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First Episode - Recap

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The She Spies’ First Assignment

Shane Phillips, Cassie McBain, and D.D. Cummings go to the roof of a skyscraper and D.D. disables the security systems. They then rappel down the side of the building and swing in through the windows… except for D.D., who doesn’t break through the glass. Once she climbs inside, they find the bomb in a case but it activate when they lift it. They argue over which wire to pull and a group of thugs burst in and attack them. After the women dispose of them, they finally pull the wires and stop the bomb just in time. And then it starts up. And then it stops again.

The head mercenary comes in and then botches his line. He apologizes because he’s a martial arts instructor, not an actor. The team’s controller, Jack Wilde, tells everyone to take five, and the stuntmen they fought hobble off. Shane complains that all they’ve been doing is training exercises and the others agree. Jack comes over and reminds them that they’ve been taken out of prison to spy for the government, and the agency wants to know them better before they trust them with an assignment. However, the Chairman has decided to give them an assignment. Someone is trying to assassinate Governor Gary McNamara, who previously ran for President. The team must go undercover to save his life.

The She Spies are back at their apartment discussing McNamara’s reputation as a womanizer when Jack arrives to give them their briefing. He’s eager to make sure they prove themselves since the She Spies program is his idea. McNamara has been given his own TV show and the network will be shooting the first episode. There’s word out that there will be an attempt on McNamara’s life, but he’s made too many enemies to pin down who. However, it doesn’t matter because they think it’s an inside job so they’ve placed each team member with a job on the show. If they fail then the She Spies program will be cancelled.

At the studio, D.D. poses as a talent coordinator applying for a job and meets with McNamara’s assistant Jimmy Onassis, who would have been McNamara’s chief of staff if he had won the Presidential election. Jimmy explains that the director wants his show to be a combination political discussion/variety show. He warns her that McNamara’s popularity has dipped and his running mate will be the first guest. The man, Senator Thomas Jefferson Mitchell, hasn’t spoken to McNamara since they lost the election. It’s clear that Jimmy is unhappy that he’s not a TV producer when he could have been chief of staff. McNamara comes out and immediately starts eying D.D. She imagines hitting him.

Shane shows up as a network representative and meets with Barry Sharpman, the show’s producer. He admits that the show may be his last chance to be a success and it’s the only reason that he’s working with the man who slept with his wife. Shane say that she won’t let McNamara hit on every woman he bumps into, just as McNamara bumps into her and hits on her. She imagines hitting him.

Next, McNamara’s security chief Ed Sharlock brings in Cassie, posing as a TV magazine reporter. McNamara immediately hits on her and Cassie flirts back, while Sharlock just stares. Cassie assures McNamara that everyone comes to love her eventually. They go to the set and Barry takes McNamara to makeup while Cassie intercepts a call to McNamara from a woman saying that she’s going to kill him. They then begin rehearsing and a scenery flat starts to fall on him. Shane throws her case into the spotlight, causing it to shift forward so that McNamara steps forward as well, and the window in the flat hits him instead of the flat itself. A crewman runs off and Cassie and D.D. try to follow him but get cut off by a Universal Tour tram.

Jack tries to set up their exclusive wireless system. Once he gets past the waiting signal, he contacts the team and demands to know what happened. While Jack loses his signal, the Spies compare notes and D.D. tells them that she can access the phone logs from McNamara’s computer. Shane and Cassie will run interference while D.D. hacks the computer and gets the number. Jack finally calls to report a problem with the wireless system and gets put on hold.

While D.D. breaks into McNamara’s office, McNamara is on stage complaining to Jimmy about how he could have been killed. He goes to his office and Shane tries to meet with him. She pushes past Sharlock and gives McNamara a list of banned words from Standards & Practices. He keeps on going and Cassie shoves him up against the wall and kisses him to delay him. She apologizes, saying she can’t resist him, and tells him to get rid of his bodyguards. D.D. finally hacks the computer and slips out, and Cassie apologizes again and tells McNamara that it will never happen again.

Jack traces the call to an apartment building and the Spies move in. They argue about whether they should have guns until Jack interrupts to tell them that as felons the agency won’t let him give them guns. They break in and find a trailer-trash woman, Daphne. She’s glad to admit that she dated McNamara and Cassie says that it isn’t the same voice she heard on the phone, until Daphne does her “Scary Daphne” voice. She mentions McNamara’s running mate, Senator Thomas Jefferson Mitchell, and explains that there’s some secret reason that they hate each other. D.D. has to meet with Thomas in 20 minutes and they head back to the studio.

D.D. meets Thomas, who is clearly still unhappy with McNamara. She tries to find out why but Thomas avoids the question. McNamara arrives and greets his former partner, who is unhappy that he’s opening for a musical saw on the show. As they start bickering, D.D. gets Thomas to the Green Room while Cassie interviews McNamara. Shane meets with Barry and Jimmy and says that she needs to know about what’s going on between the two former running mates if it will interfere with the show. Barry assures her that everything will be fine despite... “the incident.”

Cassie and McNamara go to his office and he keeps trying to hit on her. She finally gets him to explain why he wants to host a talk show and who might want to kill him. She points out that Thomas is there even though something happened between them. However, McNamara doesn’t want to talk about... “the incident.”

Four guys with guns suddenly run into the studio and Cassie shoves McNamara to the floor and goes out. She gets the other Spies and they follow the gunmen onto an adjoining set. The men open fire and pin them down, but then the director tells them to stop firing. The Spies realize that they’re on the set of a TV series about three glamorous female ex-cons who work for the government as spies in very skimpy outfits. The Spies discuss cross-promotional corporate tie-ins with their counterparts until Jack arrives, wearing a yodeling costume to get onto the set. The director shoos them off the set and Jack tells the Spies that they’ve gotten word that there’ll be an attempt on McNamara during the show.

McNamara is juggling with Uncle Sam the Juggling Man when the Spies arrive. He then introduces Thomas but things don’t go well. Jimmy, Barry, and Sharlock all head backstage and the Spies follow them. They realize that all three men are planning to kill McNamara, just as someone cuts a platform above McNamara, filled with sandbags. The Spies grab the rope and slow the drop while Jack shoves McNamara out of the way. The women drop to the ground and Barry, Jimmy, and Sharlock arrive with a security team and accuse the Spies of trying to kill McNamara.

The killers take the spies to a nearby Wild West set and explain that Thomas had nothing to do with any of it. They just played up the bad blood so that people would blame Thomas. However, when they learned that the Spies were three ex-cons, they figured that they’d make better patsies. When Cassie points out that no one will believe they killed McNamara, McNamara steps out and explains that the whole thing was his idea. After his last sex scandal dashed his hopes of becoming President and lowered the buzz on his show, he faked the death attempts to boost his ratings. Once they see him as a victim, the public will forget McNamara’s past. However, Jimmy tells McNamara that they’re really going to kill him as revenge for his screw-ups.

Jack runs out in his yodeling outfit and the Spies take advantage of the distraction to attack the gunmen. Jack trips McNamara when he tries to run. After a gratuitous cattle stampede, Shane lassos Barry, D.D. fences with and defeats Jimmy on a French Village set, and Cassie tackles Sharlock on a set about three beautiful ex-cons.

Jack takes the bad guys away for a Hollywood ending and admits it was an impressive first time out. The Spies walk off, insisting they would never do anything gratuitous to get ratings... and start removing their tops.

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Warning: She Spies season 1 episode 1 guide may contain spoilers
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