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Season 3

40 :03x01 - Lightning Rod

Fi decides to go stay with her aunt for the school year, after learning that if she continues her investigation into the paranormal, her family may be in severe danger. Just as Fi decides to leave, one of Molly's best friends requests that her daughter, Annie Thelen, stay with the family for a while. Annie shares Fi's interest in the paranormal, and with the slip of a ring, Fi's legacy is passed on to Annie.
Guest Stars: Erik Von Detten as Clu Bell | Chilton Crane as Lisa Thelan
Director: Paul Lynch
Writer: Tom J. Astle

41 :03x02 - Talking Board

Annie discovers a talking board that ends up predicting the correct outcome more than once. When it predicts disaster, its all up to Annie to save the entire student body.
Guest Stars: Adrienne Carter (1) as Chelsea | Tegan Moss as Rhonda | June B. Wilde as Mrs. Mansfield | Peter Hanlon as Mr. Paulson
Director: John Pozer

42 :03x03 - Detention

After breaking a minor rule, Annie and Jack are sent to permanent detention thanks to a pair of strange watches. While in detention, they are also forced to perform a series of extremely hard tasks.
Guest Stars: Robert Wisden as Steve | Shirley Broderick as Ms. Mitchell | Jay Brazeau as Mr. Cox | Alec Willows as Principal
Director: Paul Lynch
Writer: John Mandel

43 :03x04 - Eddie's Desk

While in the school basement, Annie discovers the doppelganger ghost of the school janitor.
Guest Stars: Jesse Haddock as Brandon | Debi Wong as Princess | Natasha Peck as Juli | Kristian Dillon as Eddie | Colin Smith (1) as Chuck | June B. Wilde as Mrs. Mansfield | Adrienne Carter (1) as Chelsea | Tegan Moss as Rhonda | Tom Shorthouse as Hud | Eileen Pedde as Ms. James | Erik Von Detten as Clu Bell
Director: John Pozer
Writer: John Mandel

44 :03x05 - Voodoo

The tour bus pays a visit to some old friends of Annie's, where they find themselves victim to dark voodoo magic.
Guest Stars: Lesley Ewen as Nola | Celeste Insell as Mrs. Lague | Judith Maxie as Olivia Grange | Dexter Bell as Andre | Erik Von Detten as Clu Bell
Director: Paul Lynch

45 :03x06 - Banglebye

Annie discovers that a popular video game in a small town brainwashes the players to become well-behaved children. When Clu and Jack fall victim to the game's hypnosis, it's up to Annie and Carey to undo the games effects.
Guest Stars: Morgan Fare as Kenny | Matthew Walker (1) as Mel Johnson | Ryan de Boer as Bobby | Beverley Elliott as Janet | Paula Shaw as Betty Johnson | Erik Von Detten as Clu Bell | Andrew Francis as Russell
Director: John Pozer
Writer: Alan Levy

46 :03x07 - Rewind

The tour bus stops at a music studio where Annie is set to record a song. However, the woman who runs it has the power to steal other's musical talents and give them to her daughter.
Guest Stars: Barbara Tyson as Sarah | Brittney Irvin as Jennifer | Antonio Cupo as Guitarist | David Hurtubise as Dr. Randy Bolton
Writer: Sean Abley

47 :03x08 - Exit 13

Annie is stuck in a time-loop when she is tricked into buying a magic stone which brings bad luck to those who own it.
Guest Stars: Timothy Webber as Zeigler
Director: John Pozer

48 :03x09 - Carnival

The tour bus stops at a carnival for some fun, but they end up being turned into sideshow attractions, when the carnival owner decides that they need fresh acts in order for business to stay active.
Guest Stars: Angela Hendricks as Hayley | Duncan Fraser as Jonas Arbee | Caley Honeywell as Judy
Writer: Brian Nelson

49 :03x10 - Earth 101

The tour bus experiences some difficulties in reaching it's destination- visiting family for Thanksgiving dinner, because they are being studied by two aliens who want to learn more about human ways. Everyone grows frustrated, but Molly takes it the hardest as she is anxious to see her daughter Fiona once again.
Guest Stars: Erik Von Detten as Clu Bell | Donald Fong as Scientist | Courtenay J. Stevens as Simon | Michelle Harrison as Heather
Writer: Jeff Vlaming

50 :03x11 - Beeing There

The band arrives in a town that has a strange obsession with bees.
Guest Stars: Robin Avery (1) as Waitress | Pale Christian Thomas as Deputy | Andy Thompson as Hardware Clerk | Robert Thurston as Walter J. Jelly | Brock Johnson as Station Attendant | Peter Anderson (2) as Sheriff | Angela Gann as Mayor Beatrice Ivy | Camille Sullivan as Loretta
Director: Isabelle Fox
Writer: Tom Nursall

51 :03x12 - Changeling

Annie, Jack and Clu are stuck babysitting a mischievous creature known as a changeling.
Guest Stars: Saul Kalvari as Dylan | Paul Dignard as Monster Dad | Melanie Angel as Monster Mom | Megan Leitch as Mary Johnson | Anthony Harrison as Mark Johnson | Erik Von Detten as Clu Bell

52 :03x13 - Snapshot

Annie discovers that a photographer is stealing people's souls by taking their picture.
Guest Stars: Linsea O'Shea as Clerk | Tom Bougers as Doctor | Jasmin Dring as Mrs. Bowden | Colin Foo as Mr. Bowden | Mark Acheson as Attendant | Emily Hart as Phoebe | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Donna | Pam Hyatt as Mrs. Gilliam

