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They Call Me Mr. Trunk - Recap

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Colonel Poltz informs his superiors that there was a break-in at an Army germ warfare lab and virus BX576 was stolen. The virus is highly toxic and highly secret. Richard Sirod, a foreign agent, is the thief. He contaminated himself while attempting to steal the virus. The four stages are hallucinations, disorientation, lethargy, and death. Poltz tells everyone to find Sirod before he contaminates everyone, and no one in the public can be known.

At the station house, Trunk calls in Hammer and Doreau but is distracted by Hammer attempting to shoot flies. Once he takes some Maalox, he informs them that the military wants them to help locate Sirod. They're to report in to a special number if they find him, but avoid touching him at all costs. After work, Hammer and Doreau go to a bar. The bartender asks them to deal with a drunk, who turns out to be Sirod. Hammer grabs him despite Trunk's orders and takes him to the station. Trunk reminds him about his orders but Hammer isn't concerned. While Trunk calls the military, he tells Hammer and Doreau to lock Sirod up in a cell.

In the cells, a doctor and his nurse are locked up. The doctor offers to check on Sirod, and confirms that the man is dead before admitting that he's impersonating a doctor and his nurse is a prostitute. Doreau reports to Trunk, who is worried about his career. He's interrupted when Poltz and his men arrive to put the station under quarantine. He refuses to explain why they're sealing the building and setting up cameras, and asks for a tour. While Malfoy deals with a pimp who isn't happy with being quarantined, Trunk demands answers from Poltz.

While the colonel talks, Malfoy hallucinates a woman in a bikini declaring her love for him, and Daley believes she's a ballerina. Doreau acts like Jane from Tarzan and Jane, and swings through an imaginary jungle and falls off her desk. Trunk notices the chaos but seems unaffected. So does Hammer, until Trunk realizes that he's talking to his gun. The captain calls Poltz, who insists that there's no disease and it's all a coincidence. When Trunk threatens to come after him, Poltz warns him that his men have orders to shoot to kill. Once Trunk hangs up, Poltz tells his men that all of the victims will be dead in a matter of hours.

Trunk discovers that everyone else is suffering from lethargy. He watches a newscast confirming that there was a nerve gas released and there is no known antidote. Even Hammer can't rouse himself despite Trunk making an inspirational speech. However, Doreau points out that Trunk is unaffected, and the desperate captain takes the fake doctor down to the lab to test him.

As they prepare to die, Malfoy tells Daley that he's always had the hots for her, but she isn't interested. Doreau tells Hammer that she forgives him for getting them all killed, and she loves him like a brother. Hammer admits she's the best partner he ever had, and he'll miss her almost as much as he'll miss himself. In the lab, The doctor explains that Trunk's high blood pressure makes him immune to the virus. Trunk runs out and explains that everyone has to get mad to get their blood pressure up. No one responds at first, but Trunk taunts Hammer by calling him a girl. He then insults Doreau, calling her stupid. She and Hammer start to respond, and Trunk tells Hammer to make everyone else mad. He succeeds, and a riot breaks out.

Later, Poltz congratulates Trunk and recommends him for a Medal of Honor. An angry Trunk orders him out and draws a gun, firing a shot into the ceiling. Hammer has to admit that he loves Trunk when he's mad.

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Warning: Sledge Hammer! season 2 episode 13 guide may contain spoilers
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