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Series 2 - Episode 19 - Recap

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Jake tries to convince Jilly the land is worthless but Jilly refuses to believe him. Sarah recovers slowly and Jake uses this by saying she's critically ill to try and get Stephanie out in the open. It works and Stephanie sneaks into the hospital where she is reunited with Dennis and Sarah. Jake is watching the exits outside the hospital where he calls Jilly to join him. They are spotted by Johnno who manages to tell Stephanie and he manages to get her out on a stretcher right without being seen.

Stephanie dresses as the princess goes to see for herself that Dan will be happy with Jessica. Jessica tells her that Stephanie's career always came first and that would never happen with her and that she could make Dan happy in a way Stephanie never could.

Cassie and Dennis put their differences behind them and realise that they love each other. Tara's organises a fashion show. Johnno tricks Jilly into finalizing the land deal early as the fashion show is going on and Jilly thinks she has beaten Ahmal to the land. The real Talitha sits next to Jake during show and Jake is convinced it's Stephanie. He agrees to take no action against Dennis who had been caught embezzling money from the company. The grand finale of the show approaches and Ahmal admits that Stephanie is still alive and that the land is worthless. At that moment a model walks down the catwalk and removes a mask to reveal herself as Stephanie. Jilly shouts out no.

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