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Season 3

65 :03x01 - The Return of Verge Likens

An ole country boy comes to town seeking revenge upon the political boss who killed his pappy in a barroom brawl.
Guest Stars: William Bramley (1) as Fred Starcher | Robert Barrat as Stoney Likens | Peter Fonda as Verge Likens | Cathie Merchant as Mary Masterson | Sammy Reese as Wilford Likens | June Walker as Aunt Mary Jane | George Lindsey as D.D. Martin | Charles Seel as Rush Sigafoose | Jim Boles as Sheriff Reynolds | Robert Emhardt as Riley McGrath | Nydia Westman as Aunt Ida Mae
Director: Arnold Laven

66 :03x02 - Change of Address

Trying to save their marriage, a couple moves into a sinister remote beach house.
Guest Stars: Arnold Lessing as Officer Raymo | Robert Karnes as Sergeant | Susan Davis as Reba | Michael Blodgett as Apollo | Victor Jory as Flynn | Arthur Kennedy as Keith Hollands | Royal Dano as Miley | Phyllis Thaxter as Elsa Hollands | Tisha Sterling as Rachel
Director: David Friedkin

67 :03x03 - Water's Edge

An recently paroled convict is determined to find the loot that was stashed by a former cellmate.
Guest Stars: Ann Sothern as Helen Krause | James Brown (2) as Prison Guard | Jimmy Joyce as Prison Orderly | John Cassavetes as Rusty Connors | Rayford Barnes as Miles Krause | David Fresco as Newsstand Dealer
Director: Bernard Girard
Writer: Alfred Hayes

68 :03x04 - The Life Work of Juan Diaz

A poverty-stricken man, who is near death, makes a morbid deal with the owner of a local cemetery.
Guest Stars: Audrey Swanson as 2nd Woman | Mark Miranda as 1st Boy | Vincent Arias as 2nd Boy | Concepcion Sandoval as 1st Girl | Yolanda Alonzo as 2nd Girl | Carmelita Acosta as 3rd Girl | Gale Lindsay as Woman | Hinton Pope as Man | Alejandro Rey as Juan Diaz | Frank Silvera as Alejandro | Pina Pellicer as Maria Diaz | Larry Domasin as Jorge | Alex Montoya as Coffin Maker | Valentin de Vargas as Police Chief
Director: Norman Lloyd
Writer: Ray Bradbury

69 :03x05 - See the Monkey Dance

A man sneaking away for a weekend with his mistress enounters a man with eerily similar plans.
Guest Stars: Shari Lee Bernath as Girl | Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. as Stranger | George Pelling as Conductor | Patricia Medina as Wife | Roddy McDowall as George

70 :03x06 - Lonely Place

A new hired hand soon puts fear into his employers.
Guest Stars: Pat Buttram as Emery | Bruce Dern as Jesse | Teresa Wright as Stella
Director: Harvey Hart

71 :03x07 - The McGregor Affair

Re-telling of the true story of Scottish body snatchers Burke and Hare who murdered to provide bodies for medical experimentation.
Guest Stars: William Beckley as Becker | Janine Gray as Wench | Barry Macollum as Vendor | Harriet Harper as Glynis | Iris Bristol as Rosie | Brendan Dillon as Bartender | Michael MacReady (1) as Jarmley | Betty Harford as Elsie | Andrew Duggan as John McGregor | Elsa Lanchester as Aggie McGregor | John Hoyt as Dr. Knox | Arthur Malet as Burke | Michael Pate as Hare | William Smith (1) as Tommy Lad
Director: David Friedkin

72 :03x08 - Misadventure

A woman is fed up with her hubby's stinginess so when a strange man appears out of nowhere with a solution to her problem she willingly accepts it.
Guest Stars: Lola Albright as Eva Martin | Michael Bragan as Boyfriend | George Kennedy as George Martin | Barry Nelson as Colin

73 :03x09 - Triumph

A missionary falsely practices medicine and is assisted in the deception by his wife. Then a younger woman arrives on the scene.
Guest Stars: Anthony Scott (1) as Indiam Employee | Than Wyenn as Ramna | Ed Begley as Brother Thomas Fitzgibbon | Maggie Pierce as Lucy Sprague | Jeanette Nolan as Mary Fitzgibbons | Tom Simcox as Brother John Sprague
Director: Harvey Hart

74 :03x10 - Memo from Purgatory

On the bad streets of Brooklyn, a young writer joins a gang in order to gather material for a book.
Guest Stars: James Caan as Jay Shaw | Tony Musante as Candle | Jacquelin Palmer as Cherry | Jimmy Joyce as Proprietor | Michael Lamont as Trooper | Johnny Silver as Thug | Zalman King as Fish | Leonard P. Geer as Derelict | Simon Scott as The Defender | Lynn Loring as Filene | Will J. White as Guard | Chuck Courtney as Ski | Walter Koenig as Tiger | Mark Slade as Slats
Director: Joseph Pevney

