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Hammer Gets Nailed - Recap

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Trunk calls Hammer into his office to inform him that reporter Phil Gumm chose Hammer to ride along. The chief is worried since the mayor has been considering cutbacks, and Gumm can give them good PR. He wants Hammer to act responsibly. Doreau is meeting with Gumm and Hammer manages to immediately smear fingerprint ink all over his white jacket. Trunk asks Doreau to keep Hammer under control, or at least prevent any gunplay. A suspect accuses Hammer of abusing him and Doreau quickly gets everyone out on the road. Hammer manages to cause several near-accidents while talking to the camera and then spots a domestic incident. Hammer bursts in and demands to know how the whole thing got started. The wife says she can't tell it on TV so she whispers it in Hammer's ear. When he announces out loud the news that the husband is a lousy lover. Doreau takes over and gets the husband to agree to counseling but the wife doesn't believe him. Hammer leaves the wife a hand grenade to deal with her husband as need be.

A robber is holding up a convenience store and knocks out the counterman and takes his place when he spots Hammer coming in. Hammer is talking to Gumm about gun control and doughnut eating, then asks the robber for a cup of coffee. He demands that they get the camera off of him and Hammer helpfully points out the safe is open. When the robber tries to close the 24-hour store, Hammer catches on but the robber insists he's just hungry. Hammer insists on feeding the robber out-of-date food until he collapses. Gumm is less than convinced, and none of them notice that a robber is stealing Hammer's car. Hammer forces a student driver to take them after his car but the chase ends up with the car going off a cliff... with Gumm still in it.

Later, Trunk chews out Hammer and Doreau then informs Hammer that there won't be a next time. He orders Doreau out and then informs Hammer that Gumm won't call them back and everyone could lose their jobs. Hammer demonstrates that he's hired a singing telegraph to apologize to Gumm. Trunk isn't thrilled. He goes to a bar with Doreau and they catch Gumm's news report. Gumm complains about the ultra-violent police and shows that he has two broken arms. Hammer figures Trunk didn't see the broadcast.

The next day at police HQ, layoffs have been announced and everyone's mad at Hammer. Trunk informs him that the mayor has laid off half of his men and that Hammer is not just suspended, but fired. Hammer packs up his belongings and Doreau assures him he should be able to find a job worthy of him. Hammer ends up as a school crossing guard but shoots a car that runs the sign. Meanwhile, the city is going wild without police protection but Trunk refuses to consider bringing Hammer back. The station gets a call that terrorists have planted a bomb has been planted in the business district and he wants her to take charge by herself.

Hammer gets word of the bomb and takes a skateboard to the scene, where Gumm is doing a broadcast. Hammer knocks him over and prepares to go in, but the extortionists have already left. Doreau informs Hammer that they've put the bomb in a clock... and it's a clock store. Gumm orders his man to turn the camera off but Doreau takes it and goes inside to let the public decide. He's running out of time and has an idea: he shoots out the fuse box. Every clock goes dead except the one with the bomb. Hammer starts to defuse the bomb despite the fact he doesn't know what to do. Finally he's forced to cut a wire at random... and succeeds. Hammer emerges to the cheers of the crowd and his fellow officers. Hammer suggests that Gumm take a second look at the cops in the city, then reaches into his jacket and pulls out his...pen to sign Gumm's cast.

Later, Trunk tells Hammer that the mayor is allowing him to rehire the force and grant a 20% increase in benefits. He reluctantly admits he's proud to have Hammer on the force. Hammer does suggest he could do one thing that needs two people: he wants to shoot an apple off of Trunk's head with an arrow. Trunk refuses, takes a bite out of the apple, and Hammer hits it dead center.

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Warning: Sledge Hammer! season 1 episode 2 guide may contain spoilers
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