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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Operation Towline

Steve's mission is to develop an anti-missile system consisting of towing Convair F-102 jet fighters from a KB-50 tanker.
Guest Stars: Sidney Clute as Unknown | Paul Frees as Durkel | Harry Townes as Brig. Gen. Towne | Suzanne Alexander as Jeets | Dan Barton (1) as Capt. Bullet McVay | Morgan Woodward as Maj. Tex Berry | Nancy Valentine as Nurse | Ray Montgomery as Unknown | Ken Mayer as Unknown | Pat Colby as Unknown
Director: Ted Post

2 :01x02 - Operation Thunderbirds

Steve is assigned to re-educate a group of dare devil fly-boys the basic Air Force principles.
Guest Stars: Ronnie Knox as Lt. Skippy Edwards | Burt Metcalfe as Lt. Buck Buckley | Ken Hardison as Capt. Jonesy Jones | Michael Ferrall as General Prentiss | Joe Di Reda as Lt. Johnson | Barry McGuire as Lt. Angus | Gloria Robertson as Beautiful Girl | Marian Collier as Secretary | Barbara Wilson as Doris | Gail Land as Martha | Jo Ann Wade as Jane
Director: Don Taylor (1)
Story: Sidney Carroll | Teleplay: Norman Katkov

3 :01x03 - Operation Zero Launch

Steve steps in when his friend is injured and agrees to fly a dangerous experimental plane, an F-100 Super Sabres from with rocket boosters.
Guest Stars: Mike McCoy as Sid | Douglas Wilson (2) as Crocker | Nelson Leigh as General Black | Doro Merande as Mrs. Turton | Marion Ross as Rita Bradshaw | Ward Wood as Brad Bradshaw
Director: Don Taylor (1)

4 :01x04 - Project Heartbeat

Steve and Major Pitch Hammer prepare for an around the world trip conducting an experiment to measure the brain and heart activity of the pilots during the flight.
Guest Stars: John Doucette as Unknown | Jason Wingreen as Unknown | Russell Johnson as Unknown | Jacqueline Scott as Unknown
Director: Don Taylor (1)
Story: Sidney Carroll | Teleplay: Robert L. Green

5 :01x05 - Operation Jettison

Steve must keep his passengers calm and land a plane safely after one of the engines fails.
Guest Stars: Norman Alden as Radar Enlisted Man | Rayford Barnes as Radar Sgt. | DeForest Kelley as Radar Major | John Ward (1) as Lt. Evans | William Ching as Lt. Roebling | Paul Comi as Lt. Castle | Michael Galloway (1) as Sgt. Kiefer | Sue Randall as Sgt. Addie Malone | John Hoyt as Atterbury | Tige Andrews as Sgt. Bagdasarian

6 :01x06 - Operation Survival

Steve is accidentally thrown from an airplane during a paramedic parachute training jump. When the Drill Master is injured while attempting to rescue Canyon, both must survive in a wild mountain countryside.
Guest Stars: Buck Young as Lieutenant Kress | Max Slaten as Airman Dolbin | Pete Peterson as Air Rescue Pilot | Frank Gerstle as General Hall | Eddie Firestone as Sergeant Harry Triver | Anthony Eisley as Captain Milt Newberry

7 :01x07 - Fear of Flying

Steve is asked to defend a decorated pilot who is being court martialed for reckless flying.
Guest Stars: Tom Middleton as Lieutenant Hardiman | Donald Freed as Trial Counsel | Robert De Coag as Major Elfingstone | Philip Abbott as Captain Peterson

8 :01x08 - Operation Moby Dick

Steve is put in charge of transporting the first Atlas missile to Cape Canaveral.
Guest Stars: Barry Atwater as Dr. Francis Arnold | Frank Bella as Air Policeman | Karl Lukas as Dave Newman
Director: Don Taylor (1)
Story: Sidney Carroll | Teleplay: Raphael Hayes

