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Season 14

411 :14x01 - The Tangled Web

Clara introduces Ozzie as Joe when a visiting friend stops by.

412 :14x02 - A Rose a Day

Harriet starts receiving a rose every day from a secret admirer.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Field as Mrs. Clark | June Fenley as Customer | Amzie Strickland as Mrs. Tyler | Ben Bennett (1) as Florist | Bob Jellison as Delivery Boy | Skip Young as Wally Plumstead | Mary Jane Croft as Clara Randolph | Lyle Talbot as Joe Randolph
Director: Ozzie Nelson

412 :14x03 - Kris and the Queen

Ricky tries to patch up a spat between Wally and Ginger only to have it backfire.
Guest Stars: Jack Wagner (2) as Jack | Charlene Salerno as Ginger | Skip Young as Wally Plumstead | Karl George as Dink | Rich Nelson as Randy Stuart | Willy Nelson as Willy | Greg Dawson as Greg | Oaky Miller as Guy on Bench | Laurie Sibbald as Sally Parker | Kent McCord as Kent | Sean Morgan (1) as Sean
Director: Ozzie Nelson

413 :14x04 - Helpful June

June decides to help David in his law office by becoming his unofficial private eye.
Guest Stars: June Vincent as Mrs. Murtrie | Harry Lauter as Murtrie | Barbara Stuart as Secretary | Angelo Brovelli as Policeman | Russ Thompson as Milkman
Songs: Ricky Nelson -- Love and Kisses

414 :14x05 - The Prowler

Ozzie tries to get out of a bridge game with the neighbors by pretending to go fishing.
Guest Stars: Richard Lane as Announcer | Parley Baer as Darby | Mary Jane Croft as Clara Randolph | Lyle Talbot as Joe Randolph

415 :14x06 - The Nelsons Revisited

The fraternity brothers throw a party in Ozzie and Harriet's honor.
Guest Stars: Skip Young as Wally | Walter Reed as Arcade Owner | Reb Foster as Salesman | Kent McCord as Kent | Karl George as Dink | Richard Tyler as Dick | Steve Terrell as Steve | Marlin McKeever as Marlin | Jack Wagner (2) as Jack | Sean Morgan (1) as Sean | Greg Dawson as Greg

416 :14x07 - The Secret Passage

When a rival fraternity steals their blue moose head, Ricky's frat brothers use a secret tunnel as part of a retaliation scheme.

417 :14x08 - Wally, the Author

The Nelsons and Ricky's frat brothers are worried when they learn that Wally has included embarassing items about them in a book he's peddling to a publisher.
Guest Stars: Skip Young as Wally Plumstead

418 :14x09 - A Message from Kris

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Guest Stars: Skip Young as Wally Plumstead
Director: Ozzie Nelson

419 :14x10 - Flying Down to Lunch

Ozzie and Joe impulsively accept an invitation to have lunch in Mexico City. Will they be able to make it home in time to make a planned dinner date with their wives?
Guest Stars: Pedro Gonzales Gonzales as Pancho | Lyle Talbot as Joe Randolph | Ben Bennett (1) as Ted Huggins | Mary Jane Croft as Clara Randolph

420 :14x11 - The Equestrians

Using reverse psychology, Ricky tries to cure Kris's extravagance by threatening to buy a horse.
Guest Stars: Harry Lauter as Simpson | Skip Young as Wally Plumstead

421 :14x12 - Dave, the Worrier

David takes a few days vacation time but he's constantly worried over the fact that Ricky might be goofing off back at the office.
Guest Stars: James Nolan as Policeman | Connie Harper as Miss Edwards

422 :14x13 - Ghost Town

Ozzie and Harriet visit a ghost town in search of antiques.
Guest Stars: Paul Hartman as Old Timer | Skip Young as Wally Plumstead

423 :14x14 - David Picks a Pie

June volunteers David's services as a pie taster for a TV cooking show but can he pick out his wife's pie?
Guest Stars: Connie Harper as Miss Edwards | Jack Wagner (2) as Jack

424 :14x15 - Kris, the Little Helper

Members of Ricky's fraternity begin dumping their laundry off on Kris and she soon comes to resent it.
Guest Stars: Kent McCord as Kent | Oaky Miller as Andy | Karl George as Dink | Kathy Hoslet as Gloria | Greg Dawson as Greg | Sean Morgan (1) as Sean | Jack Wagner (2) as Jack | Skip Young as Wally Plumstead

425 :14x16 - Sheik of Araby

Ozzie and Harriet are chosen to entertain a visiting Arabian prince and one of his wives.

426 :14x17 - Wally's Traffic Ticket

After Wally receives a traffic ticket, he hires David to fight it.
Guest Stars: Skip Young as Wally Plumstead
Director: Ozzie Nelson

427 :14x18 - An Honor for Ozzie

The neighborhood Tigers Club gets Ozzie an unusual gift of appreciation.
Guest Stars: Dana Latham as Tiger #3 | Barbara Eiler as Mrs. Hopkins | Darby Hinton as Tiger #1 | Randy Whipple as Tiger #2 | Joel Davison as Joel Harvey
Director: Ozzie Nelson

428 :14x19 - The Hong Kong Suit

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429 :14x20 - Ozzie a Go-Go

The Nelsons and Randolphs pay a visit to a disco.
Guest Stars: Sean Morgan (1) as Sean | Mary Jane Croft as Clara Randolph | Lyle Talbot as Joe Randolph

430 :14x21 - The Trip Trap

June tries to maneuver hubby David into taking her on a vacation to Hawaii.
Guest Stars: Skip Young as Wally Plumstead

431 :14x22 - Waiting for Joe

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432 :14x23 - Rick's Assistant

Ozzie helps a neighborhood boy get a job in David and Ricky's law office.
Guest Stars: Dick Gittings as Joel's Father | Kathy Hoslet as Kathy | Dana Latham as Boy #2 | Sarah Selby as Teacher | Randy Whipple as Boy #1 | Joel Davison as Joel
Director: Ozzie Nelson

433 :14x24 - Dave's Other Office

While his law office is undergoing repairs, David tries to continue business as usual by running things from his apartment.
Guest Stars: Connie Harper as Miss Edwards | Elvia Allman as Mrs. Bradley | Howard Wendell as Judge Willoughby | Reta Shaw as Mrs. Lockwood
Director: Ozzie Nelson

434 :14x25 - Ozzie the Babysitter

Ozzie accidentally damages a surprise birthday present for a nine year old boy he's been babysitting.
Guest Stars: Joel Davison as Joel Harvey | Susan Davis (1) as Mrs. Harvey | Lyle Talbot as Joe Randolph | Dick Gittings as Mr. Harvey | Ben Bennett (1) as Salesman
Director: Ozzie Nelson

435 :14x26 - The Game Room

Ozzie wants to convert the boys' old room into a den with a pool table but Harriet wants to keep it the way it is for sentimental reasons.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Family
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 03, 1952
Ended: September 03, 1966
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