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Season 2

35 :02x01 - Count Seven!

Ken befriends a little girl while working on a case at an amusement park. He soon finds himself on another case involving the girl's divorced parents, her father's murdered fiancee, and a stolen stuffed animal purchased as a birthday present.
Guest Stars: Jason Evers as Don Canfield | Lisa Plowman as Annie Canfield | Russell Arms as Ralph Truin | Benny Baker as Joe the Waiter | Grace Lee Whitney as Lorraine Eldridge | Owen Bush as Mitch | Max Slaten as Jackson | Shirley Ballard as Kay Canfield

36 :02x02 - The Wedding Guest

Daphne is going to a friend's wedding in the Bahamas. She is kidnapped en route. When Sandy discovers that Daphne failed to show for the wedding, he searches for his friend, and in the process discovers some secrets about the groom.
Guest Stars: Meg Randall as Meg Leach | Ronald Long as Captain Boothby | Brendan Dillon as Bertram Leach | Walter Woolf King as Ralph Owens | Tony Travis as Alec Hartley | Joan Marshall as Della Long | Kaye Elhardt as Millie Owens | Ed Kemmer as Matt Kerwin
Director: Irving J. Moore
Story: Vicki Shill | Teleplay: Philip Saltzman

37 :02x03 - One for the Road

Daphne has a new boyfriend, a man who wandered into town. His refusal to talk about his past has the SurfSide detectives suspicious.
Guest Stars: Don Ross as Mort Packard | Larry J. Blake as Square Deal Brady | Elizabeth MacRae as Margia Knight | James Best as Ernie Jordan
Director: Robert Douglas

38 :02x04 - Daphne, Girl Detective

Daphne's dear friend from high school is murdered. Daphne strongly suspects the woman's husband is the murderer because of a heated argument shortly before the woman turned up dead. Daphne investigates the case on her own when neither her SurfSide detective friends nor the police will listen to her suspicions about the case.
Guest Stars: Bruce Dern as Johnny Page | Grace Raynor as Vanessa James | Lori Kaye as Sally Page
Director: Leslie Goodwins
Story: Joanne Court | Teleplay: Herman Groves

39 :02x05 - The Empty House

Ken is hired by a businessman to keep tabs on the man's daughter. A "wild child," she becomes fascinated with an ex-con. The ex-con is murdered and the woman goes to the police and confesses to the crime, but Ken thinks she is innocent.
Guest Stars: Dan Stafford as Larry Baxter | Sheldon Allman as Les Cosgrove | Lauren Gilbert as Walter Buttersea | Elaine Devry as Thelma Lang | Sherwood Price as Vince Laderer | Susan Seaforth Hayes as Shirley Battersea
Director: Robert Douglas

40 :02x06 - Witness for the Defense

Sandy defends himself from a drunk man. The intoxicated man falls and is later found dead, leading to charges of murder against Sandy. Dave serves as Sandy's attorney while trying to discover what really happened to the man.
Guest Stars: Phil Arthur as Phil Compton | Nelson Leigh as Judge | Charles Lane as Joseph Cooper | Cathy Chase (2) as Betty Lawrence | Marjorie Stapp as Goldie Locke | Bartlett Robinson as Sanford Winfield Sr. | Elisha Cook as Mike Pulaski | Lon Chaney, Jr. as Tanker Grosch
Director: George Waggner

41 :02x07 - Laugh for the Lady

Dave reacquaints himself with an old girlfriend, but quickly discovers she is involved in a love triangle with a married man. He must then investigate an attempted murder resulting from the affair.
Guest Stars: Claire Carleton as Katie Williams | Art Lewis as Emery Lewis | Barry Russo as Vincent Barker | Benny Baker as Joe Gluck | Julie Adams as Julie Owens | Mark Roberts (3) as Ted Walters | Barbara Stuart as Mitzi McCoy
Director: Leslie Goodwins
Writer: Erna Lazarus

42 :02x08 - The Affairs at Hotel Delight

A lead on a case has Ken out of town. The lead proves fruitless, but he finds himself on another case -- a kidnapping in the run-down hotel he is staying at.
Guest Stars: Rush Williams as Undersheriff | John Durren as Joel | Jack Mather (1) as Sheriff Fitch | Dub Taylor as Tobin | William Windom as Shrewdie | Med Flory as Boffo | Jock Gaynor as Handsome Val | Leslie Parrish as Lady Lavender
Director: Robert Douglas

