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Episode 9 - Recap

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Andy has people from the street interview him, and whenever they ask him a question, he knocks over the table they are sitting at, and breaks the glasses on it.
Andy pretends a loan officer with an old lady as his body guard.
Andy and Ralphie create a tin-can phone out of boredom.
Andy has his idea of a pillow fight in which he stabs his pillow to death.
Andy calls a doctor to bring his cookie back to life, but it dies. He has to ultimately eat the cookie to put it out of it's missery.
Ralphie dances while Andy plays the drums with his yellow, plastic wig on.
Woobie and Andy become anime characters.
Andy questions a lady on the street on her feelings about certain objects, then uses her name in place of the object in her feelings
(ex. Andy: How do you feel about soda?
Lady: It tastes good.
Andy: You taste good.).
Andy then raps about "stuff.
After that, Andy learns how to tap dance.
Andy brushes his face with toothpaste.
A corn-on-the-cob that Andy is eating suddenly becomes a harmonica that operates when you eat it.
Ralphie turns his "smart dial" on high so he becomes very educated.
Someone on the street breaths fire.
A cartoon show featuring Acid-Reflux Charlie, Mini-Dracula, a pig, and more is featured with childlike-drawing animation.
Woobie pukes on the floor, causing Andy to get angry.
Andy and his duplicate with an afro play a word game.
Andy's teeth come out while watching an interview with Paul Wall. Paul Wall comes out of the tv and gives Andy a "grill" that allows him to bite through anything. Paul Wall tries to convince Andy to use his powers for good. Ralphie's foot gets stuck in a blender, so Andy and Paul must bite off the blender. They end up biting through his arms and legs. Despite that, Ralphie is not in pain, nor is he in pain.

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