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Renaissance Faire - Recap

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Mr. Belding and Screech, dressed as a king and his joker, announce that Bayside will hold a Renaissance Faire as a fundraiser. But Ryan gets jealous as Rachel prepares for the Faire by rehearsing with a guy named Tim, who will play Romeo to her Juliet. Before the play can be presented, Ryan locks Tim in a janitor's closet and dresses as Romeo himself. Maria and Katie are running a Punch and Judy puppet show, but end up fighting among themselves. Nicky and Eric dress in period costumes and present themselves as the Men Who Sing Dreadful. Mr. Belding tries on a suit of armor in his office, then can't get it off. The play is scheduled to begin, and Rachel waits for Tim, her Romeo. Ryan shows up instead. There's no time to lose, so Ryan and Rachel play the scene themselves. But just when things seem to be going right, the singing duo of Nicky and Eric arrive onstage to announce Tim has been freed from the closet! Rachel is disgusted with Ryan and stalks off. Elsewhere nothing else is going right, either. Rather than the puppets, Katie and Maria do all the fighting themselves, ruining their show. The Faire's sponsors are not to happy about all the goings-on. Screech introduces Mr. Belding still stuck in his armor. The sponsors walk out also. To try and make things right again, Ryan convinces the sponsors to come back and give the Faire another chance. He apologizes to Rachel, saying he was just jealous of Tim spending time with her, and she accepts. Katie and Maria realize their foolishness also and do the Punch and Judy show over again, this time the right way. And Belding and Screech have a medieval jousting match to wrap up a successful Renaissance Faire.

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