43 :02x09 - Jonathan Wembley Is Missing

A ventriloquist performing at the Boom Boom room finds his dummy has been stolen. He later finds it hanging by its neck from a rope. He hires Sandy to investigate.
Guest Stars: Elliott Reid as Rusty Bell | Paul Bryar as Chuck Landon | Ray Montgomery as Sam Bennion | Carole Kent as Martha McQuillian | Baynes Barron as Dick Hildebrand | Benny Baker as Harry | Joan O'Brien as Linda Faris | Donna Douglas as Amy
Director: Irving J. Moore
Songs: Linda Faris -- Get Happy

44 :02x10 - The Old School Tie

Dave's college reunion is taking place at the Fontainebleau Hotel. The reunion opens old wounds and deep secrets, leading to murder.
Guest Stars: Richard Crane as Lt. Gene Plehn | Margaret Lindsay as Millie Brenner | Benny Baker as Joe | Pamela Curran as Mari Winslow | Frances Helm as Helen Todd | Adam Williams as Mel Walters | John Howard (2) as Eric Brenner | Gloria Talbott as Janice Walters
Songs: Cha Cha -- Baby Face

45 :02x11 - A Matter of Seconds

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Guest Stars: Jack Shea (2) as Officer Toomey | Abigail Shelton as Gita | William Schallert as Marty Kemp | Alan Baxter as Swenson | Ann McCrea as Maggie | Steve Brodie as Sergeant Carter | Claude Akins as Harry Lodge
Director: George Waggner
Writer: Stephen Lord

46 :02x12 - Prescription for Panic

Sandy helps investigate the murder of the brother-in-law of Joe, the worker at the Fontainbleau. The dead man's psychiatrist has an unusual interest in Sandy's progress in the case, leading Sandy to suspect that the doctor may know more than she has told the police.
Guest Stars: Phillip Angeloff as Sam | John Dennis as Frankie Merrill | Pamela Austin as Lucibelle | Douglas Henderson as Matt | Brad Weston as Chick | Kathleen Crowley as Dr. Leslie Halliday | Benny Baker as Waiter | Allison Hayes as Lotta
Director: Sidney Salkow

47 :02x13 - A Slight Case of Chivalry

A man whom Dave once worked for in New York is missing, and a number of people are looking for him: a woman claiming to be his wife, a bounty hunter looking to bring the man in because of a murder charge, and the police. Dave looks for his one-time employer while trying to discover who is telling the truth about the man.
Guest Stars: George Petrie as Hubert Leebie | Ann Robinson (1) as Penelope Carmody | Roxanne Arlen as Chloe | John Dehner as Dan Castle
Director: Harold Schuster

48 :02x14 - Pattern for a Frame

A woman falls and twists her ankle near Ken as he is enjoying a day on the beach. He helps the woman, unaware that she is part of a man's plan to frame Ken for a murder.
Guest Stars: Don 'Red' Barry as Lt. Snedigar | Kem Dibbs as Augie Dana | Jack Mather (1) as Jim Reagen | Robert Cornthwaite as Jason Street | Adam Williams as Willie Cleveland | Myrna Fahey as Valerie Grant
Director: Irving J. Moore
Songs: Cha Cha -- The Tourist Trade

49 :02x15 - The Roust

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Guest Stars: Reedy Talton as Pete Minor | Elizabeth MacRae as Marcy Johnson | Vito Scotti as Marcus | David White (1) as Bernard "Chilly" Childress
Director: Robert Douglas

50 :02x16 - The Quarterback

Lt. Plehn's younger brother is the quarterback for a team playing in the Orange Bowl. He is being blackmailed into throwing the football game by a woman who claims she has incriminating evidence against Lt. Plehn. Sandy tries to discover the truth before the game starts.
Guest Stars: Bob Shield (1) as Harry Lyle | Al Avalon as Wally Barker | Lyle Latell as Coach Rice | Herman Rudin as Max Borden | Tucker Smith as Turk Williams | Bronwyn Fitzsimmons as Jenny | Sandy Kevin as Tom Plehn | Janet Lake as Myrna Weston
Director: Paul Landres