9 :01x09 - Operation B-52

Steve, his crew and a B-52 set out to beat the around the world speed record, all being monitored by Ben Radin, a newsman who has a grudge against airmen.
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as Ben Radin | Tom Greenway as Gen. Waybright | John Compton as Capt. Woody Buckler | Gene Miller as Mixmaster Col. | Bill Idelson as Mixmaster Capt. | Sylvia Lewis as Macayo | Roxane Berard as Lucette | Peter Nelson (1) as Navigator | Jeff De Benning as SAC Delta | Stephen Roberts as SAC Bravo
Director: Arthur Hiller

10 :01x10 - Operation Mushroom

Steve is to fly a plane that drops a test bomb.
Guest Stars: Sam Edwards as Major David | Frank Harding as Air Force General | Grandon Rhodes as General Hanson | Vernon Rich as Navy Captain | Larry Thor as Army Colonel | Norman Sturgis as Scientist
Director: Don Taylor (1)

11 :01x11 - Operation Crash Landing

A crewman become ill with spinal meningitis while on a flight from Brazil to California and needs immediate treatment. Things get worse when the landing gear becomes stuck and the only solution may be to crash land.
Guest Stars: William Schallert as Major Karl Richmond | Orlando Rodriguez as Native Boy | Gordon Polk as Sgt. Bailey | Wesley Lau as Sgt. Bowman | Sandy Kenyon as Lt. Michelson | Jack Hogan as Tower Operator | Michael Hinn as General Trevor | George Brenlin as Lt. Collins | Martin Braddock as Sgt. Galway | Nick Adams (1) as Sgt. Korman

12 :01x12 - Pilot Error

An investigation of a pilots death after a plane crash at Andrews AFB in Arizona points to pilot error, but the pilots father wants the investigators to dig deeper.
Guest Stars: Robert F. Simon as Colonel Hampton | Paul Langton as Major Martin | Douglas Henderson as Lt. Mahoney | Paul Frees as Durkel (Pilot) | Robert Sampson (1) as Tower Operator | Paul Maxwell as Major Russell | Parley Baer as McJorgenson | Barney Phillips as Flight Surgeon
Director: Walter Grauman

13 :01x13 - The Gift

Christmas time at the base finds a group of orphans flown in to celebrate the holidays. But Steve tries to explain the meaning of Christmas to a little girl who has never celebrated the day.
Guest Stars: Sean McClory as Bert Quillan | Celia Lovsky as Mrs. Czerny | William Bryant as Lt. Kirby | Lillian Adams as Mrs. Karoly | Barbara Beaird as Lisa
Director: Don Taylor (1)
Writer: Ray Bradbury

14 :01x14 - Operation Diplomat

Steve makes a forced landing inside unfriendly territory while carrying an American diplomat from Istanbul to Pakistan.
Guest Stars: Joanna Barnes as Joan Richards | Oliver McGowan as Lawrence Costigan | Robert Patton as Lt. Sandeman | John Hackett as Lt. Earle | Eddie Ryder as Sgt. Bregman | Robert McQueeney as Lt. Hollister | Bartlett Robinson as Ambassador Grey | Glenn Thompson as Uzbek Chief
Director: Don Taylor (1)

15 :01x15 - Operation Big Thunder

Local citizens around the Big Thunder AFB protest the base and the airmen just as Steve arrives.
Guest Stars: Jerry Paris as Maj. 'Willie' Williston | Ted de Corsia as Police Chief Hagedorn | Ken Lynch as M / Sgt. Maconochie | Robert F. Hoy as Sgt. Charley Berger | Abel Fernández as Airman Abel Featherstone | Tom Gilson as A / 3c Brannigan | Leslie Parrish as Brannigans's Girl | Caroline Hughes (1) as Waitress | Chuck Courtney as 1st Tough | Hal Baylor as 2nd Tough

16 :01x16 - Operation Nose Wheel

A routine landing turns dangerous when the front landing gear will not lower forcing a possible crash landing at Big Thunder AFB.
Guest Stars: Jackson Beck as Announcer | Jerry Paris as Maj. 'Willie' Williston | Abel Fernández as Airman Abel Featherstone | Paul Frees as Narrator | Ingrid Goude as Secretary | Lamont Johnson (2) as Ed Tuttle | Charles Lind as Maintenance Man | Robert Sampson (1) as Tower Operator
Director: Walter Grauman
Writer: David Haft

