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Season 5

73 :05x01 - Ransom

Hooker discovers his daughter's kidnapper is his former partner, bent on revenge for being jailed.
Guest Stars: Jenny Beck (1) as Chrissy Hooker (as Jennifer Beck) | Leigh Christian as Fran Hooker | André Gower as Tommy Hooker | Paul Kent as FBI Agent Jack Wheeling | Scott Marlowe as Marty Lathon |
Featuring: Jo Marie Ward as Jeweler | Alan Kerstein as Officer #2 | Christopher Kriesa as Officer #1 | Ron Doyle as Man in Chrysler sedan
Director: William Shatner

74 :05x02 - Return of a Cop

Hooker's father shows intense interest in a routine supermarket robbery case.
Special Guest Stars: John McLiam as John P. Hooker |
Guest Stars: Hugh Farrington as Lt. Pete O'Brien | Mills Watson as Ed Jokish | Robert Miano as Alex Lucas | Renée Jones as Mary |
Co-Guest Stars: Shepherd Sanders as Ozzie (as Sheperd Sanders) | Patti R. Lee as Tina | Maureen O'Connor as Cashier | Don Bexley as Freddie |
Featuring: Jim Halty as Manager (as James Halty) | Steve Holladay as Suspect #2 | Gary Davis (1) as Suspect #1 | Debby Porter as Accountant | Steve M. Davison as Dolce | Tim A. Davison as Sanders
Director: Cliff Bole

75 :05x03 - To Kill a Cop

Hooker pursues an ex-convict who has murdered one of the two police officers he believes framed him.
Special Guest Stars: Thalmus Rasulala as Aaron Kramer |
Guest Stars: Hugh Farrington as Lt. Pete O'Brien | Gary Lockwood as Carey Dunston | Robert Jayne as Alex Kenter (as Bobby Jacoby) | Frank Ashmore as Carl David Beeman | Julie Cobb as Martha Kenter | Pamela Jean Bryant as Gayle |
Co-Guest Stars: Jay Scorpio as Jackpot |
Featuring: Johnny Crear as Moreland | J. Robert Bailey as Phil Kenter | Jim J. Poslof as Officer | Joie Magidow as Screaming shopper | Alexander Folk as Desk Sergeant
Director: Chuck Bowman
Writer: Paul Savage

76 :05x04 - Death is a Four Letter Word

A detective hunts the pornographers he thinks caused his teenage niece's death.
Special Guest Stars: Christopher Stone (1) as Detective Max Brodsky | Jonathan Goldsmith (1) as Arnold Parton |
Guest Stars: John Calvin as Lester | Raymond Singer as Detective Nathans | Rosanna Locke as Mary Ellen |
Co-Guest Stars: Douglas Mears as Nick | Linda Carol as Janet |
Featuring: Diane Hoyes as Wendy | Jere Fields as Geege | Debbie Young as Laurel | Laura Bradshaw as Candy | Alexandra Liccet as Shannon

77 :05x05 - The Assassin

Hooker and his team help the CIA protect a visiting Soviet trade delegate from a former Army Intelligence officer.
Special Guest Stars: Vincent Baggetta as Paul DeNiro |
Guest Stars: Andy Romano as CIA Agent Joe Merrick | Morgan Woodward as Maj. Gen. Robert Selkirk, retired | Janis Ward as Gail Milton | Nancy Harewood as Mrs. DeNiro (as Ann McCurry) |
Co-Guest Stars: Than Wyenn as Emile Kaplan | Dean Dittman as Lyle Fisk | Karen Huie as Mrs. Smith | Clark Howat as Chief Condon | Lawrence Cook as Stanley Vernon |
Featuring: Miranda Wilson as Miss Rubin (as Cheryl-Ann Wilson) | Charlee Williams as Newscaster | Paco Vela as Employee | Tina Lifford as Nurse | Timothy E. Day as Kevin DeNiro | Richard Camphuis as Becker
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Rick Husky

78 :05x06 - Rip-Off

A plan to capture a drug dealer backfires, resulting in Hooker losing an officer and the FBI losing $100,000.
Guest Stars: Hugh Farrington as Lt. Pete O'Brien | Elizabeth Peña as Maria | Ismael "East" Carlo as Gunter Castro | Eric Server as D.E.A. Agent Tim Bennett | Steven Keats as Gregory Loman III |
Co-Guest Stars: Joann Albert as Woman | Carlos Antonelli as Ramon | Brad Wilson as Tom Randolph | Al White as Freddie / Jamal | María Rubell as Rita | Efrain Figueroa as Rico | Carlos Cervantes as Angel
Director: Cliff Bole

79 :05x07 - Funny Money

Corrigan considers leaving after accidentally shooting an undercover informant during a counterfeiting investigation.
Guest Stars: Kip Niven as Secret Service Agent Bob Komack | Robert Viharo as John Simone | Hugh Farrington as Lt. Pete O'Brien | Clare Kirkconnell as Vicki |
Co-Guest Stars: Elias Zarou as Paulie Morris | Becky Bush as Marty | Sharon Hughes as Sally | Fredric Cook as Clarence Trent |
Featuring: Pamela Bach as Blonde in steam sauna | Rick Avery as Reno | Kimberlin Brown as Hostage
Director: Michael Caffey