51 :02x17 - Separate Checks

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Guest Stars: Jake Sheffield as Ralphie | Sandra Knight as Kathy | Barbara Jo Allen as Elaine Bradford | Naura Hayden as Lynn | Lewis Charles as Shoopy Jacobs | Joseph Gallison as Joe-Too | Bruce Gordon (1) as Joe Vodka | Gordon Jones (1) as Garth | Roy Roberts as Cliff Thornton
Director: Sidney Salkow
Writer: Ed Waters
Songs: Cha Cha -- Lover Come Back to Me

52 :02x18 - Artful Deceit

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Guest Stars: Marjorie Bennett as Abbie | Stephen Coit as Charles Bell | Christine Nelson (1) as Peggy | Danielle de Metz as Vicki Falvay | John Archer (1) as Wilbur Law | Angela Greene as Marie Cameron | Chad Everett as Roger Coleman
Director: Charles Rondeau

53 :02x19 - Anniversary Special

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Guest Stars: Max Showalter as Ned Martin (as Casey Adams) | Glen Vernon as Trask | Sid Kane as Elder | John Hiestand as Henry Tewksbury | Sallie Janes as Leda | Jeanne Cooper as Lois Brooks | William Windom as Robby Brooks
Director: Robert Douglas

54 :02x20 - The Surfside Swindle

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Guest Stars: Collette Lyons as Mrs. Myer | Lisa Montell as Nancy Dinato | Dabbs Greer as Finney Tate | Ernest Sarracino as Garibaldi Dinato | Gerald Mohr as Dawson Wells
Director: George Waggner

55 :02x21 - Who Is Sylvia?

Sylvia, the designer and head of a swimsuit company, disappears, and Dave is hired to find her. When her husband is found murdered she is Lt. Plehn's chief suspect, but Dave and Ken have found evidence that points to other suspects.
Guest Stars: Vana Leslie as Gloria | Sandra Warner as Irene | Jack Cassidy as Val Morton | Joan Marshall as Mildred Haynes | Karl Swenson as Charlie Haynes | Karen Steele as Sylvia Morton | E.J. Andre as Manager
Writer: Lee Loeb
Songs: Cha Cha -- The Cha Cha Twist

56 :02x22 - Find Leroy Burdette

A woman from South Carolina hires Ken to find the boyfriend who jilted her. Ken's investigation leads him to Lt. Plehn's investigation of a murdered mobster.
Guest Stars: Fred Villani as Ziggy | Nancy Valentine as Wilma Argus | Fred Graham as Hank | Noah Keen as Monte Argus | Susan Seaforth Hayes as Aimee Tucker | Herb Vigran as Al
Director: Robert Douglas
Songs: Cha Cha -- Baby Face

57 :02x23 - Many a Slip

A friend of Sandy's, the director of a lingerie fashion show, is missing. While investigating the disappearance, another member of the entourage is found dead. Only Sandy disputes the claim that the death was a suicide.
Guest Stars: Darlene Lucht as Alaskan Model | Cathy Downs as Mavis Fenton | Barnaby Hale as Griff Hunter | Ann Carroll (1) as Julie Fox | John Hubbard as Guy Fox | Whit Bissell as Hank Fenton | Ed Kemmer as Bobby Edwards | Kathryn Hays as Joy Allen
Songs: Cha Cha -- Make Love With a Guitar

58 :02x24 - The Green Beret

Dave is recalled to active military duty. While he is officially acting as a training officer, he is also serving as an investigator: military intelligence knows that there is a spy in the unit Dave is commanding. Dave needs to find the spy and the spy's contact before a simulated attack on a nuclear power plant can be sabotaged.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Cavanaugh as Colonel Morgan | Kenneth R. MacDonald as Major Croton | Elaine Martone as Marian Scott | Toni Gerry as Alice Mercer | Ray Montgomery as Richards | Brad Weston as Sgt. Charlie Lightfoot | Bert Remsen as Sgt. Owen Crawford | Rayford Barnes as Carl Hinbest | Richard Benedict as MSgt. Steve Belka | Bart Burns as Mike Reagan | Adam Williams as Henry Gifford
Director: Paul Landres
Songs: Cha Cha -- Bei Mir Bist Du Schon

