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Video Man - Recap

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Flash Thompson is playing "Video Man," a game in which you must defeat Video Man with another character. Unbeknownst to Flash, Electro is the person who created "Video Man," and is angry at the arrogant Flash, who constantly boasts on how he defeated Video Man.
Flash stops and tells Angelica that she promised to help him study for his test, but she says there's no time left.
The arcade owner tells everyone that the arcade is closing in five minutes. Flash decides to play one last game, where he's triumphant.
Peter, Angelica, and Bobby all leave, but Flash catches up to them, asking Angelica to help him with his upcoming test. She gives in, and decides to help him study.
While on their way to the library, Flash asks Angelica to go with him to play one last game of "Video Man." Angelica refuses, and leaves.
Flash subtly breaks into the arcade to play "Video Man," where he sees the Video Man -- ALIVE!
Video Man shoots flash, sending him through the door, across the street, and into the fence.
Angelica, who's not far away, runs over to the arcade, where Video Man is constantly shooting. She publicly changes into Firestar, right before Flash's eyes.
She then attacks Video Man, who is unaffected by her powers.
Angelica goes to Bobby and Peter, and tells them to change into their hero costumes so they can help her.
They go back to the arcade, where they confront Video Man, who is unaffected by their powers, as well. But his powers sure work on the Spider-Friends.
During the confrontation, Video Man blasts Flash, who is abducted, then sent into a video game called "Pong." Electro explains that once he's hit by the ball 100 times, Electro will shut off the game, and Flash will be wiped from existence. Video Man, then, goes back into the game.
After that, Electro sends Video Man to steal Gold.
Meanwhile, the Spider-Friends are conversing about Flash being taken, when Aunt May tells them the TV is messed up. Peter tells her "You'd need an electrician," when he realizes that Electro is behind Video Man.
Iceman goes out to foil Video Man's attempts at stealing silver, when he is zapped into a video game by Video Man.
Firestar, then, tries to stop him from stealing copper, but she, too, is zapped into a video game.
Spider-Man realizes that the metals he's stolen are the best electrical conductors in the world, and that Electro is planning something big.
When all of the electricity in the city goes out, except one light post, Spider-Man removes it from the ground, to find Electro's lair.
Meanwhile, Firestar and Iceman have discovered that they can go from screen-to-screen so they can save Flash Thompson, but Electro ends up deciding to turn off the game. In one-hundred seconds, the game will shut off, and Firestar, Iceman, and Flash will be erased from existence.
Spider-Man defeats Electro, then sets them free within seconds of the machine going off. After the experience, Flash has forgotten that Angelica is Firestar.

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Warning: Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends season 1 episode 7 guide may contain spoilers
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