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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Gold Sled

Adventurers Silky Harris and Reno McKee prepare to travel to the Klondike region in search of gold. Singer Rocky Shaw, upon hearing a strange tale about gold buried in the snow, decides to make the trip along with Silky and Reno.
Guest Stars: Hank Patterson as Man | Jack Big Head as Chilkoot | Sam Buffington as Count Meshikov | Allyn Joslyn as Quag
Director: Joseph Lejtes

2 :01x02 - Cheating Cheaters

Skagway saloon owner Nifty Cronin agrees to ship gold dust stateside for Silky Harris but the boat mysteriously sinks. Is shifty Nifty trying to pull a fast one?
Guest Stars: Frank Ferguson as guest star | Louis Quinn as Brother Bowers

3 :01x03 - The Blizzard

Reno McKee is joined by three suspicious characters while hauling a load of dynamite over a hazardous trail to Nome.
Guest Stars: Walter Burke as Jenks | Richard Collier (1) as Piano Player | Kelly Thordsen as Bartender | Charles Fredericks as Marks | Susan Crane as Mary Simon | George Cisar as Merchant | Paul Wexler as Bookkeeper | Emory Parnell as Manager | Andrea King as Duchess | John Dehner as Cornish

4 :01x04 - The Petticoat Crew

Visions of riches dance in the head of Silky Harris when he decides to ship a boatload of dancing gals and Thanksgiving turkeys from Seattle to the gold mining town of Dawson. But Nifty Cronin has his own ideas about the "cargo."

5 :01x05 - Starvation Stampede

When a supply ship is trapped in an early freeze on its way to an isolated mining town, the greedy town storekeeper decides to take advantage of the situation.
Guest Stars: Joe Di Reda as guest star | Allison Hayes as guest star | John Qualen as guest star | James Westerfield as guest star

6 :01x06 - Big Deal

Silky and Reno stumble into a swindle when they try to locate the owner of a lost legal document.

7 :01x07 - Contest at Gold Bottom

Nifty Cronin has acquired the mortgage on Silky and Reno's mining property and threatens to foreclose. Not having enough money to make the payment things look dire for our heroes until a baby is abandoned on their doorstep. They decide to raise money by holding a "Name the Baby" contest.
Guest Stars: Patrick Westwood as guest star | Eddie Quillan as guest star | George Dunn as guest star | Archie Duncan as guest star | I. Stanford Jolley as Beriah Jackson | Monty Margetts as Sara McTavish

8 :01x08 - Winter Song

Silky, Reno, and Rocky plan to stage a concert starring opera singer Maria Julien but after arriving the songstress suddenly loses her voice.
Guest Stars: Alan Baxter as Lee Bannister | George D. Wallace as Bill Adams | Mickey Simpson as Steve Bonnett | Jerome Cowan as Horatio Styles | Marie Windsor as Maria Julien

9 :01x09 - The Golden Fleece

Four men assault Reno McKee for seemingly no reason and then proceed to purchase an apparently worthless gold mine.
Guest Stars: Beatrice Kay as guest star | Theodore Marcuse as guest star

10 :01x10 - Doc Booker

Doc Booker acts to stop a typhoid epidemic but then it's revealed that's he's not really a medical doctor.
Guest Stars: Julie Adams as Clara | Arthur Scott as Man | Simon Oakland as Doc. Booker | Fred Coby as Bartender | Vernon Rich as Annoucer

11 :01x11 - The Abominable Snowman

A miner dies after being attacked by a strange monster. Silky and another miner then compete in a race for ownership of his mine.
Guest Stars: Jack Mather (1) as Father Malone | Ruta Lee as Alabama | Ray Teal as Ezra Granit | Robert Boon as Otto

12 :01x12 - Remember the Maine

Soapy Smith suddenly gets patriotic and organizes a special Skagway detachment to fight in the Spanish-American War. Silky Harris joins up to uncover Soapy's real motives.