53 :03x14 - Still Life

The gang find themselves trapped inside a strange painting that Molly purchased.
Guest Stars: Samantha Ferris as Ms. Miranda Scott | Erik Von Detten as Clu Bell | Alex Zahara as Perry

54 :03x15 - Grave Mistake

An old family friend of the Phillips reports of a strange ghost leaving threatening messages telling her she's dead. Annie soon discovers that the messages are coming from her late husband, who is trying to tell her that she has already died and needs to move on into the afterlife.
Guest Stars: David Glyn-Jones (1) as Walter Joyner | Maxine Miller as Margaret Joyner
Director: John Pozer

55 :03x16 - Pen Pal

For every choice one faces in their everyday life, there are a variety of different outcomes. What if each of those different outcomes existed in an alternate reality? Annie soon realizes that they do, when she comes face to face with a different Annie who went a different path than she did in the past.
Guest Stars: Juliana Wimbles as Jennifer | Tegan Moss as Rhonda | Steven Speridy as Chuck | Adrienne Clark as Chelsea | John Destry as Mr. Buford
Writer: John Mandel

56 :03x17 - The Muse

Molly, who is feeling uninspired has her spirits lifted by a muse.
Guest Stars: John R. Taylor as Owner | Matt Johnson (1) as Quinn Carter | Stephen E. Miller as Handyman | Chris Gibson (1) as Rick Phillips

57 :03x18 - The Great Incanto

Annie learns that the young magician she met, used to be assistant to the Great Incanto, and is on the run after having stolen his magic bag.
Guest Stars: William de Vry as State Trooper | Kaj-Erik Eriksen as Inky | Alan C. Peterson as The Great Incanto | Betty Linde as Old Lady
Director: Paul Lynch
Writer: Jeff Vlaming

58 :03x19 - Meow

While in an Egyptian museum, Annie discovers a mysterious cat whose owner is actually a dead princess.
Guest Stars: Lane Gates as Boy | Gordie Giroux as Boy | Carmen Moore as Mummy | Fiona Hogan as Jen
Director: John Pozer

59 :03x20 - Widows Walk

Annie, who wishes that she were older so that she could have more privileges and freedom, gets her wish granted when she wakes up to find that she has switched lives with a very old woman.
Guest Stars: Alex Brown (3) as Girl | Rob Meister as William | Katharine Tobin as Young Virginia | Jessica Schreier as Mrs. Leslie | Sheila Paterson as Virginia Hasby
Director: Paul Lynch

60 :03x21 - Babble

Annie and Jack meet a boy named Roland who is in possession of a strange ancient stone, which causes him to speak gibberish.
Guest Stars: June Wilder as Mrs. Mansfield | Josh Epstein as Brad | Kevin Hansen as Troy | Peter Hanlon as Mr. Paulson | Jesse Moss as Roland Cunningham | Erik Von Detten as Clu Bell

61 :03x22 - Gone Fishin'

While on vacation, Annie and Jack go fishing and discover that there is something mysterious lurking inside the lake.
Guest Stars: Kathleen McClaine as Mother | Mark Hoeppner as Fisherman | Douglas Chapman as George | William Pavey as Boy | Michael Hogan (1) as Sam Hardy | Blair Slater as Peter Hardy
Writer: John Mandel

62 :03x23 - Mr. Magnetism

At the science fair, Annie meets a boy named Zack who seems to posses the same powers as that of a magnet.
Guest Stars: Craig Olejnik as Zach 'Mr. Magnetism' Stewart | Henry Mah as Paramedic | Tegan Moss as Rhonda | Adrienne Carter (1) as Chelsea | Dino Dinicolo as Chuck | Frank Baker as Phoenix | Caley Honeywell as Judy
Director: Paul Lynch

63 :03x24 - Dead Ringer

Scary things begin to happen to Jack while he is home alone, and he begins to suspect that it's his dead neighbor wanting revenge on Jack for something he did many years ago.
Guest Stars: Mary Ellen Gumerson as Bargain Hunter | Glynis Davies as Denise Applebaum | Dillon Moen as Larry
Director: Greg Baxter (1)

64 :03x25 - Annie's Song

While lost in the woods, Annie learns more about her childhood and her past and discovers the true meaning behind her panther spirit guide.
Guest Stars: Cassie Thiessen as Young Annie | Sam Bob as Tribal Shaman | Solomon Kennedy as Amazon Tribesman | Tiara Sorensen as Mother | Rice Honeywell as Kevin | Jodelle Micah Ferland as Maria | Glen Gould as Thomas Morning Sun | Chilton Crane as Lisa Thelan | Erik Von Detten as Clu Bell

65 :03x26 - The River

Molly and the boys receive a package which holds a strange artifact that causes them to loose all memory of Annie. Annie tries desperately to make them remember who she is by recounting all the adventures they've had together, which we, the viewing audience, see through flashbacks.
Guest Stars: Erik Von Detten as Clu Bell | Frank Baker as Phoenix | Dino Dinicolo as Chuck | Alistair Abell as Delivery Person | Caley Honeywell as Judy
Director: Larry Sugar
Warning: So Weird guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 18, 1999
Ended: September 28, 2001
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