80 :05x08 - The Night Ripper

A recent murder makes Hooker suspect The Night Ripper has resurfaced.
Guest Stars: Robert Thaler as Doug Richards | Hugh Farrington as Lt. Pete O'Brien |
Co-Guest Stars: Karrie Emerson as Heidi Davis | Todd Hunter (3) as Sonny | Anthony Darren as Tom Williams (as Tony Darren) | John Christy Ewing as Mr. Williams | Jaime Alba as Larry Dunn | Mort Sertner as Forensic Pathologist | Leslie Ryan as Mary Stockwell | Jane A. Rogers as Girl | John Petlock as T.K. Beaman | Heidi Helmer as Tina | Judy Jean Berns as Louise Banning
Director: Michael Caffey
Writer: Don Ingalls

81 :05x09 - The Obsession

Hooker battles city hall to rescue Stacy from a band of robbers led by the misguided son of an influential citizen.
Guest Stars: Robin Strand as David Huntman | Sydney Walsh as Marlene Sterns | Hugh Farrington as Lt. Pete O'Brien | Frank Aletter as Mr. Huntman | John Furey as Charlie Roth (Charles) | Joan Roberts as Georgia Wilson |
Co-Guest Stars: Gregory Wagrowski as Scooter | Stuart Nisbet as Shop Owner | James Ingersoll as William Murphy |
Featuring: Charles Quertermous as Det. McKing | Leonard P. Geer as Old Man (as Leonard P. Gear) | A.J. Block as Bank Guard | Philip Weyland as Officer | Annie Gagen as Mrs. Loring
Director: Phil Bondelli

82 :05x10 - Taps for Officer Remy

Hooker insists on spearheading an investigation when an old flame, a police intelligence officer, is reported killed in a shootout.
Guest Stars: Joe Dorsey (1) as Capt. Herb Webster | Robin Dearden as Officer Karen Remy | John Milford as LCPD Police Chief Mash | Hugh Farrington as Lt. Pete O'Brien | Jeffrey Byron as Officer John Reed |
Co-Guest Stars: Behrouz Vossoughi as Gary Hall | Ken Letner as Lt. Del Kennedy | Lorry Goldman as Gus Pearson | Frances Bay as Mrs. Greene | Aleisa Shirley as Trixie |
Featuring: Lisa Hunter as Bonnie | Steve Fifield as Tom | Gary Armagnac (1) as Joe | Diana Dillon as Attendant
Director: Reza Badiyi
Writer: Chuck Bowman

83 :05x11 - Nightmare

Semiconscious after an auto accident, Stacy is taken in by a man claiming to be a doctor.
Guest Stars: Joseph Hacker as Edward Milland | Ben Hammer as Dr. Perry |
Co-Guest Stars: Ted Markland as Driver | Dawn Schneider as Debbie Corley |
Featuring: Ross Borden as Doctor | William Mora as Gang Member | Richard Manheim as Donald Cotten | Art Bonilla as Gang Member (as Arturo Bonilla) | Rene Carrasco as Gang Member | Gary Epper as Reese Corley
Director: Reza Badiyi
Writer: Rick Husky

84 :05x12 - Shootout

Hooker, Corrigan, and Stacy pose as bank employees to capture a gang that has already slain one police officer during a bank robbery.
Guest Stars: Sandra Marshall (1) as Mary Stanford-Elliott | Christopher Templeton as Anne St. Clare | David Froman as John Fender | Rana Ford as Laurette Blake | Edward Bell (1) as LVPD liasion | Barry Van Dyke as George Collins |
Co-Guest Stars: Bob Tzudiker as Leland Perrier | Don Blakely as Levering | Nanci Rogers as Blonde Teller | Vira Montes as Joanne McCormick | David Leisure as Ben Fairly |
Featuring: Don Pulford as Officer Baker | Joel Marston as Squadroom Sgt. | David Zellitti as Larry Chambers (as David Zelliti)
Director: William Shatner
Writer: Mark Rodgers

85 :05x13 - Murder by Law

A shotgun killer leaves a trail of victim female attorneys.
Guest Stars: Simone Griffeth as Frances Marie Driscoll | Mark Keyloun as Martin Novak | Elayne Heilveil as Rosemary Shay | Robin Evans as Carey Driscoll | Corinne Camacho as Karen (as Corinne Michaels) |
Co-Guest Stars: John Braden as Dr. Walden | Lauri Landry as Jean McGowan | Gloria Hayes as Catherine Gomez |
Featuring: William Ian Gamble as Grabowski | Elven Havard as Undercover Cop | Marsha Mercant as Receptionist | David Wells (1) as Petrelli | Thomas Bellin as Medical Examiner | Vince Howard as Judge
Director: Chuck Bowman
Writer: Rick Husky