17 :01x17 - The Search

Industrialist Peter Brendan's plane has been reported missing by his wife, and Steve is requested by State Senator Smith to make a search.
Guest Stars: Jerry Paris as Maj. 'Willie' Williston | Abel Fernández as Airman Abel Featherstone | Robert F. Hoy as Sgt. Charley Berger | Ingrid Goude as Secretary | Meg Wyllie as Nurse

18 :01x18 - The Prisoner

Steve begins a search for a missing WWII soldier in New Guinea after a native shows a pair of dog tags which had belonged to him.
Guest Stars: Frank Kumagai as Japanese Sergeant | Rollin Moriyama as Soldier # 1 | James Yagi as Soldier #2 | Jerry Paris as Maj. 'Willie' Williston | Ted de Corsia as Police Chief Hagedorn | Abel Fernández as Airman Abel Featherstone | Robert F. Hoy as Sgt. Charley Berger | Ingrid Goude as Secretary
Story: Sidney Carroll | Teleplay: William Spier

19 :01x19 - Operation Souvenir

A carved, wooden monkey statue in which Steve had bought from a peddler in Taipei, has an Air Force nurse and himself in danger back at Big Thunder AFB.
Guest Stars: Jerry Paris as Maj. 'Willie' Williston | Oliver Cliff as Sorenson | Jay Novello as Formosa Freddie | Tony Travis as Lieutenant Artie Morris | Elena Verdugo as Captain Maggie Gallagher

20 :01x20 - The Fight

When a boxer beats up his sparring partner while training for a championship bout, Airman Featherstone plans revenge by provoking the fighter into a grudge match.
Guest Stars: Ted de Corsia as Police Chief Hagedorn | Abel Fernández as Airman Abel Featherstone | Robert F. Hoy as Sgt. Charley Berger | Read Morgan as Al Gorski | Joyce Taylor as Betty Berger
Director: Walter Grauman
Writer: John Hawkins

21 :01x21 - The Robbery

Robbers of the Penrose AFB bank kidnap Steve and Maior Willy Williston, confiscating their plane as a getaway vehicle with plans of parachuting over Mexico and leaving the tied up men behind.
Guest Stars: Jerry Paris as Maj. 'Willie' Williston | Gavin MacLeod as Jack Olsen | Jack Weston as Smiley | Vito Scotti as Tony Trusco | Harry Harvey, Jr. as Operations Officer | David Cross (2) as Penrose Control | John Craven (1) as Radio Officer | Carol Hill (1) as Mrs. Phipps | Norman Alden as O.D.

22 :01x22 - Blackmail

A blackmailer kills the wife of an Big Thunder airman. Steve and Police Chief Hagedorn head the investigation.
Guest Stars: Robert Richards as Sergeant Robel | Narda Onyx as Tarmara Cooper
Writer: John Hawkins

23 :01x23 - Iron Curtain

A group of Communists hold a girl hostage in exchange for her father, a Hungarian underground leader.
Guest Stars: Barbara Beaird as Lisa | Henry Corden as Roxza | Eric Feldary as Gyorgy | Werner Klemperer as Linz | Konstantin Shayne as Vornoff | Karl Swenson as Karoli | Dan Tana as Joachim

24 :01x24 - The Bomb

Steve's bomb training mission turns to danger when a problem forces him to release a small arsenal over a disposal area and are retrieved by two youngsters.
Guest Stars: Ted de Corsia as Police Chief Hagedorn | John Anderson (1) as Sergeant Bulla | Virginia Christine as Mary Moore | Dabbs Greer as Ben Moore | Stephen Wootton as Raymond Moore | Ricky Klein (1) as Perry Hill | Gregory Irvin as Billy Brown | Fred Coby as Police Officer | Jerry Paris as Maj. 'Willie' Williston
Director: Walter Grauman
Writer: John Hawkins