75 :03x11 - Consider Her Ways

A young woman awakens in a hospital room to find herself morbidly obese.
Guest Stars: Barbara Barrie as Dr. Jane Waterleigh | Eva Bruce as Amazon | Diane Sayer as Mother Hazel | Gladys Cooper as Laura | Dee J. Thompson as First Doctor | Stacy King as Female Worker | Carmen Phillips as Mother Daisy | Leif Erickson as Dr. Hillyer | Gene Lyons as Max Wilding | Alice Backes as Second Doctor | Ivy Bethune as Nurse | Robert H. Harris as Dr. Perrigan | Jennifer Gan as First Worker | Ellen Corby as Chief Nurse | Virginia Gregg as Third Doctor
Director: Robert Stevens

76 :03x12 - The Crimson Witness

A man steals his brother's job, wife, and galpal. The payback could be hell.
Guest Stars: Peter Lawford as Ernest Mullett | Nancy Hsueh as Secretary | Julie London as Barbara | Alan Baxter as Mr. Baldwin | Paul Micale as Waiter | Larry Thor as Haskell | Paul Comi as Modeer | Joanna Moore as Madeleine | Roger C. Carmel as Farnum Mullett | Martha Hyer as Judith Mullett
Director: David Friedkin

77 :03x13 - Where the Woodbine Twineth

A woman's niece claims that "tiny people" have arrived on the scene.
Guest Stars: Margaret Leighton as Nell Snyder | Lila Perry as Numa | Eileen Baral as Eva | Juanita Moore as Suse | Carl Benton Reid as Capt. King Snyder | Joel Fluellen as Jesse | E.J. Andre as Preacher
Director: Alf Kjellin

78 :03x14 - The Final Performance

An old vaudevillian plans a comeback while his much younger fiancee plans on leaving him.
Guest Stars: Franchot Tone as Rudolph Bitzner | Sharon Farrell as Rosie | Roger Perry as Cliff Allen | Kelly Thordsen as Sheriff
Director: John Brahm

79 :03x15 - Thantos Place Hotel

A suicidal man checks into a hotel that caters to people who wish to assume room temperature.
Guest Stars: Pat Renella as Lean Man | Rex Comeaux as Devereaux | Angie Dickinson as Ariane Shaw | Len Hendry as Driver | Charles Fredericks as Big Man | Henry Wills as First Cowboy | Steven Hill (1) as Robert Manners | Gail Bonney as Grey-Haired Lady | Lew Brown as Second Cowboy | Barry Atwater as Borchter | Rob Reiner as Doctor | Bartlett Robinson as J. Smith
Story: André Maurois | Teleplay: Arthur A. Ross

80 :03x16 - One of the Family

The police description of a child killer fits a woman whom a couple just hired to care for their baby.
Guest Stars: Lilia Skala as Frieda | Olive Deering as Christine Callender | Kathryn Hays as Joyce Dailey | Jeremy Slate as Dexter Dailey
Director: Joseph Pevney

81 :03x17 - An Unlocked Window

Nurses who go to an old mansion to care for a patient keep disappearing.
Guest Stars: Dana Wynter as Sheila | T.C. Jones as Nurse Betty Ames | Cathie Merchant as Frieda Little | John Kerr (1) as Glendon Baker | Stephen Roberts as Boris Crispis | Louise Latham as Maude | E.J. Andre as Sam | John Willis as Newscaster

82 :03x18 - The Trap

A cheating wife plots to murder her husband so she can be with one of his employees.
Guest Stars: Donnelly Rhodes as John Cochran | Patricia Hanning as Jenifer Arnold | Walter Mathews as Glen Arnold | Anne Francis as Peg Beale | Robert Strauss as Ted Beale
Director: John Brahm
Writer: Lee Kalcheim

83 :03x19 - Wally the Beard

A man begins wearing a false beard and ends up getting into trouble.
Guest Stars: Larry Blyden as Walter Mills | Berkeley Harris as Curly | Katherine Squire as Mrs. Adams | Lee Bergere as Detective | Kathie Browne as Noreen Kimberly | George Mitchell as Keefer | John Indrisano as Bartender | Leslie Perkins as Lucy Jones | Elizabeth Harrower as Mrs. Jones
Director: James H. Brown

84 :03x20 - Death Scene

An ambitious actor begins seeing the daughter of a director in order to advance his career.
Guest Stars: James Farentino as Leo Manfred | Horace Brown (1) as Harry | Leonard York as Bill Wagner | Buck Taylor as Dancer | Virginia Aldridge as Susan Revere | Vera Miles as Nick Revere | John Carradine as Gavin Revere
Director: Harvey Hart

85 :03x21 - The Photographer and the Undertaker

A photographer and an undertaker are employed as hit men by the same company... and are hired to eliminate each other.
Guest Stars: Jack Cassidy as Arthur Mannix | Harry Townes as Hiram Price | Alfred Ryder as Rudolph | Jocelyn Lane as Sylvia (Sylvia Sylvester) |
Co-Guest Stars: Philip Bourneuf as Mr. Sylvester (Ernest Sylvester) | Jack Bernardi as The Delicatessen Man | Joan Swift as Miss Whiting | Richard Jury as Willis | Clegg Hoyt as The Man
Director: Alex March
Story: James Holding | Teleplay: Alfred Hayes