13 :01x13 - Million Dollar Kid

Reno and Rocky decide to help a young Native American named Kat who wants to go to the Lower 48.
Guest Stars: Bart Braverman as Kat | Mort Mills as Wilkes

14 :01x14 - The Trial of Reno McKee

Reno is framed for murder and his only hope for acquittal is an alcoholic lawyer whom Rocky and Silky try to keep sober.
Guest Stars: Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. as John Conrad | Karen Steele as Ellen Chambers | Fredd Wayne as Burton | Bing Russell as Edward Carse | Don Kelly (1) as Carl

15 :01x15 - Gold Fever

Reno McKee's younger brother and his new bride arrive in Skagway and decide to strike out on their own in the gold fields.
Guest Stars: Susan Morrow as guest star | Wynn Pearce as Danny McKee | Gerald Mohr as Swiftwater Charlie | Werner Klemperer as Baron

16 :01x16 - The Challenge

When an avalanche threatens to bury Skagway, Silky volunteers to climb a mountain and set off some explosives blasts which will divert the sliding snow. But someone appears not to want Silky to make the journey.
Guest Stars: Leonides Ossetnyski as Hans Lindberg | Penny Edwards as Nancy Trenton | Robert Colbert as Phil | John Hoyt as Captain Ezra | Don Dubbins as Grant | Don Beddoe as Reed

17 :01x17 - The Long Pursuit

Reno McKee joins forces with a Chicago detective to track down a woman who allegedly committed a murder.
Guest Stars: Ruta Lee as Amy | Lovyss Bradley as Mrs. Leary | Dick Rich as Jeb Leary | Joel Ashley as Mr. Elkins | Harold Stone as Ed Bundy | Rusty Lane as Doc. Williams | Mike Road as Marshal Wallace

18 :01x18 - Spring Fever

When Silky starts taking her for granted, Rocky begins flirting with a gentleman named Gordon Talbot who happens to have ulterior motives regarding the relationship.
Guest Stars: Maurice Marsac as Pierre Bouchard | Lyn Statten as Lucille | Rex Reason as Gordon Talbot

19 :01x19 - Black Sand

Reno heads out with Dan and Nora Weber to locate a lost gold mine. On the trail, the three are joined by two other men and Reno begins getting suspicious of Nora's behavior.
Guest Stars: Richard Reeves as guest star | Karen Steele as Nora Weber | John Reach as Pete Yeager | Don Kelly (1) as Dan O'Kelly | Tom Drake as Dan Weber
Writer: Hugh Benson

20 :01x20 - The Seal Skin-Game

Silky, Reno, and Rocky are conned into buying a bankrupt seal raising business and will do almost anything to find a buyer to take the business off their hands.
Guest Stars: Jacqueline Beer as Jacqueline St. Clair | Frank DeKova as Fantan | Robert Williams (1) as Donlon | Peter Whitney as Bear River Blewitt | Dick Sargent as Joey

21 :01x21 - Peril at Caribou Crossing

Silky seeks shelter at an isolated cabin due to inclement weather, arriving right in the middle of a family quarrel. Things then go from bad to worse when two outlaws arrive on the scene.
Guest Stars: Lee Van Cleef as Roc | Fay Spain as Janice Collier | Vladimir Sokoloff as Chanook | Steve Brodie as Purvis | Jerry Paris as Walter Collier

22 :01x22 - Behind The Moon

A gold prospector discovers that his backers are making plans to drive Native Americans off their land because of deposits of gold there.
Guest Stars: Lee Patterson as Tom Kirk | Andra Martin as Kerano | Michael Forest as Shaman | Hugh Sanders as Douglas Pemberton | Diane McBain as Harriet Pemberton
Director: Charles Haas

23 :01x23 - Partners

Young Jimmy Hendricks is told by Reno and Rocky that his father died a hero but when the lad discovers the unheroic truth, he disappears.
Guest Stars: Alan Hale, Jr. as Hap Johnson | Warren Stevens as Jim Hendricks | Jimmy Carter (2) as Jimmy Hendricks

24 :01x24 - Disaster At Gold Hill

Silky gets into major trouble when he becomes involved in an explosive romantic triangle.
Guest Stars: Gilman Rankin as Tully | Rex Reason as Paul Loomis | Madlyn Rhue as Fay Loomis | Mike Road as Arthur Bryant

25 :01x25 - The Last Bullet

Silky rescues a man from a wolfpack and takes him to a house occupied by wolves in human form.
Guest Stars: Andra Martin as guest star | Frank Cady as Bradshaw | Gary Vinson as Larry Hoyt

26 :01x26 - A Barrel Of Gold

Survivors of a prospecting party report that they were poisoned by spoiled meat.
Guest Stars: Hal Baylor as Corporal Thomas | Jack Mather (1) as Ed Stevenson | Ed Kemmer as Vess Owen | Richard Evans as Roy | Michael Forest as Pierre Duran | Jean Allison as Rose Stevenson
Director: Reginald LeBorg
Writer: Melvin Levy