86 :05x14 - Partners in Death

Hooker considers Stacy and Corrigan's romance trouble for his team and his friends.
Guest Stars: Hugh Farrington as Lt. Pete O'Brien | Paul Lieber as Danny Bailey | Vanessa Williams as Pat Williamson | Marcy Lafferty as Stephanie Bailey |
Co-Guest Stars: William Phipps as Mr. Genessee (as William Edward Phipps) | Lezlie Deane as Lola | Juney Smith as Ray Kincaid | James Hornbeck (1) as Mr. Hanes | Marco Hernandez (1) as Junkie |
Featuring: Martin Valinsky as Doctor | R.A. Rondell as Marcus | Hector Morales as Gardener | Guylaine Moquin-Sanford as Woman
Director: William Shatner

87 :05x15 - Death Trip

A paramilitary group vows to kill "threats to society".
Guest Stars: Romy Walthall as Lynn Paterno (as Romy Windsor) | Angel Tompkins as Diane | Tom Schanley as Faulkner | Peter Mark Richman as Russ Paterno | Sam Melville as Mitoski | Tom McFadden (1) as FBI Agent Kane (as Thom McFadden) | Leigh Lombardi as Gloria Paterno | Lydia Cornell as Christine Shankman |
Featuring: Alexandra McMullen as Nurse | Bobby Justin as Reporter #2 | Alan Toy as Neil Fulson | Maureen Grady as Reporter #1 | Danny Taylor as Choreographer | Kerrigan Mahan as Morgan
Director: Chuck Bowman
Writer: Joe Gores

88 :05x16 - Blood Sport (1)

Hooker and his team head to Hawaii to protect a senator pushing an anti-terrorist bill.
Special Guest Stars: Soon-Tek Oh as Ginsu Nabutsu |
Guest Stars: Hugh Farrington as Lt. Pete O'Brien | Don Murray as Senator Stewart Grayle | James Pax as Makio | Yuji Okumoto as Howie Kalanuma | Kim Miyori as Barbara Grayle | Nobu McCarthy as Ms. MacAlister | Henry Darrow as Gus Kalioki | Tim O'Connor as John McAllister | Keye Luke as Dr. Kenji Yakimura (credit only) |
Co-Guest Stars: Jaqueline Koch as Carol Raymond (as Jacquie Koch) | Dana Lee as Fujikawa | Casey Sander as Ricky | Buck Taylor as Officer Phillips | Randy Hamilton as Tim Braddock | Tonja Walker as Nancy Bosca | Branscombe Richmond as Bartender

89 :05x17 - Blood Sport (2)

The team is astonished at the identity of the person behind the attempts on Sen. Grayle's life.
Special Guest Stars: Soon-Tek Oh as Ginsu Nabutsu |
Guest Stars: Hugh Farrington as Lt. Pete O'Brien | Don Murray as Senator Stewart Grayle | James Pax as Makio | Yuji Okumoto as Howie Kalanuma | Kim Miyori as Barbara Grayle | Nobu McCarthy as Ms. MacAlister | Henry Darrow as Gus Kalioki | Keye Luke as Dr. Kenji Yakimura | Tim O'Connor as John McAllister |
Co-Guest Stars: Jaqueline Koch as Carol Raymond (as Jacquie Koch) | Dana Lee as Fujikawa | Casey Sander as Ricky | Buck Taylor as Officer Phillips | Randy Hamilton as Tim Braddock | Tonja Walker as Nancy Bosca | Branscombe Richmond as Bartender

90 :05x18 - Into the Night

Hooker crosses the mob and the FBI while investigating the robbery related shooting of a former police officer.
Special Guest Stars: Alex Rocco as Capt. C. Danza | Martin Hewitt as Steven Kennedy |
Guest Stars: Leo Rossi as Salvatore Martel | William Jordan (2) as Bill Kennedy | Billy Drago as Angelo Dupree | Robert Alan Browne as FBI Agent Kresky | Greta Blackburn as Lyla | Rhonda Aldrich as Crystal Court | Marc Alaimo as Manny Jacobs |
Co-Guest Stars: Kevin King (1) as Intern | Alan Manson as Doctor | Diana Dillon as Nurse |
Featuring: Jaqueline Koch as Dancer (as Jacquie Koch) | David Steven Mielke as Boy George Clone | Pilar Delano as Teenage Hostage | Jeannine Bisignano as Shelly Martel
Director: James Darren
Writer: Rick Husky

91 :05x19 - Deadly Force

The main clue in a robbery/murder is a laser-aimed gun identical to one used by a comic strip character.
Special Guest Stars: Mary-Margaret Humes as Lisa Temple |
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Josephson as Roy Meade | Hugh Farrington as Lt. Pete O'Brien | Gary Grubbs as Harlan Walker |
Co-Guest Stars: William Bassett as Mr. Miller | Beau Billingslea as Turlow | Tom Lillard as Quenton | Noelle Harling as Jennifer Smith
Writer: Stephen Lord
Warning: T.J. Hooker guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 13, 1982
Ended: May 28, 1986
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