86 :03x22 - Thou Still Unravished Bride

A detective fears that his missing fiancee might have fallen prey to a serial killer.
Guest Stars: Edith Atwater as Mrs. Benner | Richard Lupino as Guerny Jr. | Alan Napier as Guerny Sr. | George Pelling as Sergeant | Brendan Dillon as Bartender | Betty Harford as Woman | Doris Lloyd as Mother | Ted Bessell as Elliott Setlin | Howard Caine as Setlin | Sally Kellerman as Sally Benner | Ben Wright as Sutherland | Kent Smith as Benner | Virginia Gregg as Mrs. Setlin | Michael Pate as Stephen Leslie | Ron Randell as Tommy Bonn | David Carradine as Clarke
Director: David Friedkin

87 :03x23 - Completely Foolproof

A wife wants to divorce her husband. However, he has a permanent plan to get rid of her for good.
Special Guest Stars: Patricia Barry as Lisa Brisson |
Guest Stars: J.D. Cannon as Joe Brisson |
Co-Guest Stars: Geoffrey Horne as Bobby Davenport | Myron Healey as Foyle | Joyce Meadows as Anna | Lester Matthews as Walter Dunham | Robert P. Lieb as Baines | Jo de Winter as Betty Lawrence | Janet MacLachlan as The Secretary
Director: Alf Kjellin

88 :03x24 - Power of Attorney

A con man fleeces women and finds hell to pay when he fleeces the wrong one.
Special Guest Stars: Fay Bainter as Mary Crawford |
Guest Stars: Richard Johnson (1) as James Jarvis | Geraldine Fitzgerald as Agatha |
Co-Guest Stars: Josie Lloyd as Eileen (Eileen Carroll) | Mary Scott as Sarah (as Mary Scott Hardwicke) | Jonathan Hole as The Hotel Clerk | Mark Sturges as Roger | George Sims as The Policeman | Al Ruban as The Clerk | Anthony Jochim as Thomas Barton
Director: Harvey Hart
Story: Selwyn Jepson | Teleplay: James Bridges

89 :03x25 - The World's Oldest Motive

A philandering hubby wants to be with his galpal permanently and a stranger says he can arrange that.
Guest Stars: Syl Lamont as Waiter | Henry Jones (1) as Alex Morrow | Linda Lawson as Fiona McNiece | Robert Loggia as Richard Schustak | Kathleen Freeman as Angela Morrow
Director: Harry Morgan

90 :03x26 - The Monkey's Paw - A Retelling

Classic horror tale about a monkey's paw that grants a man three wishes which come true but not the way he expects.
Guest Stars: Dick Caruso as Gypsy Boy | Marusia Toumanoff as Natasha | Peter Howard (1) as Curtis Welks | Leif Erickson as Paul White | Zolya Talma as Gypsy Woman | Pat Renella as Frank Corseli | Collin Wilcox as Selina | Jane Wyatt as Anne White | Gilchrist Stuart as British Man | Stuart Margolin as Robin Byrd | Janet MacLachlan as Gayle | Lee Majors as Howard White | Carmen Phillips as Mary Smith
Director: Robert Stevens

91 :03x27 - The Second Wife

A newlywed wife comes to believe that hubby killed his first wife and is planning to do the same to her.
Guest Stars: June Lockhart as Martha Hunter | Vincent Chase as Pawnbroker | Gertrude Flynn as Peggy | Eve McVeagh as Sylvia Boggs | Jim Boles as Reverend Gilfoyle | John Anderson (1) as Luke Hunter | David Fresco as Sam Ogle | Alice Backes as Helen Fiske
Writer: Robert Bloch

92 :03x28 - Night Fever

An injured criminal gets a sympathetic nurse to help him escape from the hospital.
Guest Stars: Colleen Dewhurst as Ellen Hatch | Carol Brewster as Mabel Cronin | Laurie Mitchell as Pinky | Joe De Santis as Jake Martinez | Don Stewart as Gabe Greely | Rayford Barnes as George Clark | Don Marshall (1) as Joe Chandler | Richard Bull as Dr. Michaels | Peggy Lipton as Mary Winters | Tom Simcox as Jerry Walsh
Director: Herbert Coleman

93 :03x29 - Off Season

A trigger happy cop gets fired from his job in the city and takes another in a small town.
Guest Stars: John Gavin as Johnny Kendall | Indus Arthur as Sandy | Dodie Heath as Irma Dade | Tom Drake as Sheriff Dade | Richard Jaeckel as Woodman
Story: Edward D. Hoch | Teleplay: Robert Bloch
Warning: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Thriller
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 20, 1962
Ended: May 10, 1965
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