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Series 2 - Episode 16 - Recap

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Stephanie convinces Ahmal to let his sister Princess Talitha accompany her back to Australia so Stephanie can pose as her. Ahmal reluctantly agrees. Romance begins between Dan and Jessica.

With the company in trouble Jake asks Bill to return as General Manager, he agrees so he can find out evidence about Jake's dealings. Stephanie returns to Australia and her disguise even fools Johnno.

Stephanie dressed as Talitha joins Ahmal in a business meeting with Jake and Jilly. Ahmal wants to buy a large area of cattle land through Sanders Mining. Jilly takes Talitha under her wing at Eden. Jilly tries to get rid of Olive and Olive grabs Jilly by the hair. Jake rescues her and gives Olive her marching orders. Stephanie is upset when she sees Dan and Jessica together.

Jake catches Olive trying to break into Eden with a snake, believing its just another harmless snake he throws her into the shower with it but it's a poisonous snake it kills her. Jilly believes she will be blamed and sent back to jail.

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