25 :01x25 - The Sergeant

Steve intervenes when Airman Pete Randal's chances of transferring to the Air Force Academy is jeopardized over a disagreement with a sergeant about a woman.
Guest Stars: Abel Fernández as Airman Abel Featherstone
Director: Walter Grauman

26 :01x26 - Operation Intercept

The pilot and his co-pilot die in a freak accident while the plane is headed towards the USSR, with the controls set on auto pilot.
Guest Stars: Jeanne Tatum as Girl | Jerry Paris as Maj. 'Willie' Williston | Nelson Leigh as General Connors | Harlan Warde as Major Grant | Harry Landers as Radar Operator | Ingrid Goude as Ingrid | Donald Richards as B-47 Pilot | Gil Frye as Sergeant
Director: Arthur Marks
Story: Frank K. Benedict | Teleplay: David Haft

27 :01x27 - The Muller Story

Loyalty tears apart a young airman.
Guest Stars: Jerry Paris as Maj. 'Willie' Williston | Ted de Corsia as Police Chief Hagedorn | Abel Fernández as Airman Abel Featherstone | Robert F. Hoy as Sgt. Charley Berger | Ingrid Goude as Ingrid
Director: Arthur Marks

28 :01x28 - Operation Strikeforce

A training exercise has Steve and his men from Big Thunder making a rendezvous with another unit over the mid-Atlantic.
Guest Stars: William Bryant as Capt. Connors | Jerry Paris as Maj. 'Willie' Williston | Robert Sampson (1) as Tower Operator | Don Fenwick as Airman | Yvonne Preble as First Spanish Girl | Mary Tyler Moore as Second Spanish Girl

29 :01x29 - The Trap

Steve tries to save Major Williston from his plane wreckage before it explodes.
Guest Stars: Jerry Paris as Maj. 'Willie' Williston
Director: Walter Grauman
Writer: John Hawkins

30 :01x30 - The Korean Story

Capt. Dennis Parker, a Korean war veteran arrives at Big Thunder in a state of shock.
Guest Stars: Wynn Pearce as Captain Dennis Parker | William Schallert as Major Karl Richmond | Robert Sampson (1) as Tower Operator | Sidney Clute as Crew Chief Sgt. Gerke
Director: Arthur Marks

31 :01x31 - Room 313

An Indian ruler is a guest on the base.
Guest Stars: Jerry Paris as Maj. 'Willie' Williston | Ted de Corsia as Police Chief Hagedorn | Jack Grinnage as Lt. Rogers | Frank Killmond as Eli | Herman Rudin as Harry | Roy Thinnes as Officer Weber

32 :01x32 - Project U.F.O.

Steve is sent to investigate UFO sightings in Altora, Kansas.
Guest Stars: Julie Adams as Amanda Crown | Walter Brooke as Col. Jamison | George Mitchell as Police Chief Travis | Jim Boles as Harvey Berry | Joe Jefferson as George Crane | John Harding (1) as Willoughby | Anthony Lawrence (2) as Ticket Taker | Diane Fredrick as Switchboard Girl
Director: Don Taylor (1)

33 :01x33 - Sabotage

A saboteur is masquerading as a trainee jet pilot at the base.
Guest Stars: Robert Sampson (1) as Tower Operator | Sidney Clute as Crew Chief Sgt. Gerke | Weaver Levy as Wang San
Director: Walter Grauman
Writer: John Hawkins

34 :01x34 - Operation Firebee

Steve challenges another pilot in a contest to shoot down jets with guided missiles.
Guest Stars: Richard Crane as Major Woodrow | Patricia Blair as Janice Taft | Jane Langley as Irene Tripp | Don Devlin as Sgt. Gino DeLuca | William Kendis as Lt. Col. Blakeney | Robert Courtleigh as Major Ted Crichton | Roger Pace as Captain Gillian | James T. Callahan as Lt. Hageman | Hank Worden as Ben Shaw | Paul Mantee as Sgt. Taliman | John Gallaudet as Col. Hackley | Martin Milner as Sgt. Ernest Bigelow
Director: Don Taylor (1)
Warning: Steve Canyon guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 1958
Ended: September 08, 1959
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