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I, Chiro - Recap

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This episode starts out with Super Robot gang heading back to Shugazoom, and Antauri is telling them about the Dark Ones, and how his masters sealed him away, many years ago. Meanwhile, in Shugazoom, Skeleton King is heading for the Pit of Doom (from the epsiode, Pit of Doom) and right beneath it lies the Dark Ones. As Skeleton King prepares to arouse them though, the Hyper Force comes along to put an end to his plan. He sends formless after the monkies and Chiro, and right when everything looks hopeless, Chiro leads the formless to the Neutron Generator core, and blows them away. Right afterwards, we see Chiro putting the monkies in there seperate tubes, you know, the ones that lead them to their parts on the Super Robot, and says four final words to them, "Good bye, monkey team". But as Chiro leaves to put an end to Skeleton Kings plan, we see something flashing in Antauris' eye... Back at the Pit of Doom, we see Skeleton King, once again preparing to bring the Dark Ones up... but Chiro comes in an stops the party. He fights Skeleton King, but can't hold is own, and right when everything seems lost for him...Antauri comes in and saves him. Chiro is happy for the save, but can't help but wonder how Antauri survived. As he begins to explain though, Skelton King comes back and grabs Antauri. Antauri, with one last burst of real strength, uses his claws to cut through the Skelton King and grab him...well, use your imagination. Skeleton King is knocked backwards, right down into the Pit of Doom... As Antauri begins to answer Chiros' quesion of, "How did you do that? The Power Primate is gone" Antauri is attacked from behind by Mandrin 2, who forces his sword glove right into Antauris head. Chiro, outraged, attacks Mandarin, knocking him into the Pit of Doom as well. Skeleton King comes back (can't keep a good bad guy down i guess), and Chiro tries to fight him, but fails. Then the rest of the Monkey Team shows up, along with the Super Robot, and try their best to save him. Unfortunately, it was too late to save anyone. The egg that housed thae Dark Ones had hatched, and the Dark One itself begins to emerge. Then Antauri makes a choice that will change them all. He uses the Power Primate, and throw himself right into the egg, the heart of the Dark One, and releases the Power Primate from himself. It flies, first through Chiro, and into the Super Robot, which comes to life on its' own. The Super Robot grabs the part of the Dark One that has come out (its top half) and pulls out, egg and all. Chrio, meanwhile, si now trying to fighe Skeleton King, who is under complete control of the Dark Ones. As the egg is pulled away though, so is Skeleton King. The Super Robot closes the egg, and splits the Dark One in half. And for minute everything seems okay. Until one fact hits the four remaining monkies: Antauri was gone. When the Super Robot closed the egg, it colsed Antauri in to. Sprx and Nova catch sight of Chiro over in a corner somewhere, fumbling something. When they walk over to him though, and he turns wround to face them, they discover a startling fact: he's been turned into a monkey. He runs away after seeing them, and leaves behind the thing he was fumbling with: Antauris' helmet. The episode ends with the Super Robot in shambles, the city basically destroyed, Antauri dead, and Chiro a run away after his monkeyfication. Sprx, Nova, Gibson, and Otto have built a momument for Antauri in the now destroyed Robot, and the very last thing we see before the episode closes, is Chiro, running out of Shugazooom, and the image of four colorful monkys shining in the setting sun.

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Warning: Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! season 2 episode 11 guide may contain spoilers
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