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Beginnings - Recap

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The episode opens with Tim on the pavement and Daisy in the window of the second floor (talking to someone below, who we believe to be Tim because of the way the cameras switch between Tim and Daisy). But, soon the truth is revealed that she is talking to some bum and Tim is pleading with his now ex-girlfriend, Sarah.

The opening credit sequence with a Fat Boy Slim song over top, fades to a café where Daisy asks to sit at the same table Tim is sitting at. Tim asks what she’s seeking in the paper and soon they hit it off. They start to meet each day, both looking for a place to stay and live. Finally, there is an apartment for rent that needs a professional couple. So, Tim suggests she pretends with a male friend and Daisy suggests him.

In order to prepare for the interview/viewing of the apartment, they have a review of some basic facts about each other. Daisy then gets the idea of copying the film Green Card, and they take Polaroid photos together. They then make their way to the dreaded interview. The apartment is great: big, clean, and with a nice landlady. The interview goes very well, despite their awkwardness.

So they got the apartment! Daisy moves out of her place, and the other squatters don’t seem to care; and Tim moves out of Sarah’s place. At first she seems jealous that he’s moving in with another woman; that is, until Tim says he loves Sarah.

Back at the apartment they start unpacking and cleaning, when Daisy hears something in Tim’s bedroom, so she goes snooping around, a which point Tim finds her in his room, turning into a rather awkward moment. A little while later in the evening they’re relaxing and talking. Tim tells her about her his comic book, The Bear, which turns her mind automatically to the rubbish. Tim takes out the trash and while en route he encounters the tenant in the basement, Brian.

Brian comes upstairs for a drink and while talking they hear Marsha, the landlady, rowing with her daughter. Marsha comes around after her daughter storms out of the house, and they continue to talk. Tim and Daisy run into some small snags about concealing their true relationship: the first comes when the telephone rings and Tim wakes up shouting his ex-girlfriend’s name, and Daisy telling her boyfriend, who is on the phone, that she loves him; and the second comes when asked about how long they’ve been together, and they have the same answer as two days prior. They are quick minded – or telepathic enough – however, to weasel their way out of it. Everyone retires for the evening and that’s it for the first episode.

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