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Girl Trouble - Recap

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The episode starts with Chiro out flying in a mini space car. He stumbles into an old space station after being told by the monkies to report back to the Super Robot for more training. In the space station, he finds two girls who say they are being held hostage by an evil space monster. He rescues the two girls and they take off, after Chiro manages to ditch the monkey team.
Back with the monkies, they are out looking for Chiro, when they stumble into the station themselves. They take a look around, and find the two girl's father, who ask the monkey team to help him find his daughters. They agree, and go aboard the Super Robot. Once there, they activate a tracking device in the space car Chiro took, and find his location. The girl's father goes into another room, and we see his shadow changing into a monster blob sort of shape. When Sprx comes in though, he's just a regular person.
All the while, Chiro and the girls are out having fun, and they stop at a town for something to eat. There they are attacked by monsters, and with a little help from the girls, he escapes. He's caught again though, right as the girls are about to kiss him. Not by the monsters though.
"And where do you think you're going young man?" Gibson's famous line. Chiro discovers the girls father had filled the monkeys in on everything, but the girls are insisting that it isn't their father. And sure enough, the thing turns into a monster. A big fight goes down, and in the end, the girls reveal that the monster really is there father, and that they are actually monsters themselves. Chiro gets his kiss form the girls in their monster form, and they take off, both crying about being punished.
Chiro turns to find five very angry sort of monkies staring back at him, and he apologizes. They except his apology, and the episode ends on a weird note.

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Warning: Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! season 3 episode 6 guide may contain spoilers
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