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The Spa Who Loved Me - Recap

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Robin Leach introduces the episode, explaining that the producers plan to ensure the audience stays for another season by giving them sex, violence, rock music, and a cliff hanger ending.

A military truck is traveling through Bossa Nova, CA, when they are stopped by an unusual site: women in bikinis playing volleyball. The soldiers order them off the road and a woman throws them a volleyball gas grenade. Once the men are unconscious, the women don gas masks and steal the truck's contents.

Hammer wakes up from a dream of Trunk congratulating him by disarming bank robbers with poetry and Doreau trying to kiss him. The next day, he discovers that Trunk and Doreau are having a meeting with the military and assumes he should be there. He shoots the lock off the door and barges in, and General Mills is impressed despite himself. He explains that a Class D warhead was stolen by terrorists aided by a traitor in the ranks. The general doesn't know who he can trust in his staff and has come to the police, and Doreau has the necessary background in terrorist training. Doreau runs an identikit match and identifies the terrorist that the traitor slept with. There's no file on the woman but Daley recognizes her as an aerobic student at Jill Taylor's Fitness Center.

Doreau calls the FBI to identify the photo while Hammer goes to the fitness center. He interrupts Taylor as she does a tape for a Las Vegas Showgirl Exercise Program. She undergoes her exercise routine while Hammer follows along and tries to get her to identify the photo. Taylor claims that the suspect was one of her hundreds of clients and she doesn't know the suspect's name or anything else about her. Hammer finally suggests Taylor get a break while she get the client's file. Back at the station, an exhausted Hammer meets with Doreau and reports the suspect listed a fake address, indicating that Taylor knew what was going on. Doreau goes to the fitness center undercover while the general shows Trunk and Hammer a cassette from the terrorists. Their hooded female leader demands one billion dollars or they'll blow up the city. the governor refuses to negotiate and Doreau calls to tell Hammer that Taylor has closed the spa earlier. One of the instructors overhears the call and draws a gun on Doreau.

Hammer heads for the fitness center while a newswoman comes in to ask Trunk about rumors of a nuclear war. She spots General Mills and interviews him, and he denies everything. However, the terrorist leader goes back on the air and informs everyone their demands are being ignored. Chaos reigns in the streets, elephants run wild, and people ride roller coasters. Hammer sneaks (sort of) into the fitness center and two female weight lifters confront him. One of them bends Hammer's gun and then tosses Hammer enough weights to drop him to the ground.

Hamme and Doreau are tied up above a hot tub and the hooded figure arrives. It's Jill Taylor using a voice disguise. She reveals that the governor is paying the one billion dollars into her Swiss bank account. She plans to ask for money and departs to make her next broadcast. Taylor activates the mechanism to lower them into the hot tub and then begins a new broadcast. Fortunately, Trunk and his officers arrive and free sledge and Doreau, then arrest Taylor on-screen. She informs them the bomb is set to detonate in five minutes. They search the fitness center and discover the warhead in the hot tub. Hammer gets it out of the tub and with only forty seconds left, tries to defuse the bomb. He assures everyone he knows what he's doing.

An enormous nuclear explosion destroys Los Angeles. In the aftermath of destruction, only one voice can be heard: Trunk yelling "Hammer!!!!!"

(to be continued... next season?)

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Warning: Sledge Hammer! season 1 episode 22 guide may contain spoilers
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