59 :02x25 - Vendetta Arms

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Guest Stars: Jack Halliday as Garber | Ralf Harolde as Durgan | William Woodson as Travers | James Flavin as Albert Sparks | John Marley as Willie Pergola | Robert H. Harris as Max Mishkin | Dennis Hopper as Trask
Director: Robert Sparr

60 :02x26 - A Piece of Tommy Minor

A singing star's manager hires Sandy to help the young performer out of his gambling debt to the mob. Sandy has to prove the mob is operating an illegal gambling boat outside of territorial waters while steering clear of vengeful mobsters.
Guest Stars: The Frankie Ortega Trio as Themselves | Murray Kamelhar as Cato | Pegeen Rose as Lucille Dickens | Penny Santon as Momma | Paul Dubov as Vic Tatum | Ann McCrea as Lola Scott | Kenny Roberts as Tommy Minor | Tom Drake as Al Dickens | Lee Philips as Eddie Groves
Writer: John O'Dea
Songs: Tommy Minor -- Bye Bye Blackbird, Tommy Minor -- You and the Night and the Music

61 :02x27 - Portrait of Nicole

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Guest Stars: Mike Road as Paul Burnett | Peggy McCay as Mrs. Nicole Crane | Don C. Harvey as George Crane | Ken Swofford as Garth | Laurie Mitchell as Gloria Claire | Kathryn Givney as Mrs. Wellman | Francine York as Nicole Johnson #2 | Roxanne Arlen as Nicole Johnson #1
Director: Otto Lang

62 :02x28 - Elegy for a Bookkeeper

Ken suspects the murder of a one-time client in prison was arranged from outside, but in order to prove it he has to make everyone believe that the murdered man is alive and freed from prison. The racket boss turns to Dave after Dave and Ken break up following a heated argument, hoping that Dave will double-cross Ken.
Guest Stars: Les Hellman as Rondo | Shirley Knight as Jan Coates | Charles Seel as Max Carlson | Robert Bice as Charlie Coates | Charles Irving as Richard Weldon | Ross Elliott as Frank Eliot | Alex Gerry as Bernie Witt | Arch Johnson as Emery Stark
Director: Paul Landres

63 :02x29 - The Money Game

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Guest Stars: Margo Moore as Margo | Charles Lane as Cyrus Radford | Christopher Dark as General Hakim | Roxane Berard as Princess Cassida | Nico Minardos as Prince Karan | Gerald Mohr as Hermes Doratis
Director: George Waggner
Songs: Cha Cha -- You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby

64 :02x30 - Irish Pride

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Guest Stars: Terence de Marney as Tobe | Harold Peary as R.K. Mountain | Sheldon Allman as Schubert | Malachy McCourt as Dan O'Brien | Richard Karlan as Woolly Grant
Director: Sidney Salkow
Writer: Ed Waters
Songs: Ken, Dave, and Cha Cha -- When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

65 :02x31 - Green Bay Riddle

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Guest Stars: Donald May as Richie Linden | Harvey Korman as Prosecutor | Barney Phillips as Murphy | Frank Ferguson as Sheriff Boyd | Lee Farr as Charles Allen | Simon Scott as Chris Nordheim | Kathie Browne as Peggy Allen | Lisa Gaye as Henri
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Story: Whitman Chambers | Teleplay: Herbert Purdom

66 :02x32 - Love Song for a Deadly Redhead

A lounge singer receives a threatening note and phones an L.A. detective for assistance. The detective, a friend of the SurfSide detectives, arrives in Miami to investigate, but soon finds himself in the hospital and charged with murder after visiting the home of a redhead. The SurfSide detectives must solve the case in order to save their friend.
Guest Stars: Clegg Hoyt as Ozzie Rupert | Grace Lee Whitney as Bernice | Tom Cound as Clarke Tinsley | John Kellogg as Larry Dermott | Shary Marshall as Carol McKay | Bobby Troup as Dooley Baker | Edd Byrnes as Kookie | Roger Smith as Jeff Spencer
Writer: Dean Riesner
Songs: Dooley -- Sometimes I'm Happy

