to attend dressed as old woman. She manages to get a ring to Sarah. As Sarah is getting married to Angelo, Tom awakes from the coma and instructs Bill to stop the wedding but he is too late. During the reception Jake proposes to Jilly whilst Stephanie flies out to see Ahmal.

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