27 :01x27 - The Bride Wore Black

Homely Cass Wilson sends Silky's picture to impress his mail order bride. Needless to say, there's trouble when the lass discovers that she's been deceived.
Guest Stars: John Beal (1) as Cass Wilson | Keith Richards (1) as Arlington | Fay Spain as Ellen Hawley | Lee Bergere as Jack Hawley

28 :01x28 - Odd Man Hangs

Silky and two other men are jailed on a murder charge. All three will hang unless one of them confesses.
Guest Stars: Myron Healey as Fred Simmons | Walter Sande as Tom Carter | Michael Forest as Pierre Duran | Valerie French as Marie Forbes

29 :01x29 - Counterblow

Silky receives part ownership in a newspaper as payment for a debt. Then his partner is killed by organized crime elements.
Guest Stars: Horace McMahon as Tim Carstairs | Karen Steele as Lindia Fair | Robert McQueeney as Van Peyton

30 :01x30 - Heart Of Gold

Pierre Duran, transporting miners' gold dust to Yukon City, is hijacked and left for dead.
Guest Stars: Troy Donahue as Ted Andrews | Michael Forest as Pierre Duran | Napua Wood as Jessie | Charles Stevens as Chinook | Paul Birch as Dan Byers | Gary Vinson as Frank Andrews | Bernard Fein as Tom | Frank Ferguson as Brother Barlow | Emory Parnell as Swede | Jack Big Head as Joe

31 :01x31 - Kangaroo Court

Silky encounters trouble when he gives a female entertainer and her main squeeze a lift into a new gold rush boomtown.
Guest Stars: Larry Pennell as Harry Seattle | Joan O'Brien as Fay Campbell | Robert Lowery as John Ryan | Walter Burke as Sid Queen |
Uncredited: Claude Akins as Constable Watts

32 :01x32 - The Silent Land

Pierre Duran, transporting supplies to a remote outpost, meets a Mountie who's tracking down a pair of fugitives.
Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Constable Watts | Michael Forest as Pierre Duran | Nancy Hsueh as Anook | W.T. Chang as Sityak | Harry Swoger as Morse | Richard Carlyle as Fleming | Leonard Strong as Shaman | Arthur Franz as Dr. Jim Manning |
Uncredited: Frank Ferguson as guest star

33 :01x33 - Calico

Silky wins a half share in a gold mine but there's a catch--his claim is forfeit unless he works it at least once a week. Then Silky's partner disappears without revealing the mine's location.
Guest Stars: Myrna Fahey as Calico | William Leocester (2) as Red | Rex Reason as Stony McBride | Billy M. Greene as Nathaniel | Tristram Coffin as Wheaton | Leo Gordon as Tracy | Richard Webb as Clay
Story: Maurita Pittman | Teleplay: W. Hermanos

34 :01x34 - Sign Of The Kodiak

In mountainous country, Pierre Duran encounters a hunter who's obssessed with killing an elusive Kodiak bear named Big Mike.
Guest Stars: Lee Patterson as Jeff Warren | Michael Forest as Pierre Duran | Chana Eden as Zeena | Robert Armstrong as John Coleman | Pippa Scott as Ruth Coleman | Leonid Kinskey as Ivan

35 :01x35 - White Vengeance

Silky heads for an old man's cabin to inform the man that his son has made a gold strike and nearly gets blasted full of bullets by the old man.
Guest Stars: Andra Martin as Lily | Lyn Statten as Corbi | Pat Renella as Evans | Robert Colbert as Shawn | Tim Graham (1) as Gil Hawkins | Carol Anne Seflinger as Katja | Peter Whitney as Jobka
Director: Lew Landers

36 :01x36 - The Ballad Of Whitehorse

Silky is asked to be the best man at the wedding of a dying alcoholic poet and a dance hall gal.
Guest Stars: Rex Reason as Joe Holland | Lonnie Poerce as Shirley | James Parnell as Robert Howard | Saundra Edwards as Molly | Ted White as Brown | Frank Scannell as Auctioneer | Jean Allison as Yukon Kate | Ray Ballard as Bailey | Jack Shea (2) as Green
Director: Charles Haas
Warning: The Alaskans guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 04, 1959
Ended: September 25, 1960
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