67 :02x33 - Dead Heat

A mob bookie hires Dave, the man responsible for putting him away, from prison to check on threatening phone calls his wife has been receiving. His wife is part of the threat scheme, put on in order to find where the man hid $100,000 before he was sent to prison. A rival mob is also interested because they feel the missing money is theirs.
Guest Stars: Cynthia Lynn as Miss Knox | Saul Gorss as Receptionist | Melora Conway as Peggy | Harp McGuire as Barney Bogart | Stacy Harris as Buck Lavery | Warren Stevens as Sebastian | Jeanne Cooper as Della Bogart | Walter Mathews as Morty Karlin
Writer: Jerry Thomas

68 :02x34 - Squeeze Play

A young woman asks Ken to investigate a man romantically interested in her mother. The man is running a con game involving "can't miss" horse race bets, taking the woman for $10,000. When he turns up dead, the woman confesses to his murder, Ken fears to save her daughter from being charged with the crime.
Guest Stars: Virginia Stefan as Nora Tustin | Peter Breck as Harry Sturgis | Jack De Mave as Lloyd Preston | Hal Bokar as Lew Grimes | Ted de Corsia as Sam Tustin | Laraine Stephens as Lydia Wilder | Andrea King as Martha Wilder
Director: Robert Sparr
Writer: Ken Pettus
Songs: Cha Cha -- Pretty Baby

69 :02x35 - A Private Eye for Beauty

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Guest Stars: Roger Carroll (1) as M.C. | Ulla Stromstedt as Miss Scandia | Jerry Oddo as Carlos | Elizabeth Harrower as Mrs. Newcomb | Elaine Devry as Denise | Miguel Ángel Landa as Roberto Ybarra | Dawn Wells as Consuelo Hernandez | John Dehner as Francisco Hernandez
Director: Irving J. Moore
Songs: Cha Cha -- Lover Come Back to Me

70 :02x36 - Masquerade

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Guest Stars: Charles H. Radilak as Carl Hafner | Eva Norde as Margo Hafner | Bill Couch as Mack | Larry J. Blake as Ed Williamson | Ernest Sarracino as Luigi | Willard Sage as Manheim | Robert Dowdell as Eric Hirsh | Ralph Manza as Martinelli
Director: Paul Landres

71 :02x37 - Pawn's Gambit

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Guest Stars: Michael St. Angel as Father Damon | Nolan Leary as John Brecker | Howard McLeod as Sgt. Bellows | Lucy Prentis as Martha Denker | Otto Waldis as Darius Frimmel | Kathie Browne as Jennifer
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

72 :02x38 - The Neutral Corner

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Guest Stars: Alan Carney as Harry Crofty | Chad Everett as Bongo Macklin | Steven Marlo as Lundy | Steve Gravers as Nicky Match | Douglas Dick as Weston | Grace Lee Whitney as Wendy Peters | Allyson Ames as Lydia Macklin
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

73 :02x39 - House on Boca Key

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Guest Stars: Jackson Halliday as Tottlinger | Jack Easton, Jr. as Tommy Martin | Frank Richards as Bartender | Steve Mitchell (1) as Roberts | Harry Holcombe as Charles Martin | Ahna Capri as Anne | E.J. Andre as Captain Willisett | George Petrie as Ernie Wexler | Alan Baxter as Lou Triplett | Patricia Blair as Allison Haley
Director: Robert Sparr

74 :02x40 - Midnight for Prince Charming

A man seeks to hire Ken to investigate whether his wife is cheating with another man. Ken is unaware of the fact that the couple is attempting to establish a scam with the man named as the third member of a "love triangle" as the victim; however, since that man is a friend of Ken he will not take the case. The scam becomes apparent -- only after an acquaintance of the scheming couple is found murdered.
Guest Stars: Joe Forte as Manager | George Cisar as Cable | Howard McLeod as Detective Bellows | Richard Benedict as Harry Noonan | R.G. Armstrong as Paul Wyatt | Jo Morrow as Laura Jarrett | Mike Road as Dave Jarrett
Director: George Waggner
Writer: Ken Pettus
Songs: Cha Cha -- Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart
Warning: SurfSide 6 guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 03, 1960
Ended: June 25, 1962
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